SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 7


Hi guys lets start with the episode
scene 1
Maheswari mansion
days are passing in mm in a very difficult way . swara n Uttara r just numb …. they sit with the family only at the time of dinner n rag n laksh daily feed them their first bite of food ……the elders of the family just watch their children’s being broken from inside. ….after swara n utts leave to their room
dp : laksh n rags u both r giving them false hope beta
laksh : wat the hell papa iam not giving them any false hope iam supporting my sister n my bhabhi. I just want them to atleast be alive
rags : bade papa i dont know whether iam hurting u if so iam sorry i just wany my di n utts back this continues for two weeks. …

after 2 weeks
laksh n ragini plan something for Uttara n swara but they see that their family is still weeping for the lost charm of Maheswari mansion.
rags drags swara out of her room n laksh drags utts out …n show them their family members who r silently shedding tears n even Gadodia’s are present.
laksh : bhabhi we both heard the voice message of bhai sent to u n utts ..is this the way u take his responsibilities. he trusted u n gave u the family responsibility right then y u both r building walls between u n world …
rags : deko Uttara di even u…. how can u forget ur bhai’s given responsibility. …. now u both should decide whether you want to take the responsibility or no
swara : sorry …. i just was disgusted as maa n all was talking that sanskaar is no more
rags : u believe him n ur trust on him
utts : we trust bhai more than anything. .
laksh : then change urself n take his responsibility
swara : laksh n ragini thank u soo much to remind me. ….
utts : sorry both of u n sorry bhabhi
swara : I should ask sorry not u
laksh n ragini : now both go n get ready n come lets go out
utts : we r not going out but iam going to bhais office n bhabhi to hospital n she will join me later n u both also r going to ur work
laksh : thank u diii
swara : now lets go or start again with it from first …
rags : OMG again i cant shed tears for ur dumbo brain …
swara : raginiii….
rags : sorry makes a puppy face

all depart from there to their respective rooms n get ready for the new start …
swara comes out wearing a greenish blue anarkali suit but she has not applied any sindoor n has not put the mangalsutra .
uttara comes out wearing a black jeans n white top ..
swara comes down with her sethescope n whole family is stunned to see the change in then n now Uttara is also decending the steps with swara,laksh,ragini.
dp : beta wer r u guys going …
Ap : aap bhi naa ise nahi poocte wen they r going out
swara : its k maa nothing like that we nly created such a situation naa
misthi : at last my shona n uttara is back
swara : I want to tell something to u all
rp : swara kya baat hai
swara : dad wo Uttara is going to takeover KARMA industry
everyone r stunned to silence as they dint expect this extent from utts.
Sujatha : maari beti toh kuch bhi karegi
rp: haa hamari beti toh apni bhai ke dikaya hua raah pe chal rahi hai
swara : acchha maa ab hum hospital chalte hai aur laksh u accompany utts to office n rags u go with papa.
laksh : as u say my bhabhi
rags : aapki hukum maharani
swara : ragini….acchha maa will u accompany me to hospital or u need one more week rest
misthi : arrey beta chalo y r u asking me just order me
swara kk now lets go
swara n misthi both go to hospital
ragini n shekar goes to their office dp n rp lev to their office
laksh n utts lev to karma industry

In Karma industry
Uttara is trying to put herself in to hr bhais shoes n laksh is standing like a support n backbone to her

In Maheswari’s office
rp:bhaisa i didn’t expect Uttara will agree to laksh soo easily
dp:u r right but iam happy that laksh is taking her responsibility

In Gadodia’s Hospital
swaras cabin …
she gets some important operation n rushes from there wer as Sharmistha is happy for swara as she is forgetting the past

In Shekar’s office
rags : i hope di is fine
shekar : iam proud of u beta u stood for ur sister …

time passes mow it is 6 months leap after sanskaar death…
Maheswari mansion
rags : dii now i hope u r k n now i think i should go to Gadodia mansion with maa n baba
Gadodia’s also come there
dp : aap sab log yahan
shekar : swara ne kuch important baat karne ke liye bulaya tha toh aa hi gaye
dp:beta kya baat hai
swara : maa papa iam taking ur rights sorry
ap : swara kya baath hai
swara : bata ti hun maa she goes to shekar n Sharmistha n asks kya aap log nai jo bhi poocti hun muje vo denge kya
shekar : swara kya hua ise kyun bol rahi ho hum apna jaan bhi dete hai apne bachon ke liye
swara : haa papa vahi chahiye
everyone r stunned to listen to swara….
rags : di aapko ho kya gaya hai wat r u asking papas life …
swara : ya i want papa’s life that is u as the bahu of this house n i know ki both u n laksh love each other. …
laksh : shocked how cum u know
swara : haa wat to do my devar n sistr can hide things from me but not my husband. .
dp : beta u took the right decision n shekar ji can u give ur daughter’s hand for my son
shekar n misthi : its our luck to get laksh as our son in law .
ap : we will find a good date n calls pandit n asks he sats tomorrow is a goid day for engagement n after 5 dayd it is very auspicious time for marriage
laksh : bhabhi hat did u do u r putting ur devar life in to risk by pushing me in to the mouth of dinosaurs
rags : hits on laksh head n says accha iam dinosaurs then y did u took my jijus help in proposing me
utts : so i will get u as my brother’s wife wow goood…n hugs both swara n rags

precap : laksh n ragini n sanskaar moments n raglak proposal

Credit to: Nethra

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  1. Nyc… BT I have a doubt dat if karan attempted murder of sanskar thn why he till nt didn’t do any attempt to harm swara…

    1. He wants to marry swara

  2. Awesome but why he has called swara in these 6months and show karan also its interesting to read plzzz

  3. Niceeeee

  4. Please meet swsan

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