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Hi guys its nethra . I am back with another episode of my ff. ..
I really happy for the comment’s. sorry as i couldn’t reply to ur comments personally.
I am college going student n i have to study also na

Todays episode starts with Gadodia’s taking their leave from Mm but ragini says that she wants to stay with swara for some days so thay swara should not feel lonely …every one agree to her

swara is sitting in her room silently. ….
Ragini comes to her room n sits with swara n starts her conversation so that she can bring her old sister back …
rags : di aapko jiju ki yaad aa rahi hai kya
swara : haa ragini bahut yaad aa raha hai tumhare jiju .
rags : dii tumne miss karna jaroori hai na jiju ko …
swara : nahi toh because he always stays in my heart so i wont miss him but remember him as he is not present here naa….
rags becomes full emotional n hugs swara n continues talking about sanskaar n about swara’s hospital. ……

lets go to utts room

uttara is seeing her photos with sanskaar
laksh comes to her room n sits with her n starts to talk about sanskaar because it is the only way to bring his sister back …..

now the hospital is shown in U.S

Ak comes to sanskaar n starts to talk to him …
Ak : sanskaar i know u can listen to me u know how much iam missing you today . u r in front of me but nly iam speaking but u r listening to me . u always wont give a chance for me to speak when iam with you….but see now nly iam blabbering naa get up n speak naaa …..he becomes emotional..
he says swara n Uttara will be remembring u na … n i know even in this state u will be remembring them naa ….. kaash sanskaar mai thodi jald hi waha pahunch jaa tha ….. ( i would have beem little earlier there )
his pa comes to him n says
pa is akash
akash : sir u asked me the details of karan khuranna no sir its here n he handles one file to Ak
Ak : well i will see the file in my home n u can take ur leave as i want to stay with sanskaar for few minutes
akash : as u wish sir before leaving i would like to inform you that karan had called swara madam today n he has spoken with her sir…. we couldn’t record the call as he is a business men n he has sone securities towards his contacts sir ….
Ak : what the hellll he is doing ….
again he started to interfere in swara’s life ….. iam not gonna leave him stupid bastard. ..
akash : sorry sir n bye sir u carry on with sanskaar sir … ( he leaves the hospital ward )

back to Gadodia mansion
All are sitting in the hall n r remembring sanskaar as he is their laldla daamad (lovable son in law) misthi breaks the silence by her words…..
misthi : shekar we didn’t though that sanskaar would leave us n his swara so earlier
shekar : misthi i dont know what to do yo bring swara n Uttara out of this shock ….
Dadaji : We have to make them understand that but they r not ready yo listen a word about his death
dadi : maari swara toh mar jayegi usse is baat ka ehssas hua toh
misthi : haa ma us baat ki toh dar ho rahi hi . It’s not only swara but Uttara she is living her life for sanskaar. …both my Uttara n Swara will die if they completely believe that sanskaar is no more …
dadi : God nly should make some miracle n bring our sanskaar back
shekar : I wish it becomes true….

Back to Maheswari Mansion
Annapurna is sitting in her room n all dp,rp,sujatha are present there … Sujatha n Annapurna r crying continously. … their husbands r trying to console them

dp : ap agar tum hi aisa tut jaogi toh hamre Swara aur Uttara ko kon sambhalega
rp : ha bhabhi bhaisa is right we have to be strong to face them n u sujatha please control urself. …
Sujatha : iam his mother how can i control myself. .. that god would have taken my life n would have given my sanskaar back naaa
dp : sujatha, ap will sanskaar like to see u both crying ha …
rp : bhabhi, sujatha now we r in the very bad phase of life we have to move on because our son always wanted that life should not take chances from us to move away from us …… so we should follow him naa
Ap : I am unable to face Uttara n Swara. ……cries
sujatha : jiji we have to jiji as we shouldn’t loose our sanskaar’s precious diamond’s. …. both wer his life ….. now we should takr care of his lifes

Its already night time in mm . everyone are waiting for swara n utts to come but for their disappointment they wont come ….
rags : di has not ate anything from morning
laksh : yaa even utts dii also didn’t have anything….
Ap : beta u both go n try to bring them down
sujatha : haa laksh n ragini go na they bith r listening nly to u both
rags : badi maa i tried bit its in vain she is not ready to comr out of the room
laksh : even i tried but its no use ….
rags : I have an idea …..
laksh : Haa ragini bolo na..
rags : lets take food for both to their rooms n lets emotionally blackmail them that if they wont have even we wont have …..
laks : haa its a better idea.
dp : beta ragini u r really doing a big favour for us by taking care of swara thank u
rp : haa beta we would have not known what to do if u r not here thank u sooo much ( both rp n dp fold their hands )
rags : please u are elder to me . ur hands should be lifted to bless un not for this …. moreover she is my di i will eveb fight with god for her … she only taught me that we can go to any extent to make our beloved happy
laksh : haa i just want my cutie sister n bhabhi back … i want them back …..
(both rags n laksh take food n go to their respective siblings rooms )
laksh n utts room
laksh : di u have not eateb anything from morning eat something na
utts : laksh iam not feeling hungry n u know right again y u r asking me to have u go n have i know even u n rags have not eaten u both have i know bhahbi also will not have …
laksh : di atleast for bhai u have na … see bhai would have said to u na to take care of urself n bhabhi n all soo now u should take care of bhabhi also na soo nie eat naa
utts : thinks for sometime n remembers sanskaar’s message n says lets go to bhabhi’s room n have with her or else she wont have
both laksh n Uttara will be coming to swasan room

In swasan room
rags : dii please di dekho mujhe kitna bhook lagi hai tum kuch khao na mai bhi khathi hun
swara : ragini please tum khalo na aur laksh aur utts ko bhi khane ko kaho vo dono bhi nahi khaye honge
rags : di yeh meri kaam nahi hai aap ko jiju ke responsibility fulfill karni hai . u should takecare of family as u r his wife did u get it …
utts n laksh knock swara’s room door ragini goes n opens the door n sees both of them n asks them to come in
rags : dii dekho utts n laksh came here
swara : see tgem with food plate n asks u both dint have dinner. ..
laksh : wen we know even u would have not haven then how can we have ahhh
utts : haa bhabhi chotu is right. ..
swara : acchha now chotu came to butter me as his sister dint have food ..
laksh : nooo i came here as even u haven’t eaten from morning. ..
swara : k cum lets have … or else we will become weak na if sanskaar sees his sister soo weak then he will scold me as i diny take care of his Uttara ….
Laksh n rags becomes emotional n says in unison …. so now at least for bhais n jijus sake have now …
swara hugs them they have a group hug …
laksh n rags started eating but utts n swara has not touch the food as they have their first bite from sanskaar’s hand …
rags : now wer u both have lost …
laksh : see now i will get angry on my cutie n bhabhi. …
swara : its not like that but we both have first bite from sanskaar’s hand na sooo…
utts : thats y food is not going in to mouth..
laksh n ragini feel like god is punishing both swara n Uttara without their mistakes n gets teary eyed n says itni si baat hai toh lo n both feed swara n Uttara respectively n says till sanskaar return we both will feed ur first bite is it ok ….
Their parents r watching their children from far n listening to their conversation gets teary eyed
swara : k deal done
utts : even mera deal done …
All the four finished eating by feeding each other n go to kitchen to put the plates back n go to their rooms to sleep n rags with swara..

Credit to: Nethra

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