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leys start withthe episode

scene 1

Maheswari mansion every one are busy n sad but thought arranging for some pooja of sanskaar

let us go to swasan room

swara is sitting on the bed n thinking about sanskaar n their sweet moments

swara gets a call from the same unknown person

swara 🙁 shouts) y the hell r u interfering in my life. y did u call me KARAN. ….
( karan is played by karanvir bohra aka Ahil of Qubool hai as KARAN KHURANNA. he is also the big business man )

karan : swara dont shout on me u dont know that i wont like women shouting on me n more over iam not sanskaar to listen to ur shout. use tumhare chillane se tum pe aur pyaar jyaada hota tha na …
you know na swara i was the one who asked your hand for marriage from ur dad but u rejected me for that stupid sanskaar. .. now definitely i will make u mine
because sanskaar is dead . u saw na so pity on u …

swara : Shouts. u bastard i feel like killing u for taking my sanskaar name from ur blo*dy mouth. yes i rejected u as i love my sanskaar.

karan : swara dont worry i will fulfil his place . k bye i have some urgent work .

swara cuts the call n shouts karan i wont leave u. u will be definitely punished from my sanskaar for ur doings

she sees her phone she has a voice message from sanskaar. she opens the voice message n listens to it keenly

sanskaar : swara iam going to U.S n will be back in a week take care of urself n all family members . i will be back as soon as possible.

swara : i know u will come

Lets move to uttaras room

she is seeing the photos hanged on the wall of ger room. All the photos are of Uttara n sanskaar

she remembers all the moments spent with her Bhai

she sees her phone n sees there is missed calls of sanskaar n voice message from him . utts opens the message n listens

sans: Uttara iam going to U.S for some project work n iam going to meet him. I will be back in a week take care of urself. i was angry on swara n didn’t speak to her so take care of her. I will come earlier as possible.

utts : bhai I will definitely take care of bhahi n family n i know ki u will come .

Uttara n swara both come down towards hall n see sanskaar photo with garland n a diya is lit in front of his photo

swara n utts run down n shouts

swara : yeh kya mazak hai ap logon ka n she takes the garland n throws on the floor n takes sanskaar photo in her hand

utts : aap sab ko samajh mein nahi aati hai kya n she doses off the diya n takes the diya n places it in temple . comes to swara n caress his photo

swara is wearing mangalsutra n has applied sindoor. …..

misthi : swara yeh sab nikalna hai swara ab tum sanskaar ki suhagan nahi ho vo ab is duniya mein nahi hai (swara remove all this now u should not wear this. sanskar is not in this world )

swara : shocked to listen to her maa . maa yeh kya keh rahi ho tume bhi isha hi kehna hai kya (mom wat r u saying even u )

ap:beta apni maa ki baath suno ( listen to ur mom swara )

utts : bhabhi yeh log pagal ho gaye hai aap yeh sab mat suniye ( they all have gone mad dont listen to them )n hugs swara

ragini n laksh r seeing their beloved siblings in that condition n they r unable to understand wat to do n wat not to do

rags : di kya hai yeh
swara : dekh ragini agar tu bhi sab ki tarah kuch ulta seeda bolna chahti ho toh bath mat kar mujse ( if u r also going to say something rubbish like others then dont speak )
rags 🙁 thinks for a while n gives a all k look to laksh as he should akso continue wat she is doing )dii tum teek keh rahi ho sanskaar jiju ko kuch nahi hua hai maa papa bade papa mom dad badi maa dada dadi yeh sab joot bhol rahe hai ( hugs swara n cries ) (di u r right they all r lying )

swara : at least u believe me right….

rags :(feels guilt)but hides it n says yaa di u r right i believe u .

utts : laksh ragini ko toh deko she believes her sister but u didn’t believe me naa

laksh : sorry di i believe u nothing has happened to bhai

rags: par dii u remove all this dindoor n mangalsutra and wear them when maa papa n all believe u n jiju will come n make u wear it k na dii please di u have to show them ur trust on jiju is not by all wearing this ….

laksh : Haa dii ab tum bhi samajh na n let bhai nly come n put it on bhabhi. ……please di now u decide let bhai come n make bhabhi wear it or no

utts : par….

rags: par war kuch nahi hum ne aapki suni hai toh aapko bhi hume sunna hai

swara : if removing my mangalsutra shows my trust on sanskaar means k o will but i wont give u …. i will keep it with me till sanskaar comes

laksh n ragini r controlling their emotions n tears as they r lying to their siblings

swara goes to her room n utts also goes

In hall everyone ask ragini n laksh y u guys gave them the false hope

rags : maa baba i dint do anything wrong. I supported my di i doesn’t want her to feel alone as we allr against their belief

laksh : Maa papa mom dad i have seen my di who used to take tjis house on her head to select a dress for bhai …. I cant see her
being alone n lost n silent….. I want my old dii back …. only 1 day has changed my both dii n bhabhi sooo much i want them back in their old avtaar

both laksh n ragini fall on floor n cry their heart out for betraying their siblings by lying them

whole family goes numb to see their love n care towards their siblings

scene 2

some big mansion is shown n one guy the same guy who took sanskaar is sitting in the hall being tensed …his pa Aakask comes to him. .

aksh: sir we neef to go to hospital sir lets go sir

up : I dont know what will u do but i want all the details of KARAN KHURANNA. .. each n every details of him wer he goes what he does n everything did u get it …. he had to pay for his sins

Aakask : yes sir i will get all the details for u but first we should go to hospital. Dr wants to meet u .

both unknown person n his pa go to hospital. ….

the hospital looks like a foreign hospital. …

Yes it is a foreign hospital n it is U.S

Dr : Mr Aryan Kapoor the patient has slipped in to coma

( The guy who took sans is Aryan kapoor played by mikshat of niuc aka kabir )

Aryan kapoor (Ak) : dr noooo do the best treatment to him i want him alive nothing should happen to him

Aakask : sir i will make all the arrangements for some best doctors sir u dont get tensed …

Ak: see to it properly n goes in to the ward where sanskaar is there . Sanky please dont loose the hope please. ….
holds sanskaar hand n cries

precap : swaras changed look …..
utts changed behaviour…. Ragini n laksh responsibility. ….

Credit to: Nethra

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