SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 4


recap : news n shocking faces of Maheswari’s n Gadodia’s

so todays episode starts with news channel in Maheswari mansion



every one r shocked to see the news n Gadodia’s watch the news n run towards Maheswari’s mansion

swara is completely frozen she stands still like a statue n remembers her last conversation with sanskaar after coming from office n fight ….

swara : keeps calling sanskaar through her cell but sanskaar keeps cutting her call

she has at least tried to call more than 20 times but he keeps on rejecting the call

swara at last sends one text message to sanskaar

swaras message : sanskaar please sanskaar lift my call once pleaseeee

sanskaar replied to her message as

sans : swara if u dont wanna share ur problem then lev it u enjoy ur life the way u want n let me live my life the way i want so bye dont disturb me .
( monologue sorry swara untill u tell me the truth i wont speak to u )

now swara is out of thoughts as Gadodia family is in mm

uttara is just starting the tv …. no response to anyone ….

same with swara ……

laksh : diii kuch to bol dii …..n hugs her …. (but no response)

rags : di tum bhi kuch toh bolo na ise kyun dekh rahi ho kuch toh bolo n she shakes her ….(but no response)

shekar n Durgaprasad wasnot able to see their daughter’s in that position n goes to them n slaps them hardly which brought both utts n swara to reality

shekar : sanskaar is no more y u both r standing idle say some thing cry ur heart out

dp : sanskaar my son is no more n he breaks down

rp sujatha n Annapurna r shedding tears for the loss of their son

dadaji dadi sumi shekar r also crying

but only 2 pairs of eyes r not
shedding a single drop of tear from their eyes

laksh n ragini crying n seeing utts n swara

now shekar is out of control by seeing both swara n ragini n shouts
shekar : sanskaar Maheswari is dead y u both r not crying. …
(goes to swara) UR LIFE UR HUSBAND UR SANSKAAR IN NO MORE SWARA chup matt khado swara cry na u cant sty like this ( goes to utts) ur BHAI IS NO MORE UTTARA cry na u cant do this to him …

swara : Shouts baba wat r u saying SANSKAAR ko kuch nahi hua hai vo jinda hai ….u said right that he is my life nothing has happened ti him ( dad wat r u saying sanskaar is alive nothing has happened to him )

Shekar : dekh nahi pa rahi hai kya tu news me kya dika rahe hai ( r u unable to see wats been telecasted in news)

swara : Kuch nahi hoga sanskaar ko kyun ki SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESWARI jinda hai toh SANSKAAR bhi jinda hi hoga . ( I am alive means then he is also alive )

shekar : tears roll down from his eyes hugs her n says swara accept the fact

swara shouted : sanskaar Maheswari keeps up his words he promised me that he will be with me till the end of my life. he wont back off from his promise. I know him better than u he is alive n he will come to fulfil his promise

dp : Uttara kuch bol beta

utts : bhabhi theek keh rahi hai kuch nahi hua hoga bhai ko vo ayega … jarur ayega ( bhabhi is right nothing has happened to bhai he will come definitely he will come )

dp n shekar : pagalon ki tara bartav mat karo ….. ( dont act like mads )

utts n swara shout : sanskaar ko kuch hua hoga toh hum zinda nahi honge deko hum dono teek hai toh vo bhi theek hoga

laksh gets the call from police n asks him to collect the body and they say that sanskaar face is damaged badly n nobody can see

whole Maheswari’s are shocked to listen to both utts n swaras talk n laksh conversation with police.

they r completely broken down

scene 2

There is a car coming towards the place where sanskaar flight is crashed. A new unknown person comes there . he comes out of his car goes towards the place n he turns the body of sanskaar n tears roll down his eyes

unknown person 2 (up 2): sorry sanskaar mai tume bacha nahi paya hugs him n feels strange

He calls someone n tells something ends the call …

many cars come there

there r many body gaurds n one person his pa Aakask comes to him n says sir everything is done as u said n we cab take sanskaar sir with us …

up 2 : takes sanskaar with him n places someone’s body in sanskaar place n goes from there

back to Maheswari’s mansion.

Police arrive with sanskaars body but face is completely covered no one has the strength to see hid face as police already informed that they cant see him

sujatha rund to the body : sanskaar mera beta n cries falling on the ground

ap : hugs sujatha n cries

rp dp n Gadodia family also cry …..

laksh drags utts near to the body n asks her to see it n cry

ragini drags swara n pushes near the bidy n says see this is the truth ….

Police give sanskaars belonging tohis family n move from there

utts n swara doesn’t move from there place n both the families think its no use to tell them they r shocked n thinks to do the final rites of sanskaar. …

they take the body as niw it is already morning n do the final rites of sanskaar Maheswari. …

precap : swara gets the call from the same up who called her before n she shouts his name ….
who is up2 who took sanskaar wirh him wer did he take him

Credit to: Nethra

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  8. Thank u guys for ur support n comments love u all

  9. Plz reveal the suspense soon
    Don’t separate swasan

  10. Nethra..it was a very emotinal episode…i felt for Swara n Uttara

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