SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 35

Hi guys sorry for being irregular I was unable to update regularly. I have campus selections are taking place…. I am really busy to update the ff . sorry is not enough but what can I do

Let’s start with the episode

Sanskar reaches India he is very happy to come back to meet his swara .
Maheshwari mansion
Sanskar comes home n everyone are happy to see him back. Uttara was the first person she gois n hugs him n says she missed him a lot…….
Sans: even I missed u all n Aryan is fine n he is out of danger
Swara watches sanskar n uttara bond n she smiles……
Ap: sanskar go n get freshen up …. U will be tired….n ha lunch will be prepared with all ur favourite items will be prepared … n she goes from there ……
Suji:arrey Sanskaar tum jaake aaram karlo na…. thak chukka hoga…..
Laksh: ha ha bhabi is also waiting for u go go …..
Pari: devarjii go go….
Swara gets embarrassed n runs from there to her room…..
Sanskar goes behind her….

Swasan room
Sanskar hugs swara , she hugs him back with the same passion….
They remain in that hug in the same position for sometime…sanskaar feels his shirt is wet n he lifts swaras face n finds tears in her eyes n he is worried for swara…..
Sans: swara wat happnd y r u crying kya hua kisi neh kuch bola kya…. Batao kya hua….
Swara remembers the phone call n those words n all n she gets hurt n hugs him tightly. Sanskar thinks that to keep quite n let her cry her heart out …..soon swara composed n left him n Sanskar cups swaras face n asks her what happened
Swara: (covers it thinking that she will trouble Sanskaar) nothing Sanskar I missed u a lot na so… its k I am fine now n she pecks his lips….
Sanskar is just shocked by her sudden action…. N he smiles brightly….to which swara blushes
Swara: Sanskar go n get freshen up…. N she sends him in to bathroom
Swara sits on her bed n thinks…. If I tell Sanskar about that phone call then he will worried a lot … now only he got so much worried for me …. How can I see him in that state… no I cant….. he just returned now from US I should not trouble him……
Soon Sanskar comes out n sees swara lost in thoughts….. n he goes n sits beside her n side hugs her n she comes to reality ……he places his head on her shoulder …. N speaks…..
Sans:kahan kho gayi ho swara…. Iam here then wer r u…..(monologue wat happnd to her where is she lost… something has happnd wen I was not here. I cant see her in this dull state…. Lets divert her from her thinking )

Swara: nothing Sanskar just was thinking about u…..
Sanskar sleeps in her lap…..swara caresses his hairs ….. Sanskaar sarts telling swara about Aryan n his accident all….. n they both share some romantic time with each other n fall asleep in the position they are that is swara is sitting n Sanskar is sleeping in her lap…..
Annapurna and Sujatha complete the work in kitchen and arrange the items on the dining table…
Ap : Sanskaar swara cum n have ur lunch…..
They get no response from them n they go to check them in their room
Ap,suji,utts,n Laksh Parinitha Aadarsh go to their room to call them …..
They see the scene of Sanskaar n Swara sleeping n are embarrassed ….
Laksh takes their photo in his phone n then he goes n wakes up Sanskaar n swara by shouting…..
Lak: arrey see laila majnu…..
Sanskaar n swara wake up with a jerk n are shocked to see themselves in such state n compose themselves….
Lak : bhai n bhabi do u want to see a monkey sleeping in an angels lap….
Swara is confused n sanskar is thinking…..
Laksh shows the photo of swara sitting n Sanskaar sleeping in her lap…..
Sanskaar gets angry n runs behind laksh to catch him…..
Swara sees the photo n Sanskaar chasing laksh n she smiles wholeheartedly…..
Sanskaar n all the family members sees swara laughing ……n they smile….
Aadarsh : maa mom we will lev today evening….
Ap : Aadarsh aaj hi kyun….. thode din reh ke jaana….
Pari: maa we have a important project to be handled na so let us go n we will be back
Swara : par bhabhi u guys wont cum until there is any special function n haa dii aap na apna medicines bhoolna mat
Pari: haa swara hum lenge… tum muje di bulao ya bhabhi bulao dono mein confuse mat ho….
Everyone laugh n swara ;pouts….
There comes Ragini
Ragini : arrey wats happening full fun without me aahhhh
Sans : arrey meri Sali saibha how are u …
Rags : side hugs Sanskaar I am awesome jiji…. Howzzz u….
Sans : good as always….
They all spend some family time with eachother n aadarsh n parinitha left to Bangalore

Guys today’s episode is o much only I cant write more….sorryyyyy…….

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