SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 32


hiii guys…. sorry…. for my short updates…..

story is still in flashback nly… sanskaar is regaining his memory back……..

previous epi: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-undekha-mod-epi-31/

********flashback **********

scene 1

today’s episode starts with swara n sanskaar having a cute eyelock……

swara is still in sanskaar’s arms….hugging him……

she places her head on his chest n says…..

swara : sanskaar i dont know wat iam speaking is right or wrong. … but i feel that something is going to be wrong…… i cant live without you i will die….

by hearing to swara’s words sanskaar felt bad n hugs her tightly n composes her …..

sans : swara i will always be with u till my death. …. n nothing is gonna happen… even everyone are happy for our relationship then … its k swara i love u this is enough for me n nothing can separate u from me till my death….

swara cries hiding in his chest…..

swara : i love u too sanskaar. …

sanskaar gives a peck on swara’s lips n goes to his office. … swara goes to her work….

scene 2

khuranna mansion

karan n other person…

karan : did u get the details of her weakness. …

person : yes sir swara mam loves her family a lot she can do anything for her family…. n now for sanskaar n his family….
n all her family members are in her contact. .. now her dida that is Sharmistha Gadodias mother has been to visit temple….. n she will return a day before her marriage…

karan : then take hold of her… i want her before 2 days of marriage …..

person : k sir as u wish…
n goes from there….

karan see swaras pic in his phone n shouts like a maniac. ….

karan : swara swara swara i will get u by hook or crook. . i wont lev u baby u r mine n nly mine…… n laughs… like a mad……..

scene 3….

sanskaar office….

sans : hii Abhi wat a plesant surprise u called me .. a detective called me ….. i cannot believe my ears n eyes….

Abhi: i heard that u git engaged yo Dr.Swara Gadodia. ….

sans : casually ha toh tume shaadi mein bulata hi tha na…

abhi : sanky….. vo..baat kya hain ki i want to tell u about swara bhabhi…..

sans : ha toh bol…

Abhi : my worker got a contract to know about the details of Dr.Swara’s weakness n her biodata… that was given by Mr.Karan khuranna. … i now iam doing wrong n going against my job rules… but u know how much iam eager to see u with ur life partner n this was the matter to find her weakness so thought to inform u . i think u will look after it…..

sans : thank u abhi for this u saved my life. … da thank u soo much.. ..

Abhi : thank u se kaam nahi chalega…. n i will mail u the details of that contract n findings. .. haan jaldi shaadi ki date kab hain ..

sans : arrey jaldu hi hain. i will definitely inform u…

abhi : ha k bye bro…..

sans : bye bro….meet u soon….

sanskaar gers the details of that mail n tgat contract n gets angry on Karan n thinks something n smirks n calls pandit n tells him to come to mm n he leaves to mm. on the way he calls Gadodia family n tells them to reach Mm…

scene 4

Maheswari mansion

all Gadodia’s n Maheswari’s n swara n sanskaar n pandit is also present there…..

dp : sanskaar wat happened y u called all n even pandit. ..

sans : papa i waa telling u about a project in USA which was with Aryan…

dp : haa wat happened now ….

sans : i have a meeting for tgat project in USA on the day of my marriage. .. so i thought to either postpone the marriage or pre pone it dad … i cant miss it b all the efforts of others go in vain.. its not only mine . if it was mine then i would have postponed my meetings but its a partnership company so i thought of asking u guys..

dp : its k beta lets see wat pandit ji says…n asks pandit..

shekar : ha its k sanskaar dont take tension lets manage ……

pandit :ji dpji…in dono ki kundli mein as i said the marriage was to be kept after a week … as u asked the next muhurat fir their marriage is after 1 year 2 months….so there is a better option tomorrow only marriage should happen ..n its the near date n its also a very shub muhurat. ….

dp : only today is left for marriage how can u guys manage he asks shekar. ..

shekar : its k dp ji.. we will because we need our children happiness. ….n nows all get up lets go for shopping. …

swara is standing there blushing listening that tomorrow is her marriage n sanskaar eyes her emotionally because he lied to all about the project to keep his princess safe from Karan n his bad intension. …….

shekar : haa one thing finish ur shopping as soon as possible because today is ur sangeet n mehendi. … … tomorrow morning haldi n after that ur marriage. .. hmmm n hugs swara . n kisses her forehead emotionally….

both the families enter the mall the do the shopping as soon as possible n in this time raglak develop a good bond between them by helping eo…. sanskaar n swara r also bysy with eo… where as others are busy in buying the needed stuffs….n they leave to their respective places…….

evening …….

Gadodia mansion. ….

Gadodia mansion was fully decorated with flowers and colourful curtains designaries for the sangeet ceremony of their beloved daughter. ….

Maheswari family comes there ….. n now the sangeet n mehendi ceremony starts ….. uttara rag lak dance… n now swara n sanskaar dance ….. n now all the youngster’s dance for batamez dil……..

sanskaar all through the sangeet was eyeing his princess who was happily enjoying her sangeet n blushing on the comments made on their pair…..

n now mehendi was designed on swaras hand n sanskaar name was hidden in it … b now sanskaar should find his name with in 5 min as it was a challenge from ragini…..

sanskaar cimes to swara n holds her hands carefully where swara blushed hard turning into tomato….

he with in a second finds his name in swaras hand…..

everyone loves their bond n understanding n now rag n lak started their cat dog fight saying my jiju…. my bhabhi…..

rag : wow jiju… u just rocked yaar only 5 seconds u found ur name…thats lije my jiju…..

lak : oye madam stop ahhh if my bhabhi qas nit seeing her hands means bgai would have taken a year to search his name. …..

swara n sanskaar both blushed… n they wer shy….

utts : ohh ohhh now u bith guys stop it or else both my bhai n bhabhi will blast by blushing. ….

sanskaar holds her ears n says wat i will blast ahhh wen ur time will come na at that time i wont lev u…

utts hugs her brother n eyen sanskaar hugs her back n ragini laksh n swara also join them n it becomes group hug…..

laksh had started to fall for ragini n her antics. …

even ragini has developed some feeling for laksh both raglak have a eyelock which was noticed by swasan n they smile….

episode ends on the group hug n the eyelock between raglak n swasan…..

karan was busy in taking information about swaras dida si he dont know about the sangeet. .. of our couple…….

precap : Haldi n marriage. … n karan…..

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