SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 3

Hi guys iam back with the next episode of my ff….

Todays episode starts with laksh getting tensed watching uttara

laksh : Maa bhai has gone to US for some project dealing n will return after a week .

utts : laksh have u gone mad cant u inform earlier…. what type of brother r u . I am waiting here for sanskaar bhai n u r disgusting n she starts to scold him n cries . see maa bhai dint inform me also n he dint speak with me while going ….

whole family is teary eyed. seeing their beloved daughter in tears . laksh tries to console her

laksh : hugs utts n says i was coming to garden to inform u about bhai nly n u nly started to play with water n i just forgot about it n iam sorrry.

utts : stands up n says no sorry is needed n i miss my bhai a lot today dont know y n tears flow from her eyes .

whole family is trying to console utts

we reach swarasanskar room

swara is in deep thoughts thinking about that days afternoon. .. tears flow from ger eyes


KARMA industry

sanskaar cabin

swara n sanskaar are seriously arguing with each other .

sans: shouts swara y r u doing this . what r u hiding from me . again u started to hide things from me which I dont like .

swara : (tensed) no sanskaar iam not hiding anything from u ….. tears dwell in her big beautiful eyes ….

sans: then who is that caller whom u speak tensdly … now answer me right now …. he shouts

swara : tears flow from her eyes n she doesn’t reply to him
(monologue : u r my life Sanskaar he will do anything to destroy u which i cannot tolerate. he will not leave u sanskaar. I want u to be safe ….)

sans : no answer right now please dont stand here go from here before i lose my patience. … ( monologue please swara trust me once share ur problem which is troubling u please swara i will try to solve it . if i speak like this nly u will blurt out the truth )

swara : sanskaar listen to me once give me a chance to speak. …(monologue I know sanskaar u r really up set with me but i cant take risk of ur life. sorry sanskaar )

sans : just answer to my question thats it ….. if no then atleast leave my cabin right now

swara doest budge from there

sans : if u dont wanna go then fine let me nly go n get some peace for my mind …. he arragontly moves out ….

swara : listen to me once sanskaar pleased dont do this with me. .. I cant bear ur anger sanskaar please listen to me …..( speaks in low voice trust me once sanskaar please y r u doing this with me

back to present

swara : y is he playing with my life . jee nahi paungi mei sanskaar ke bina .sanskar ko kuch nahi hona hai for this if i loose my life also i dont care ……

swara gets a phone call she is terrified to see the called id …. she is shocked n scared to death . tears roll down her eyes .

she lifts the call her hands r trembling n shivering. .. she is unable to speak … her voice is struck in her throat … the person from the other side

unknown person (up) : Hellooo my swara dint u recognise meee…. my darling my baby reply naaa … kya hua tumhe r u shocked by receiving my calll…..

swara : how dare u. u bl**dy idiot bastard y did u call me . iam not ur swara iam swara sanskaar Maheswari wife of sanskaar Maheswari. ….

up : ohhhh my baby y r u getting soo angered…… sooo much love n trust on ur husband who fought with u today in afternoon. …..

swara : shocked n asks how do u know what r u up to now please lev sanskaar.

up: o common swara go down n watch television u will see ur love story live telecast

swara : shocked dont know wat to do wat he is saying. ….
tears atart to flow from her eyes she is tensed wats happening …..

up : see swara ur husband is unable to answer the questions of interviewer. … go n help him byeeeeeee

swara : I wont lev u if anything happens to him ….

swara opens her rooms door n runs down to the hall of mm

everyone r shocked to see swara running.

swara trips n falls down from tue stairs but she composes herself n moves towards hall

ap: beta kya hua tume toh chot lagi hai

sujatha : sambhalke swara

lak n utts : unison bhabhi kya hua aise kyun bhag ayi ho

dp n rp : bets kya hua

swara : in a tensed n broken voice TV on kijiye

They go there n turn on the tv n looks at swara

swara : news channel daliye

they change the channel n are shocked to see the news n are standing like statues with shocked expression especially Uttara n swara …….

scene in Gadodia house

they r having good time chatting with each other

rags : maa hum khana baad me kha lenge ab tv dekenge

misthi : watever u like to do u do dr

rags goes n switches on the tv n changes the tv channel to get some business news n is shocked to see the news being displayed n shouts……

rags : maa baba dadaji dadi yeh yeh kya… n stops her words n starts to cry vigorously

everyone are shocked to see the tv n tears flow from there eyes n they r standing like statues ……

precap : who is that person who spoke with swara . y did the both families stand like that what was in that news

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