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so lets start with todays episode….

Marriage day has arrived. …

marriage hall…
Natasha was sitting in a room by dressing in bridal wear ….n waiting for swara. …
twinkle was waiting for Aarna ..

shourya n Aarna wer on their way to marriage place n even Maheswari’s n Gadodia’s wer also coming to marriage …..

shourya drops Aarna to the marriage place as he dont know people there he bids her bye ….

Aarna is in western wear she is wearing a short above knee frock…twinkle informs her to wear traditional dress but aarna thinks. … n calls shourya n asks him to purchase one traditional wear n come
shourya : wat happened u wear this type nly na for marriages in USA. ..
Aarna : that is US n this is India we need to be perfect Indian… bhai plzz bring na iam waiting near gate……

Meanwhile Gadodia’s n Maheswari’s arrive….
swara is dressed beautifully with white n golden ghagra ragini in navy blue n utts in Sky blue… they wer looking too gorgeous. …

shourya comes there by purchasing a ghagra of sky blue but though little light.he feels some happiness but dont know the reason he turns his face … he sees swara n is mesmerised by seeing her she was talking on phone …. he feels some type of feelings start seeing her……..tough he has lost his memory his heart finds out its love….

swara feels sanskaar’s presence n searches him ….. here n there near the gate n entrance. …n then goes inside….

Gadodia’s n Maheswari’s go to meey Natasha in her room … Aarna comes there to take twinkles help in wearing the ghagra as it was the first time she was wearing. …
Aarna : twinki iam unable to wear this help me na…
twink : Aarna…. kya yaar u dont know to wear……. hearing Aarna’s name sujatha n ap eyes dwell up with tears …both go to Aarna n hug ger Aarna is surprised as who they r … n ….all twinki introduced them as Maheswari’s then our tubelight Aarna got that they r Sanskaar’s family….
Aarna : (monologue kya yeh Maheswari’s hai toh yaar mai kya kar di hoon shourya bhai i mean sanskaar bhai ko yaha nahi lana tha …. ayyyo iam a big dumbo as soon as possible i should lev from here..)she makes some excuse n goes out
uttara was coming to meet swara utts n Aarna dumped in to each other n asked sorry …
lady some one present there started her silly conversation with them….
lady : arrey both r wearing similar color dress … both r sisters ahh selection is same ….
Aarna : no no aunty my bhai bought it to me…
utts : no no aunty …my bhai bought it…
Lady : ohh thn both r sisters to same bhai na….
Aarna n utts : no no…
Aarna : iam from USA. …ha bye i have some work ….
utts : feels strange meeting aarna n the seeing the dress selection. …of hers ….

shourya is in hotel room…

shourya : wat has happnd to me … that girl what a beauty she is … angel from heaven… in white dress….haa i can go to pick aarna n meet that white dress girl….
let me sleep for some time ….
swara is running n catch me na … mr …. if u can…..
sanskaar ha ha miss soon to be my mrs…. i will catch u … n he runs behind her…..n catches her n twrils her round n round n she shouts his name … but shourya wakes up…. leaving his dream behind. … frustrated. … wat is thus always this two people in my dreams na koi naam ya kuch pata cahlega …par mere khaboo mein ye aajate hain …yeh laila majnu…
shourya calls Aarna n ..
sho : hello Aarna is the marriage over shall i come to pick u…..
Aarna : nervous….no no bhai …ha ha marriage is over n i will nly come u dont take tension. … k k bye…..
sho : h aarna…kya hua ise … hmm chalo abbb white dress wali bhi gayiii….

Gadodia’s n Maheswari’s wer ready to leave ….
twinkle n Aarna wer waiting for a cab to go to hotel …..

swara : twinki…. wat r u doing here….
twinki : swara bhahi…vo Aarna ko na xyz hotel jaana chahiye tga uske liye… cab ka wait kar rahe the… vo shourya bhai nahi aa rahe hai…
swara : vo hotel to raaste par hi hai n aarna chalo hum drop kar dete hain…
Aarna : no no thanks swara bhabhi its k i will manage. ..
swara : swara bhabhi kaha na ab chalo…
Aarna nervously goes with them… n gets down in her destination. ..
swara again feels sanskaar’s presence……n here sanskaar is working in laptop n he feels sudden feeling but ignores ….
swara : accha Aarna bye agar tum aur jyada din yahi ruk rahi ho toh ghar avo…
Aarna : ha ha zaroor bhabhi… again scared to death..
utts also feels her bhais presence there n she gets tensed n searches through ger eyes here n there …. n same swara also does….
raglak watches utts n swaras changed behaviour n rhinks to ask them but not now in the morning let me ask…..
Maheswari’s go to mm.n Gadodia’s to gm…

Aarna takes a breath …. goes to shourya n says ..
Aarna : bhai lets go to home ba iam feeling bad n missing mom n dad …
sho :(something fishy…)y dr as we have planned tomorrow we will give surprise to aryan n go k only one more day na….
Aarna : bhai…plzzz plzzzz
sho : aarna yeh toh bahut hua na lets surprise him show him our face n then go k we will not stay after that….
k now good night no morw arguments. ..

Next day morning. …
rag lak go to utts roon n takes her to swars room n
rag : wat has happnd u both r quite y wats the problem. ..
lak : ha ha kuch baat hai to bato…
swara : vo vo kuch nahi….
utts : ha ha kuch nahi na kya hua….
lak : shadi mein kahan tge app log aur us hotel ke paas bhi kise doond rahe the apne ye do do binoculars mein….
swara n utss : vo vo pata nahi sanskaar /bhai ka ehsaas hua to Isliye. ..
swara : laga ki Sanskaar vahi kahi pe hain….
utts : haa par bhai toh nahi dikhe…
raglak : union kya tum dono toh pagal nahi ho na tab hi bata sakte….. na
swara n utts : unison laga tha ki phir se sab hume pagal samajh teh hain aur sanskaar ka mouth ka bhashan dete….
lak : sahi mein na ab inta gussa aa raha hain…. ab hum bhai ko kaise doond the hainn…

In Airport. …
Aryan comes from his personal plane ….. gets down n thinks …..
after soo many years iam going to face themmmm…..

award function hall …. everyone r seated…..
they announced that tge award goes to swara for best doctor….. n best business women who managed both … n they invite Aryan kapoor to present the award…..

Aarna n sanskaar are also present there ….

Aryan comes on stage …to present the award to swara….
Gadodia’s are shocked to see him….
Maheswari’s are happy to see him….
ragini n swara are so happy that their eyes dwell tears …..
Aarna is tensed to see that the award function was for Maheswari’s ….
shourya is happy…. to see his white dress lady…..

percap : who is Aryan to Gadodias will swara see sanskaar in the function. …..

Credit to: Nethra

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