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Todays episode starts with a leap of 2 years. …
(after sanskaar accident its 3 years of him being far from his family )


Goenka’s Mansion

sanskaar room

Aarna : bhai bhai…..wer r u ….
shourya : haa Aarna kya hua chilla kyun rahi hoo….
Aarna : its too much bhai…. many are waiting for ur interview. .. y u r avoiding media…u now my friends all tease me that u r afraid of media….aaj u r becoming the member of USA Companies association board …. today u r giving the interview or else i wont speak to u ever again…
shourya : arrey baba take breath…u know na i wont like media … plzzzzz
Aarna : no please wizzz n all u will or else i wont speak to u its final …
shourya : hmmm meri maa i will k now speak to me … shall we go for shopping…..
Aarna : u r thr world’s best bhai n hugs him…
Rajnath n sakshi arrive there n
sakshi : haa he is as he wont disagree to u na…
Rajnath : shourya today no shopping n all u r going to give ur interview n i will ask Aryan to accompany u …
shourya : dad it takes just 20 min for shopping let me go with my dear sister … i offered her the plan so let me complete n he drags Aarna n go for shopping. …
Rajnath : let this both be like this nly after his memory recovery. ..
Sakshi : kaash yeh dono mere hi bachhe ho raj… Aarna ka family ke baare mein kuch pata chala kya ….. (teary eyes…)
Rajnath : haa sakshi wat u r saying may be….but no we dont know whose daughter is Aarna. I am trying my best as i know the pain of getting separated from child.
sakshi : accha now let we go to office as today sanskaar i mean shourya is giving the interview after 2 years ….
Aarna n sanskaar / shourya came from shopping. …
shourya went to his room n got ready with wearing a black suit …. he was looking dashing in his suit ….
press n reporters wer waiting for him in his office. ..

Sunshine company

wen shourya n Aryan entered in to the office …..
All the press n reporters wer shocked as for them he looks alike of Sanskaar Maheswari the great business men of India. ..

reporter : hello mr. Shourya Goenka y wer u not giving interview. … i guess u r looking like Sanskaar Maheswari so u didn’t wanted to give ur interview. ..
Aryan n Goenka’s wer shocked as they didn’t expect this question. ..
Shourya : I don’t know any sanskaar so i guess i should not talk about it … n yes i hate giving interview because of my sister nly i have agreed. ..
N reporters take his interview n announced that he is also going to become thr members of USA Companies association board. … n took his photos….
Ak : congrats shourya iam very happy for u hugs him ….
Sakshi Rajnath n Aarna hug him n congratulate him….

In India

Karma company

utts cabin…
uttara was working in her laptop n checking some files n she finds something fishy n calls pranav … her pa n shouts at him …in a very arrogant way …

utts : what the hell is this did i asked u to prepare this idiotic presentation. …
pranav : mam it was not that..again cut by utts …
utts : if again i see any mistake then surely iam going to fire u from ur job … because u wer very trust worthy of my brother thats y iam giving u a chance i dont mind firing u ifnot for my bhai. ..
pranav :sorry mam n thank u for giving me a chance ….
pranav : mam today u have an award function at 7:00 pm at xyz…place. ..
utts : k till them complete this project n send the reports to laksh n bhabhi. .. …
pranav : sure mam n goes out

@ 7:00 PM

Award Function. ..
all Maheswari’s n Gadodia’s wer present there as it was for business award function. …

host : good evening Ladies and gentlemen. … the time is here to announce the most best business men of the year or the best business women of the year … n to present this award i like to welcome Sanjay malhotra the business men to announce the winner n present the award. ..
Sm: good evening every one present her n …. the award goes to Miss . Uttara Maheswari……. every one clap for her n swara is so happy to see that uttara received the award. ..
Sm : i thought after sanskaar no one would take his place but iam wrong sanskaar is present in the form of Uttara here as She has received all the awards which sanskaar once had received. … n now karma company is the no.1 company which is standing height where as many international companies also want to deal with this co..I heartly congratulate Maheswari’s for this award. .. n the award ceremony ends n all go home. …

swasan room .
swara : catching ger mangalsutra starts speaking. … sanskaar wer r u see today utts has become the best business women n she won the award also but u know she is not happy for this as she couldn’t share her happiness with u right. … n she sleeps holding the mangalsutra. …


Goenka’s Mansion. ..

Aarna : bhai bahi iam sooo happy for u ….
shourya : ha ha i know….
Aarna : bhai bahi u know that twinkle’ s sister Natasha didi’s marriage is in next week n i should go there bhai …. please help me na…
shourya : haa k k wr is the marriage. ..
Aarna : bhai its in India n u know if we ask we go to India means Aryan bhai n mom n dad wont agree n plzzz plzzzz i want to attend it bhai….
shourya : Aarna if they disagree means y to goo…n that too aryan….abba i cant handle him if he gets mad at me n u …
Aarna : bhai…. plzzz n more over we have not seen any Indian Wedding n it willbe like good opportunity na n u have a very big award function which is held for business men who handle two types of work at the same time… n we are also invited n especially u as u r the new member of USA board na n aryan bhai will also go na as he is also the board member. .. we can enjoy a lot there bhai….
Aarna :1 week we can enjoy the wedding after that nly the award function. ..
shourya : hmm k k lets keep it a secret n give a surprise to aryan in India

Kapoor Mansion. ..

akash : sir we have got a invitation to atted the award function in India. … n even Goenka’s also so…
Ak : its better ki now i should go there by giving office work to shourya do he shouldn’t come to India. ..
akash : yes sir…
Ak : monologue wer i font want to go … again my destiny is taking me there nly ….. y its playing with me… i cant face themm…..

Goenka’s Mansion
Shourya’s room …
shourya is in a deep sleep….
he gets a dream….
its some one person male person is sleeping cant see his face….
a girl is also sleeping on his chest cant see her face also….. she wakes up due to the sunrays fell on her face ….
she : kisses his forehead n says Mr.Maheswari its already late get up … u need to go to work …
he: so Mrs . Maheswari give me my morning dose i will wake up or else no … n he puts blanket on his face …
she : acchaa then k u sleep even i need to go to work ……she pulls the blanket from his face n gives a light but deep lip lock to him …
he opens his eyes to see her but ….

shourya gets up… with a jerk …….
shourya : wat a kind of dream it is who wer they … i couldn’t see her n his face ….wat mr n mrs …. wat was their names i forgot. ….

precap : Aarna n sanskaar / shourya in India……

Credit to: Nethra

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