SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 11


guys iam back with another episode. …
scene 1 In Indiain hall all the others are present except Gadodia n khuranna. ..
utts : (In her loud tone)aaj bahut hua aur humne bahut bardash kar li hai… agar koi is ghar me mera bhai ke na hone ke baare mein baath kiya toh idont know what will i do …. its better u guys stop speaking to me …. nbashes from there without giving a chance for her family to speak …( its too much n if anyone speaks again about my bro death … its better dont sepak to me )
swara : vo utts gussa mein keh rahi hai u guys go n sleep i will manage her

scene 2
USA. Catherine Hospital…
Dr. Jhon cabin …
dr : mr Ak iam glad to inform u that Mr.Maheswari is out of coma n somemiracle has happnd that he woke up so earlier. But there is a problem withmr.maheshwari he had lost his memory n if he tries to remember his pastthen it may cost his life …. u may lose him…. as a doctor i myself dontknow what to do. .. i know very well that how much uwant him to come innormal but it takes time ….
Ak : dr can we tell him his past as some story so that he can remember it…
dr: noo noo Aryan…. a single name from his past makes him get worriedthen it may affect his health … even he will not be able to remember his name…. i think its better to give him new identity…. he may cure from memory loss by taking his own time …he should deal with his past in a very calm way
Ak : Dr . John how can we hide his identity from him its his right to know.I just want my Sanskaar back……
dr : u want him back alive right….
Ak : dr what r u telling. …
dr : then its better to give him new identity. …
Ak : k thank u i will try ….
In India
Gadodia mansion
misthi : shekar swara ek doctor hai …. par wo apnagussa kyun control nahi kar pa rahi hai ….( she is a doctor but y is dhe unable to control her angr )
shekar : misthi agar baath sanskaar ki aur uski doosri shadi ki nahi hotitoh… vo itna gussa nahi hogi(if it was not about sans she would have been controlled her anger)
dadi : haa mari poti toh aaj apne aap ko kitna dard diya hoga ….

In Maheswari mansion

they send ragini laksh for Suhagraat as its a ritual… ragini was lookingstunning in the outfit …
in ralak room they both wer sitting on bed n was talking about swara nUttara
rags : laksh dii toh aaj bahut salo ki baad itna gussa hui hai …. vokitna control kar rahi hogi na …. vo karan bhi usse phir uska gussa kepaas le aya … jiju kitna koshish kiya hoga na ki didi apna gussa bhoolgayi thi ….aur Uttara bhabhi bhi bahut gussa ho gaikya vo kal se kisi sebaath nahi karegi kya …(today di n bhahbi got very angry na jiju did a lot to control dis anger)
laksh : pata nahi ragini dar lag raha hai aaj bhabhi aur di dono ka itnagussa….kya karenge agar bhai aaj yahan ho toh inta nahi hua hoga ….bhai i do believe di n bhabhi now wer ever u r i want u to be safe ….ncome soon ur family needs u …. ur swara n ur uttara needs u now ….(i dont know wat to do n do believe di n bhabhi bhai plz return )
rags : please lucky agar we only fall weak then how will we compose di nutts ….jiju please come back na… n hugs laksh n keeps her face on lakshchest n weeps ……..
laksh wipes her tears n hugs her n sensuously kisses her nape ragini clutches his shirt. … he slowly removes her jewellery a sweet music mohmoh ke dhaage songs plays in the background he kisses rags neck sosensuously he digged himself on her neck then he goes towards her facekisses her cheek n then looks at her lips n then looks at ragini she closesher eyes as giving him permission .. he places his lips on her n they kiss passionately n rags digs her nails on his back to give him proper support n now he entets into her n she feels the pain n the tears roll down from the corner of her eyes as now she is completely belongd to Laksh Maheswari….. n he covers themselves with a single comforter laksh lying n ragini sleeping on his chest sleeping peacefully as she now she is a completewomen ….laksh Maheswari completed Ragini Gadodia to Ragini LakshMaheswari. ……both sleep peacefully in the arms ofeach other ….

In USAKapoor Mansion .
Ak : (on call)get all the photos of him replaced by sanskaar photos no oneshould doubt n aunty n uncle iam sorry n i will be there in 15 minutes. ..
after 15 minutes
Goenka Mansion
Ak : hii uncle n hii aunty
Rajnath Goenka : (from ek haseena thi) hii beta how r u ..
Sakshi Goenka : ( from ek haseena thi)hi Aryan kaise ho after a long time… u here
Ak : aunty wo i have one friend he met with accident n lost his memory n tells what doctor said to him n asks can give him our Shourya’s place …please dont take me wrong … even u wont feel alone wen he comes here ….
Sakshi : beta y will we feel n take u wrong u r giving us the happiness which we lost with shourya. …can u tell me his name beta.
Ak : Sanskaar Maheswari.
Sakshi : kya sanskaar Maa…hes…wari….tears filled her eyes …n thudshe sat on the sofa ..
Rajnath : Sakshi control he may not be from that family
Ak : u know maheahwaris Rajnath: haa but this sanskaar Maheswari is not him i think ..n was cut by sakshi….
sakshi : Durgaprasad Maheswari n Ramprasad Maheswari ka beta hain naa yeh Sanskaar Ramprasad Maheswari ka beta hai na
Ak : haa aunty they live in kolkatta
Sakshi : Aryan wat happnd with him
Ak : aunty iam sorry i cant
sakshi : Aryan iam his bua (aunt) please tell na…
Ak : aunty vo ….n informs all the details about swara karan accident he going there n getting him his memory loss n all sakshi breaks down listening to his struggle ….
Rajnath : Sakshi which family u wanted to meet from that famly nly ur niece is coming to take ur sons place …
Sakshi : haa raj i just hope ki Sanskaar jaldi teek ho jaye …
Ak : aunty y r u far from that family they r ur brothers na ..
Sakshi : mein un dono se choti thi aur mai raj se pyaar karthi thi yeh baatbhaio ko pata chal gaya tha aur vo chup the par ek din unhone kaha ki mainapne pyaar ke saath deke us ghar se ristha todne ke liye kaha aur un donone apni kasam khayi thi pata nahi ki kyun aisa kia… uske baad humne vahanahi gaya ….
Ak : now i cant take tension about sanskaar now as his bua no maa is there na….n hugs sakshi …
sakshi cries thinking about her brothers …

Next day morning
In ralak room
Ragini wakes up early n goes n takes bath n wears a yellow colour saree n comes to laksh to wake him n he tries to touch her she shouts puja karni hai door raho …laksh : stamps his foot on the floor n goes yo freshen up …
rags :iam going down u come after getting ready …rags goes down n does aarthi n gives prasad to all elders swara uttara nlaksh r not present
ap: ragini today is pehli rasoi do prepare some sweet ..
rags : haa badi maa hum bana dete hain
rags goes to kitchen n prepares all the items n puts it on dining table …
Uttara comes down wearing black n white suit for the business meeting. …Everyone try to speak to her but she ignores them n goes to dining table to have her breakfast n a bit loudly swara bhabhi nasta lago naa
rags : utts di u wont speak to me…laksh comes down n asks …
laksh : mujse meri dii naaraz hai kya …
utta : haa thi par ab nahi kyun ki…
laksh : nasta kon khilayega
utts : ragini bhabhi kaha hain …
swara : idar n she comes wearing a plain anarkali of purle in colour n goesto mandir n does her prayer n comes to dinning hall … all elders arewatching the scene…
rags : haa di come n have breakfast. ..
swara : haa iam coming n she asks all the elders to join n them …laksh feeds both utts n swara n rags feeds both swara n utts …
utts : bhabhi dont forget ki tiday at 11:00am we have meeting with Singhanias do come n laksh come on lets go n she gifts ragini a beautiful neckpiece of her choice as shagun for pehle rasoi…
swara : haa ragini lo … n gives one gift which is packed …ragini opens it n finds apple iphone n hugs swara…. ( rags is crazyabout phones )all other give the gift to ragini n bless her .

Credit to: Nethra

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