SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 10


hi guys a big sorryyyyy for nit updating regularly. …. iam a bit busy ….
lets start with the episode

scene 1
Gadodia mansion
it was fully decorated with flowers and colourful curtains designaries for the marriage of ragini n laksh……
Maheswari’s family come with baarat …..
laksh has worn a cream with silver coloured sherwani which gave a royal look to him …
pandit ji asks him to sit in mandap n pandit started to recite mantra. …he asks to bring the bride down ….ragini is coming down wearing a red colour lehenga a perfect marwadi bahu….n next to her a beautiful lady is decending the staris by helping her its none other than swara she is wearing light red with black lehenga she was wearing a diamond single neckpiece. … next uttara comes down wearing marooon n cream colour lehenga with matching neckpiece. ….
ragini is made to sit with laksh n pandit tells the importance if rituals n meaning n promises made by taking pheres….. now laksh is asked to put sindoor in raginis maang he adorns her neck with mangalsutra n they take peheres n now panditji tells that u both r couple …. n he departs from there after blessing them … Ragini n laksh take the blessing of all the elders n khuranna family is also present there …. now its time for bidaai ….
shekar : from now my daughter is not Ragini Gadodia she is Ragini Laksh Maheswari. … n hugs her n cries ….
dadi : laado …. she is unable to speak she cries …

sumi : beta iam proud of u …. kerp ur family happy ….
ragini is crying hard to leave her parents n dadi dada….. everyone including khuranna family go to Maheswari Mansion. ..
swara welcomes ragini as the daughter in law of Maheswari’s with all the rituals n uttara makes laksh n ragini to stand in hall..
swara n utts : in union surprise they shout n on the projecter n it plays the video of laksh proposal to ragini … n ….. sanskaar speaking n they see him n hear his voice after so many months ….everyone has tears of happiness…….but they miss sanskaar badly today as he informed in that video that he will be pulling raglak legs ….the video ends …..
Ap : beta swara take ragini to ur room n then we can send them to their room after ritual is completed. .

utts n swara : haa maa we will n winks at laksh as he started to blush. ..
they take ragini to room n make her sit n they chit chat for some time n asks her to take rest n they both go down n join khuranna n Gadodia’s n others. …
Prakask khuranna : shekar n dp i wanted to ask something important for both of u …
shekar n dp : kya baath hai Prakask wat happened anything serious……
Prakask : nothing serious but a bit tge matter is we wanted to ask swaras hand for our karan … ya i know iam talking at a wrong time n wrong place. .. its already 6 months that she lost her husband n u know karab very well so thought of taking swara as daughter to my house …..
dp : Prakask the matter is….
Shwetha : dp bhaisab we really care for swara n how many days will she live alone like this n we should think of her future also right. ..
swara n Uttara who wet listening to all this talks wer burning with anger n now swara was out of control n shouted …..

swara : Baaasssss band karooo apnaa bakwasss ….
listening to her ragini n laksh come out of their room n rushed towards downstairs n stood beside swara n tried to control her anger…. but no use … uttara also shouted ….
utts : yeh kya mazaak banaya hai tum logo ne … samajh me nahi ati hai kya apko …..she fumes in anger …
Prakask : swara beta vo… he was cut by swara
swara : Enough Mr.Prakask Khuranna u lost the rights to call me beti …. how dare u tell that my husband is no more…..
karan : Swara kesi tarike se baath kar rahi ho humare papa se..
sawra : Mr.Karan khuranna stau out of it its better otherwise u will see the swara whom u have never seen …
whole family is shocked to see swara like that in so much anger…..
karan : swara u he slaps herr …. chattarrrr….
scene in hospital in US…
sanskaar moves his fingers n tears roll down from his eyes as he felt that someone has hurt his swara…..
again back to India …
everyone are shocked … laksh fists his hand to hit tgat karan nut swara dint gave him the chance she repeatedly slaps karan …. chattarrr… chattarrr …chattarrrr……chattarrr…..
swara : how dare u hit swara sanskaar Maheswari. … again chattaaarrrr…..
everyone are shocked to see the action of swara …. she was the same swara who was not speaking with loud voice with others…
karan : anger swara u r doing too wrong now i will teach u the lesson he drags her to temple everyone try to stop him but he doesn’t budge. …

swara : karan leave my hand. …
karan : how will i leave from today …. i dint hold it to leave n he takes the sindoor from the temple ….
everyone are stunned n shocked. …he was about to apply the sindoor on swaras maang ….
scene in hospital in US ..
Sans : shouts swara n wakes up n again goes unconscious. … doctors n nurses come there n check sanskaar. …n tgey send the message of sanskaar coming out of coma to Aryan kapoor. …
Back to India….
when he was about to apply the sindoor swara pushes him hard he goes n dashes with the wall back side of him … she takes the flowervase present there n bangs it on Karans head very hardly ….
blood oozes from his head …..he falls down ….
whole family is stunned to see swara in such state…..
rags : dii r u okay … n hugs her …
swara : haa iam k n asks sumi to dohis first aid n she goes to her room n closes the door if her room n everyone run to her room n bang her rooms door to open it but she doesn’t n ther is a huge sound from her room …. everyone r shocked n tensed….. they listen more n more sounds of things breaking …….n after some time its silent m she opens the door of her room n her room had become a mess n all the things r lying on the floor ….
rags : diii…. n hugs her n cries. …
utts : bhahiii r u k … n hugs her .

they all come downstairs
Prakash : sorry swara karan ko isa nahi karna chahiye tha …
swara : Mr.Prakask Khuranna take ur useless son from here ….
karan dont dare to come in front of me …..
Shwetha : swara. ..
swara : I said enough means enough. … i doesn’t want to listen to ur explanations….
Khurannas family leave mm . …
shekar : swara u take rest beta..
Gadodia’s also leave the mansion …

precap: doctors talking with ak ….

Credit to: Nethra

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