SWARAGINI – Undekha mod epi 1


Hi guys iam nethra n iam back again with the 1st episode of my ff

I know ki u people could not comment on the introduction with knowing the plot so I am here with it .

Let’s start with the episode. It goes as here ….

A big mansion is shown it’s evening time . Sunset time birds are flying in sky to reach their nests by making its sweet chirping. It’s a pleasant evening. … let’s see wats destiny has in this evening for this mansion …
Here it goes it none other than MAHESWARI MANSION . Two ladies are there in the temple area of the mm. They are very neatly dressed as marwadi bahus both r none other than ap n sujatha. Ap is making the thali ready for evening arthi n sujatha is helping her .

Then we go to the hall of mm two mens r sitting r are discussing something very seriously, keenly n deeply they r none other than dp n rp . Both r talking about some project work which is too big . Then our camera goes towards the lawn n garden area of mm. There is a girl who is watering the plants n playing with water n dancing. There are many types of birds flying in the garden n r waiting for their angel to come n feed then she then goes to them n feeds them their food but her face is not seen . Then here comes a BMW car in to the parking lot of the mm . The young n handsome guy comes out of the car wearing shades n brown pant n light yellow shirt with black blazer. He is our handsome chunk Laksh Maheswari. He comes towards the garden the girl takes the water pipe n splashes water to laksh n makes him completely wet n starts to run from there ….

Laksh : Diiiiiii yeh tumne kya kiya Di . Subhah hi to main pani nahaya tha tume to mai chodunga nahi… He runs after the girl with water pipe in the hand

Girl : ohhhh laksh Maheswari mere pyaree bhaaiii mujhe pakadna mushkil hai n runs …

( listening to them the whole Maheswari family n workers all come there dp rp ap sujatha n some home workers come there n stand n enjoy their fighting n chasing . They have a nice time watching the siblings playing .)

Laksh : a aaj to main tume Pakad ke rahunga. …

Girl : kabhi nahi …. she runs towards sujatha her saviour n says mom bachao mujhe …

Sujatha: beta laksh bas kar abhi kitna pareshaan karega meri Uttara ko….

The girl is none other than Uttara but the twist is we can only hear her voice n see her hands legs her back but her face is not visible

Laksh : mom mai pareshaan kar raha hun mujhe poori tarah se deko na … He makes a puppy face

Uttara : nahi maa mai to plants ko pani dal rahi thi yeh waha kya kat raha tha tum poocho usse

Sujatha : arrey yeh to sahi hai tu kya kar raha tha bas bas ab sab kuch chod aur vo pipe vaha chod ke andar ao . She orders him

Laksh politely listens like a school student from his teacher n leaves the pipe

Seeing this whole family laughs n goes inside to their rooms n change themselves n comes to arthi .
Then we go towards the city outskirts there is a big mansion n that is our GADODIA MANSION ( they r rich in my ff so they does not live in baadi they live in a big mansion )

we can completely see the city standing on the top of the building. They r out of the city as there daughters wants some peace place to spend their time n pleasant natural view .

In the hall there is a beautiful lady preparing for evening arthi she is our Sharmistha Gadodia.or Misthi .

Misthi : Ragini beta andar aao.

Rags : maa ayi maa
( camera goes towards the garden she is sitting on the swing n seeing the sunset )
She comes running in to the mansion in one breath . She is none other than Ragini Gadodia . She is so cute n innocent …

Misthi : ab upar jaake dadi dadaji aur papa ko arthi ke liye bulake lao

Rags : ji maa n she runs towards the centre of the hall n shouts arthi ke liye sab neeche aayiyega. ……

Misthi : twists her ear n says yeh kaam toh mai bhi kar sakthi hum main to tume upar Jane ke liye kaha tha naa

Rags : arreeyy koi bachavv bachavv

Dadaji , dadi , and shekar in unisound chodo na Misthi usse dard hogi…

Misthi : Aap sab aagaye toh chodna hi padega na mai koun hun usse dantne. ..

Rags : keeps puppy face n asks sorry

Misthi : turns her face

Rags : becomes emotional n says agar dii yahan hoti toh zarur tume meri taraf se manayegi

All become teary eyed …

Misthi : hugs ragini n says sorry beta mai toh tume ched rahi thi ..

All in unisound says we miss our SWARA OUR SHONA. …..

They go to the mandir to do arthi

Pre cap : why is Uttara soo favourite of all in mf. . Wer did swara go….. where is sanskaar. ….

Credit to: Nethra

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  1. nethra i loved ur ff butcan u make it a lil long and can u reveal the pairs pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee swasan

    1. ya for sure I will make it long . n thank u for ur comment n the pairs r revealed in my 2nd episode

  2. pls…….write in english i am poor in grasping hindi but ur storyline is awesome pls…………..this is my request

  3. Wow love it

  4. snigdha Acharya

    nice….keep it……upload upcoming episode very soon

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