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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here. I’m a silent reader and this is my first fanfiction.

Sumi-Ragini come fast bus started to move

ragini- ha maa coming

They both went and sat in the bus and bus started moving.Ragini was sitting on the window seat and enjoying nature.Suddenly something clicked to her mind and she asked sumi where are they going.

Sumi-we are going to my native place.

Ragini pov

I know maa there is something important is going on in your mind and you are not sharing with me.
first time in my life I feel you are hiding something from me.
I don’t know why this journey for and where it leads to but I am very much excited as it first time for me to visit other places far away from mumbai.

Thinking about these things she slowly went to sleep.

In Ragini’s dream,

voice -Ragini help please help me,I am helpless please help me and only you can help me.
I am waiting for your arrival since many decades . You will come for me na and you will save me na please save me ragini.I’m helpless soul waiting for you. Come ragini Come I’m waiting for u.

Ragini Screaming -Coming coming…….

Sumi-Ragini wake up .we came ragini not coming.

Ragini woke up and hugged her mom.They got down from the bus.

Ragini pov-

Why am I feeling so different as if I came here before .Air around me made me feel that I came here before.

Guys please comment if you liked it.I’m sorry if there are any typo’s or grammatical errors.

Credit to: samira

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  10. thank you all for your comments.They really mean a lot to me.Pairs are yet not decided.Yes ragini is the main character but swara’s character will be a powerful one.Next update will be posted on 20th .

  11. Really an awesome start plz continue writing

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