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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here. Sorry guys for the late update. I had some wifi issues and the story was on my laptop.

Link to episode 8 : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-unbelievable-story-episode-8/

Recap : ragini meets swara.

Ragini , lucky and Sanky reached the palace.

Lucky – Now what ?

Ragini – First we need to think about Ramu kaka and then about room. If he will see there then he never allow us to enter that room.

Sanky – we need to send Ramu kaka away.

Lucky – But where?

Ragini – Idea to our college. Lucky you call Ramu kaka and tell him that Lado got panic attack get her special medicine which is on her study table and come to college . It will take 4 hrs for him to go there and come till then we can finish our work.

Sanky – If we find that you are not there in the college then

Ragini – We will think later and we don’t have other option. Lucky call na.

Lucky – okay Ragini.

Their plan worked and Ramu kaka went out and they went in.


Lucky – Ragini , I think we shouldn’t go in if the ghost comes again.

Ragini – Arey budhu ghost will ome only at night.

Lucky – Then I will go first.

Sanky – Don’t waste time Lucky let’s go.


Ragini was about to touch the book.

Sanky – No Ragini we will open.

Ragini – Okay give it a try you people won’t listen na.

Lucky and Sanky tried open but no use.

Ragini – Come on guys let me open.

Lucky – Okay but be careful.

Lucky and Sanky holded Ragini tightly at her elbow to ensure that nothing happens to her.

Ragini placed her hand on the book and it opened with light coming out of it it was for only 10 seconds and then vanished .

They turned pages of that book but nothing they were able to understand. Finally they a picture of a lady and a 2 year litlle girl and they were shocked.

Lucky – Ragini you didn’t say us that you have a child.

Ragini – I ( Sanky cuts her in between)

Sanky – it’s cheating after all we are your best friends.

Lucky – what her name , she is so cute.

Sanky – Ha Lucky just like Ragini.

Ragini – I (Lucky cuts her in between)

Lucky – where is your husband ? What is his name ?

Sanky – We want to meet him ?

Lucky – Is he

Ragini – Shut up guys (shouted at her high pitch)

Ragini – Listen I’m not married. I don’t have a child and It’s not me.

Lucky – Yipeee you didn’t cheat us.

Sanky – shut up Lucky she is serious.

Ragini – who are they? Who will tell us about them.

Voice – I will.

They all turned back at time.

Ragini – Swara.

Lucky – where Swara ? What Swara?

Sanky – Hey ghost you should not come in the moning. It’s not safe for ghosts my grandma said.

Swara – Is that so ?

Ragini and Swara started laughing.

Lucky – (In a scared tone ) Ragini say na where is swara?

Ragini – there (pointing towards the door.)

Sanky – I can’t see anyone there.

Lucky – Me too.

Swara – Now?

She appeared before them.

Lucky & Sanky at a time – beautiful.

Swara – I know.

Ragini – how come you are here.

Swara – I am here to tell you the truth Ragini.

Ragini – How come you know about this ?

Sanky – you are ghost right?

Swara – Don’t call me ghost stupid. Do I look like that ?

Lucky – Sanky have some sense she looks like angel.

Swara – Thanks. By the way I’m your sister Ragini.

Ragini – What I have sister but why ma didn’t say about you.

Swara – Because she is not our Maa and she don’t know about me.

Ragini – our Maa? Who?

Swara went to that picture and showed Lady as her Maa.

Swara –Ragini, you look exactly like Maa.

Sanky – Then Ragini is the child in the picture ?

Swara – No buddu it’s me.

Lucky – where is Ragini?

Swara – she is in Maa’s womb at that time.

Ragini – who is Sumi Maa? Why didn’t you meet me before? Why you are not visible to them at first?

Swara – I will explain you clearly.

Our Maa is princess of the magic world. It was invaded by black magic people from other world.
Our grandfather fought war and lost. Before they could kill our Maa, the future ruler , he sent her to earth for hiding. Our Father fell in love with our Maa and they both got married. They had child it’s me. Sumi Maa was our father’s sister. Our Maa never used to use the magic if she uses then the ruler of black magic will trace her down. I also had inherited powers from her.

I was just two. One day me , papa and Maa were playing hide and seek. papa was the denner. I hid myself back of the sofa. He was approaching and I saw that. I thought I need to do something and I closed my eyes. He came near me and went in other direction. Maa witnessed the whole incident. She then understood that I got gift of invisibility just like she got the gift of healing. She called my name at high pitch and I came back to my form again. She took me from there and said me never play hide and seek again and never do that again. I was a child I didn’t get what she was saying. I asked her why I shouldn’t. She scolded me and I started crying. Papa came there and asked me to leave the room.

I went near the door and acted that I left. They closed the door. Maa explained papa everything.
I listened to the whole conversation standing near the door. Maa said him that now it’s the time to use my magic to make a shield for my daughters. Papa didn’t agree first but after many explanations he finally agreed. Maa started making shield for us using magic. She used her magic so dark ruler traced her and sent his men to kill her. They don’t know that she had children.

Finally that day arrived when she need to leave us. Papa was insisting that he will come with her or else he will kill himself. She finally agreed. She placed myself in the book to protect me. This book will only be opened by people who has good magic in them. Using magic she placed you in sumi maa’s womb. They informed grandfather,Sumi maa about the whole thing and took promise from them that they should protect them from everything till they reach certain age when they will get control on their powers. They left and didn’t came back. Sumi Maa also left to mumbai to protect you . She raised as her own daughter. She didn’t get married for your sake. That’s why you don’t know about papa.

Now the time has come Ragini we need to get back our Mama papa back.

Ragini & swara started crying and hugged each other.

Swara – now we need to show them swaragini power.

Ragini – ha swara we will get Maa and papa back.

Lucky and Sanky – we are also with you guys.

They share a group hug.

Precap : new entry ( enemy or friend who you want guys?? )

Did the suspense reached your expectations ? Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to make the next one more exciting.

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