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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here.

Link to episode 7: Episode 7

recap : Ragini opened the book.

Ragini was still thinking about yesterday’s incident, she was no able to concentrate on race so she asked lucky and sanky to continue without her. She left the ground and started moving towards palace and thinking something.

Ragini pov

whats happening with me I feel someone following me . I feel some different energy flowing into my body.

Ragini was senselessly walking on the highway. A truck was about to hit her but two hands pulls her in nick of time and saves her. A beautiful girl saved her.

Girl – Are you alright?

Ragini – Yes. Thank you for saving me.

Girl – It’s my pleasure.

Ragini – I’m Ragini. Your good name please?

Girl – Swara.

Ragini – nice name.

Ragini heard someone calling her name she turned back it was Sanky.

Sanky – You know from how long I was searching for you. Why did come in the wrong route.

Ragini – I guess I was thinking something and I lost my way. Leave that meet swara.

Sanky – swara ?

Ragini turns back to introduce swara to sanky but she finds no one over there.

Ragini – where did she go? She was here just a minute ago.

Sanky – I think she saw me and left.

Ragini – So fast Impossible. May be she is hiding anywhere. Swara swara…………………….

No response.

Sanky – she left Ragini don’t waste your energy.

Ragini – where is Lucky?

Sanky – he got some important call and he left.

Ragini – Oh okay. Why don’t you give me company till palace and there I will ask driver kaka to drop you home. What say?

Sanky – Great I was about to ask the same thing.

Silence for 2 mins . Ragini was lost in her thoughts.

Sanky – Ragini can I you something?

Ragini – You need permission for that . You are my friend you can ask me anything.

Sanky – first promise me that you won’t lie.

Ragini – Ragini will never lie to her best friends.

Sanky – now say me what’s troubling you from morning from morning we were observing you.

Ragini – Ragini is a big trouble who can trouble her.

Sanky – I know that baba now be serious and tell what’s going in your mind.

Ragini – I was just thinking about yesterdays incident.

Sanky – Forget about that be cool , we will take care of that ghost.

Ragini – I didn’t understand one thing why it didn’t hurt anyone.

Sanky – because we said that we know durga chalisa.

Ragini – You both didn’t even start singing chalisa the ghost left before that.
Sanky – ya you are right and it didn’t come back.

Ragini – How that ghost know my name.

Sanky – I think it heard when we are calling out your name.

Ragini – okay leave that. I think it’s the same one which comes in my dreams asking help.

Sanky – Now I think your worry makes some sense. Don’t worry we will sort it today night. We can even ask sumi aunty about it.

Ragini – Mom will be in mumbai for 2 more days she informed me today morning so we can’t ask her.

Sanky – okay after going to palace we will go to that room. I will inform Lucky. Now happy.

Ragini – Thank you Sanky. I’m very Lucky to have a best friend like you.

Sanky – In friendship No sorry No thank you.

Ragini – ha ha got it baba.

Ragini saw a cute little puppy which got hurt. Ragini went running towards it and placed it on her lap.

Ragini – Sanky you have water?

Sanky – Ha Ragini.

Ragini – slowly pour some water on it’s wound I will clean it.

Sanky was pouring water on the wound and Ragini was cleaning it when Ragini touched that wound portion and closing her eyes she tried to feel the pain of that puppy . Some magic happened the wound started to heel slowly. Finally the wound got healed but Ragini fainted. puppy went away

Sanky poured some on Ragini. She slowly opened her eyes.

Sanky – Are you Okay?

Ragini – I think I’m okay now.

Sanky – How did you do that?

Ragini – what did I do ?

Sanky – You healed that puppy?

Ragini – Really. Impossible.

Sanky – You did that Ragini I saw with my eyes.

Ragini – how can I do that.

Sanky – I think we will answer for that in that room.

Ragini – Let’s go.

Precap : secrets out.

Next episode will be more interesting. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors.
Thank you guys for showing so much love towards my ff. Guys please comment if you liked todays epi . Swara fans should wait for my next update to know more about her character.

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  2. omg what n exting episode…… i think our adorable swara is a ghost… n soon she n beautiful ragini make Swaragini…….. wow am wytng for nxt…. plz do it fats dear…. i can’t suppress my curiosity…..

    n one rqst from me plz….. if u he any plan to making pairs than frndship bonding then plz make it as swasan n raglak plzzz dont makr it as swalak or ragsan…. i lve swalak’s n ragsan’s cute frndshp bonding….. not love boning soo plzzzzz its my rqst…..

    1. Thanks a lot Aami. I’m not sure about love track. I want to entertain all fans without making pairs.

      1. thts gud dear…… ??? i just say about if love track comes thn plz swsan n raglak….. n also if love tracks nvr comes thn ni prbs….. bcoz freindship he na thier the strongest bond which evrlastng forevr…. ??

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