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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here.

Link to episode 6: Episode 6

recap : L,R & S opened the room.(L – Lucky ,S- Sanky ,R- Ragini)

The wind was blowing heavily. They went crawling towards the book. Pages of the the book were turning. Suddenly , the pages stopped turning at a particular page and shape of the palm appeared from the light. They got frightened seeing that and moved back. Ragini was moving towards it to touch that .

Sanky dragged her didn’t allowed move futher.

Sanky – Ragini ,are you in your senses. Let me and Lucky do something , don’t dare think of that.

Lucky – If we close the problem will be solved.

Lucky tried to close the book but he was not able to do so. Lucky and sanky were putting effort on either side of the book to close it but their efforts went in vain. Sanky tried to pour acid on it but the acid turned into gas and escaped from the bottle.

Ragini- Guys please let me.

Lucky – just shut up Ragini. Now I will cut the book into pieces.

Lucky was trying to cut the book into pieces but suddenly the knife from his hand disappeared.

Sanky – Now what shall we do. (Sanky hold his head with both the hands)

Sanky’s hold on Ragini’s hand got released. Ragini took that as an opportunity and ran towads the book.

L & S -No (Shouted at their high pitch).

Ragini placed her palm on that palm. The light which was coming out of the book became more and more brighter. Lucky and Sanky were not able see anything except light. Ragini felt a strong hold on her hand and she started getting some flashes , many thought were streaming into her brain. She was feeling suffocated and sweating a lot. It went on for about 15 minutes. She felt exhausted and fainted. The light from book got disappeared and the book got closed.

Lucky and Sanky came running towards Ragini. They then heard a voice.

Voice – Ragini Ragini

Lucky and Sanky shivered with fear. Voice was keep on calling Ragini’s name .

L & S thought it was a ghost. They thought even if anything happens to they just shouldn’t care now their one and only goal is to save Ragini from that ghost.

Sanky – If you want ghost you can do anything to me but please don’t harm Ragini.( joining his both hands together )

Lucky – you please drink my blood if you want please don’t harm Ragini.

Sanky – My blood will be tasty and it is a universal donor. Drink mine.

Lucky – No please drink mine and leave them.

Voice – Shut up

and the voice continued calling Ragini Ragini (in a little bit crying tone).

Sanky – It’s final request please leave us we beg you.(bending on his knees and folding hands)

voice didn’t stop.

Lucky – Sanky I think won’t listen to us. We should fight with it.

Sanky – Ha you are right Lucky .Hey ghost you know I’m boxing champion of our college.

Lucky – Are Sanky how can you beat the ghost which is not visible.

Sanky – Ha you are right.

Sanky – I know durga chalisa too.

Lucky – I too know it.

Voice stopped

Sanky – Come let’s get out of here I think the ghost got scared and left us.

Lucky – ha let’s leave.

They both lifted Ragini. Ragini’s was placed on Lucky’s shoulder and other hand was on sanky’s shoulder. They went out of the room and closed it.

They went to Ragini’s room and placed her on her bed and closed the door. They slept down in Ragini’s room itself.


A girl who have a long hair and was wearing a white and gloden chudidar came to Ragini’s from the door without opening it. She went near Ragini and placed her hand on Ragini’s forehead.

Ragini felt someone’s presence and she slowly opened her eyes. She found no one over there.
She saw Lucky and Sanky sleeping down near her bed. She woke them up.

They woke up and hugged Ragini and asked – Are you alright ?

Ragini – Guys I’m alright. See I’m fit and healthy. What are doing in my room and how did I come here?

They explained Ragini the whole incident. Ragini did’nt believe them and acted normal.

Ragini – Come on guys wake up we need to go for practice.

Precap – Ragini gets saved.( who saved her?? Any Guesses??)

First time I wrote something creepy. I think today’s epi didn’t have humor. I’m eager to see your views on todays epi. Next episode will be more interesting. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors.

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  1. Its so nyc… I think its swara…. N she is a ghost….I know it’s a pagal guess….but pls bear it….

  2. Interesting

  3. Sanaky drinking blood
    Lucky boxing thing was awesome

  4. plz reveal it yar, make it long

  5. Awesum!!!lucky nd sanky saying take my blood ws funny….

    1. Yaaaaaa exactly….. very funny lol …. it’s nice

  6. It was too funny samira 😀

  7. awesome update
    was the girl some1 from her past life???
    pls reveal soon

  8. Awesome 😀

  9. Plz i want long long loooong part next. Plzzzzzzz…..
    You know what i couldnt control my laugh.
    So sweet laksan scene…….
    Nice epi dr. Update next part as soon as possible….thank you……:-)

  10. that girl… jst guessing… btw episode was jst superb like always……

  11. swara????just a guesss

  12. I think so it is swara

  13. Superb.. The way they were fighting the ghost was damn funny… I think that girl is swara

  14. thanks a lot guys for your valuable comments. They really mean a lot to me.

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