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There beties reached the palace. They had their dinner.

Ragini – Ramu kaka show them their room.

Ramu kaka- ha ladoo I will. Come with me.

Lucky and Sanky went with him. The room was very big and beautiful.

Ramu kaka – Be comfortable. If you want anything you can ask me.


Ragini was not able to sleep she keep on thinking about that room and that voice.

Ragini in mind – I need to know what it is there in that room. Why maa always stoped me from going there. Now Maa is also not here , I will go and check out that room. If anything strange might
happen to me then .No no nothing will happen to you ragini ,you are ragini the great who is not at all afraid of anyone . Why are you thing that much just go and check.


Lucky and Sanky were lying on either side of the bed. They are not able to sleep.

Lucky – Sanky

Sanky – Ha Lucky say.

Lucky – you know in these kind of palaces there will be ghosts.

Sanky – Really?(He gave a scared expression).

Lucky – Come let’s go and check out what Ragini is doing.

Sanky – We don’t her room na?

Lucky -We will go to each and every room and check.

Sanky – If we find any ghost there then ?

Lucky – Ha ha who can be bigger ghost than that devil ragini.

Sanky – Ya you are right lucky.

Lucky and Sanky are looking for Ragini’s room and dashed with Ragini.

Ragini – Hey guys thank god you are awake.

Sanky – Anything serious Ragini?

Ragini – more than serious.

Lucky – Come on tell us Ragini.

Ragini- Not here we will go to my room.

Ragini locked the door.

Ragini explained them everything about the voice and the room.

S & L started laughing.

Sanky – Ragini are you okay let me call doctor.

Lucky – Ragini it’s just a dream. Why are you taking it serious.

Ragini – stop it guys I’m going to check that room. If you want to come then come or else I will go alone.

L & S – Okay we will come.

R,L & S are moving towards the room they heard some foot steps.R ,L & S went to hide in different directions. It was ramu kaka. He was approaching towards ragini. Sanky went near Ramu kaka and just pinched his neck and made him unconcious.

Ragini – wow Sanky how did you do that?

Sanky – I saw in Hollywood movies and tried it. To my surprise it worked.

Lucky – So even I should start watching hollywood movies.

Ragini – come lets Ramu kaka in his room and come.

They went to ramu kaka’s room and placed him on his bed and returned.


Ragini – Now Mr Hollywood tell us how to open this big lock.

Sanky – In Hollywood movies they shoot the lock and it opens up. Here we don’t have gun.

Lucky – Ragini do you have a knife and acid ?

Ragini – Why? You are not planning to kill me right?

Lucky – To open the lock stupid.

Ragini – Wait a minute I will get it from kitchen.

Ragini comes with the knife. Lucky pours the acid on the lock. Acid melts the lock and he cut it with the knife and lock gets open.

Ragini – Wow Lucky you are a genius. Lucky, how did you know this?

Sanky – Don’t say us that before you used to be a thief.

Lucky – shut up Sanky can’t you think positive I saw it in a detective serial.

Ragini – with this we came to know that serials and movies are influencing people a lot.

L & S- let’s get in

They stepped in it’s really dark inside. They switched on the torch and started searching for the switches. Finally they got the switches and switched on the light. Suddenly the door they came from got closed. This frightened them and made them stick together. The room is beautiful but dusty.
It has a king sized bed , cradle chair ,book shelf ,showcase and finally a big book kept on the study table.

They slowly went towards the book holding hands together. Lucky tried to open the book but it didn’t open. Lucky held the book passed it to sanky and sanky passed it to ragini .When Ragini touched the book it fell on the ground and opened up with light coming out of it. All the Three hold their hands , gained courage and started moving towards the book.

Precap :At night horror + comedy (may be a new entry).

Sorry for the same precap it is necessary to hold on the suspense. I felt todays episode a bit boring while writing. Next episode will be more interesting. Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors.

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