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Ragini messaged them to come by 12:00 am.

Ragini pov:

These guys are not at all punctual let them come.I called them arround 50 times no one is picking up the phone. I will teach them what is punctuality.(She looked the clock) It’s 2:00pm still they didn’t come.

Sumi – Ladoo, your friends will come for lunch or dinner?

Ragini – Maa they will come.

Ragini in mind -don’t worry Today I will show them ragini’s real avtar.

Door bell rang.

Ragini in mind – I think they came.

Laksh pov-

how much time this girl will take to open the door,I am already late. Finally door opened and I was shocked to see ragini with a broomstick. Ragini was looking at watch and then my face for three times. I saw time. Oh shut it was 2:10 pm. I thought lucky beta you are dead today. I pushed her and ran in. She was chasing me like she was a tiger and I’m her prey. Finally a goddess appeared in front of me(Ragini’s mom). I ran and hid behind her.

Sumi – stop it Ragini, You becoming naughty day by day. He is our guest, is this the way to treat our guests?

Ragini- Maa don’t stop me today he deserve this.

Ragini was trying to catch lucky and sumi was protecting him. Suddenly a voice.

Sanky – come on Ragini Ragini Ragini (he was cheering).

Ragini turned at him with one eyebrow raised. Sanky gave a confused look.

Sanky pov-

why is she looking at me like that and that stupid dumbo why is he signalling me to run? What’s going on here? Ragini why she is approaching towards me. She is looking different today. Why is she beating that dumbo with broomstick. Anyways I’m happy. I smiled at her but I don’t why she didn’t smiled back.

Ragini came near sanky and beat him. Sanky was shocked. Sanky also came running towards sumi and hid behind her.

Sumi- Ragini enough (she shouted with max pitch).

Sumi to L&S- come bete let’s have lunch. It’s already late now.


Sanky – Aunty food is very tasty.

Sumi – kaka prepared the food today.

Sanky to kaka- your hands got magic.

Kaka- thank you beta.

Sumi – Now say me how is lucky and who is sanky.

Lucky and Sanky introduced themselves.

Sumi – I am happy for my daughter that she got friends like you both but you got this devil as a friend.

Ragini -mom.

Sumi – Ragini go and get sweet dish for your friends.

Ragini went in.

Sumi to L&S – both carefully listen ragini is a princess but ragini don’t know about it and you shouldn’t say anyone about this, not even ragini. She got many enemies. There is a threat to her life.
Plese promise me that you will protect her.

L & R are shocked at first and they understood the situation and nodded.

Ragini arrived with the sweetdish ans served them. Just then Sumi got a phone call and she left the table.

Ragini to L&S- now you guys say why you came late?

Lucky – I went to get medicines for my sister.

Sanky – I went to get grocery.

Ragini – Sorry guys, you had a genuine reason and I behaved like that to you.Next time it won’t happen I promise.

L & S- In friendship no sorry no thank u.

Sumi came back.

Sumi – Ladoo, I’m going to mumbai right now for some important work

Ragini – Yippee

Sumi to L&S- If you don’t mind can you stay in palace for one day because Ragini will be alone.

Ragini – Maa stop being overprotective I can stay alone.

Sumi – You just shut up Ladoo .Bete will you?

L&S – yes Aunty don’t worry we are there na.

Sumi -kaka will arrange guest room for you.

Sumi packed her luggage and left. Lucky and Sanky informed their parents.

Ragini , Lucky and Sanky in the hall. They watched tv for sometime.

Ragini -Bored Let’s have a race.

Lucky – Ragini you are also

Ragini – yes I’m Lucky. Come on Sanky and Lucky let’s go.

They went to the ground and took positions.

But this time ragini won it shocked sanky and Lucky.

Ragini – Now you guys can’t fight for first position because it will be mine.

Ragini – I will make sure that I will get top in studies too.

Lucky – How do you know that we fight for positions?


Ragini coming out from the class she collided with a girl.

Ragini and Girl – Sorry.

Girl -hi I’m neetu.

Ragini – I’m Ragini. Nice to meet you neetu.

Neetu– you are the one who sat between those two enemies right.

Ragini- ha I’m the one. Do you know the reason behind their enmity?

Neetu – ya I know and everyone in the class also knows. Sanky is good at studies he always gets first position and Lucky second position. In sports Lucky gets first position and Sanky second position. The principal kept a condition that who will top in both studies and sports will get scholarship. Competitiveness between slowly made them enemies.

Ragini – what ! This is the reason. Oh god I thought some gf bf stuff made them enemies. Those stupids don’t have brain for scholarship they are losing a friend who will be there life long with you.
Anyways thank you neetu for your valuable information.

Neetu -Anytime Ragini. Bye.

Ragini -Bye.

FB ends

Ragini – Principal lost his post yesterday because he spread fake news about scholarship.

Sanky and Lucky -What fake news .

Lucky – I won’t leave him. I will beat him black and blue.

Sanky – Even I with you Lucky.

(Both Lucky and Ragini shocked as Sanky said Lucky not Dumbo)

Lucky – I’m sorry Sanky.

Sanky – Me too.

Ragini – I frienship no sorry no thank you. Now hug each other and become friends.

They both hugged each other and became friends.

Precap : At night horror + comedy (may be a new entry).

Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to make the next one more exciting.

Credit to: samira

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  1. Hey samira. I just read your ff and liked it very much and really like ragini’s character in your ff and precap looks interesting. Pls POST soon can’t wait??

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