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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here.

Recap : Ragini and Lucky meeting.

Ragini thought of attending classes in the afternoon session so she went to college.


That college was very big unlike the one in mumbai. She a board over there on which “ say no for raging” was written. She took a breath of relief. She moved towards her classroom.
It was lunch time so everyone went to canteen. She saw only one boy sitting in the last bench who immersed himself in the book. She went near him.

Ragini- Excuse me.

Boy-Yes.(removed the book infront of him and turned towards ragini)

both were shocked looking at each other.

Boy- hey Ragini. you here?

Ragini- Nice to meet you again Sanky by the way i’m your new classmate.

Sanky- Great.Come sit.(He slightly moved aside giving her place to sit)

Ragini sat next to him.

Ragini- what you reading sitting alone in the class?

Sanky- just a novel

Ragini- let me see.(he gave novel to her)

Ragini- I read this novel. It is a murder mystery Right?

Sanky – yes, I think we have a lot of things in common.

Ragini- I was about say the same thing.

Sanky – leave it. where do you stay?

Ragini- In palace near our racing ground. I don’t know the name of it.

Sanky-what!are you a princess?

Ragini- No. Leave that. Tell about yourself.

Sanky and Ragini had a good friendly conversation. They exchanged their numbers. They listened to all classes silently like good students. College ends.

Sanky- see you tomorrow at practice.

Ragini- meet you again. See ya.

IN PALACE (Dinner time)

Ragini- Mom you know today I made 2 friends.

Sumi – great ladoo. Who are they?

Ragini- Sanky and lucky.( she tells her how she met them and everything about the conversation she had with them ).

Sumi – why don’t you invite them to our house on sunday?

Ragini- Thank you so much mom.Love you.

Sumi – Anything for my ladoo. From today you are sleeping in my room.

Ragini – But why mom?I’m not a small kid.

Sumi – I said that’s it no more arguments.

Sumi pov:

ladoo I’m doing this for your safety. I don’t want to loose you. God please save my ladoo.


Ragin met sanky again they had a race and had a warm conversation.


Ragini went to class. She saw lucky sitting there.

Ragini – hi lucky.

Lucky – hi Ragini.

Ragini – how is your sister?

Lucky – she is better now. I will get discharged tomorrow.

Ragini – That’s great news. Are you free on sunday?

Lucky- yeah.why?

Ragini – I want you to come to my house to meet my mom as she wants to meet you.

Lucky – let me think.(ragini hits him)
Lucky – I will come only for my ff.

Ragini- ff?

Lucky – friend forever(he winks at her)

Ragini starts laughing.

Ragini – you are crazy

Lucky – what to do I am.

Ragini then saw sanky entering the class.

Ragini- hey sanky

Sanky turned towards ragini and shocked to see her with lucky. Even lucky saw him with same reaction.

Sanky to Ragini- Ragini why are you sitting with this dumbo.

Ragini was about to say something.

Lucky to Ragini- you know this hanky?

Sanky to Lucky- don’t dare call me that. Dumbo.

S to R: Ragini come let’s go.you shouldn’t be with this dumbo.(holding Ragini’s hand)

L to R: You can’t leave me ff.(holding Ragini’s other hand)

They are trying to pull ragini from either side. Ragini got frustrated.

Ragini – Stop it…(she freed her hands from their grip)

R to L- Lucky, he is my friend Sanky don’t dare call him hanky.(sanky smiles)

R to S- Sanky, he is my friend lucky don’t dare call him dumbo.(lucky smiles)

L and S were about to say something.

R- If you cut me off in between while talking I will break your knuckles.( Ragini took kali mata avtar and gave them a deathly glare).

She made them sit beside her and she sat in between. While the class was going on both L and S were looking at her with a shocked expression.

College ended.

Ragini to both- On Sunday you both are going to come to my home for lunch.

L and S both at a time – but Ragini

she gave a deathly glare towards the. They closed their mouths with their both hands.

Ragini- If you don’t sanky you will lose your best friend and lucky your ff.

She was about go but again turned back.

Ragini- If you don’t come next day I will make your body into pieces and give feed it to the street dogs.

They both gulped and simply nodded their head in fear.

Ragini – good .(She went away with a smirk on her face)

Precap : will enemies become friends??

Yes lucky and sanky are enemies. Poonam,lovely,megha guessed it right.
Guys I know it’s a boring epi. Sorry for that guys. Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to make the next one more exciting.Next episode will be a maha episode.

Credit to: samira

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