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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here.

Recap : Ragini and Sanky meeting

Huge traffic on the road for a long time. Ragini’s car stopped and she went to check what happened.
It was an accident a truck hit a car. She was going to the car, a man stopped her and said it’s a police case and girl in the car and driver in the truck were dead and they called ambulance.

Ragini- let me go and check once please.

Man- your wish.

Ragini went near the car and saw a girl lying in the pool of blood. She checked her pulse near the wrist it was no more and then checked near the neck.

Ragini(Shocked) she can feel a weak pulse and started giving cpr. It worked ,the girl took a deep breath suddenly.

Ragini – hold on.I’m here hold on.Nothing will happen to you.Come on girl you can do it.

Just then Ambulance arrives and ragini sat in that along with that girl.

In Ambulance she keeps on repeating the words she was saying before.


The Girl was taken to operation theater.

The man who met she met near the accident spot also arrives.

Man- you saved that girl. I request god to give you all the happiness in the world.

Ragini -Thank you.

Man- I informed her family as I got her phone in the car.
(He gives it to ragini)

Ragini- Good job sir.

Man- I’m sorry to say I have an important work ,I need to go immediately and there is no problem for you to stay here?

Ragini- Yes I will, No problem sir.

Man left.

Ragini in tension , roaming here and there.

Nurse – Operation success mam

Ragini- Thank you so much sister.(she got tears of happiness)

Nurse- She didn’t get conscious still and when she gets you can meet her.

Ragini- Thank you sister

A guy came running to reception and asked about the girl.

Guy came to ragini and asked -How’s she?

Ragini- Out of danger.

Guy breaks down into tears and says -I shouldn’t had sent her out alone. It’s all my fault.

Ragini consoled him. Girl gains conscious. Nurse calls them in.

Guy and girl had an emotional conversation. Girl looked at and signaled her to come near.

Girl- Thanks. Name?

Ragini- Ragini.

Guy to Girl- Now you take rest.

Ragini and Guy come out.

Guy- Thanks a lot you saved my sister’s life.

Ragini – It’s my duty as a human.

Guy – I don’t know how to show gratefulness to you.

Ragini – I know.

Guy- ??

Ragini – Friends?

Guy – Friends forever .

Both Smiled looking at each other.

Guy- I’m laksh singhania. Call me Lucky.

Ragini- I’m Ragini.

Both shake their hands.

Ragini’s phone rang

Caller – Maa

Ragini – Oh Noo.

On phone she explains her maa everything and lucky also hears everything.

Lucky- which college?

Ragini- xyz college

Lucky-wow me too. which branch and year?

Ragini- computer science 3rd year.

Lucky- wow great even me then we are classmates too

precap- Two enemies(but who any guesses?)

Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to make the next one more exciting.

Credit to: samira

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  1. nice episode awecome
    sanky and lucky r enemies

  2. sanky,lucky!! good going

  3. Pls make ragni and laksh pls

  4. Both of them became ragini’s friend?

    1. Yeah both are ragini’s besties

  5. Oh who was that girl……pls no swara ….I want ragsan plzzzzz…..

    1. Suspense keep guessing

  6. Woh raglak thanks for it

  7. I think sanky & lucky .& ur ff is truly Gr8. It’s literally driving me mad.

    1. Oh is that so megha

  8. nice….. pleazzz make raglak……..

  9. Awesome plz make raglak

  10. Plz make raglak and swasan and the epi is awesome….

  11. Thanks a lot everyone for ur valuable comments. Pair are not decided but I will make sure majority wins

  12. Waiting for Swara….

  13. Good epi …..pls make it ragsan plsss

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