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Night in Ragini’s room,

Ragini got the same dream as before and the same voice is calling her. She woke up and moving in search of that voice. She came out of her room and started roaming in the corridors. She saw a room and heard the voice coming out of that room. She saw the room was locked.(Voice break this lock ragini and please save me). she saw that someone put a hand on her shoulder . She jerked and turned back . It was Ramu kaka .

Ramu kaka- Ladoo what are you doing here?

Ragini- I came to drink water.(She thought if she will say the truth then ramu kaka won’t believe her )

Ramu kaka- Next time don’t come out of your in night and if want anything you call me.

Ragini -Okay. Kaka what is inside this room ?

Ramu kaka- It is just a bade malik’s room.

Ragini- But why is it locked?

Ramu kaka- After his death we locked it.

Ragini- kaka can I ask you something.

Ramu kaka- ha ask me anything ladoo.

Ragini was about to ask something Sumi comes.

Sumi – What are doing here Ladoo that too this late and kaka even you .

Ragini- Maa I came to drink water and I was asking Ramu kaka that

Sumi cuts and Says- It’s very late now and whatever you want to ask or say please do it tomorrow.
Now go and sleep.

Ragini- maa that

Sumi – Ladoo I said na go and sleep ( In a Firm tone)

Everyone went to sleep

Next day in the morning

Ragini came to Sumi and wished her good morning and went for jogging. Ragini didn’t find anyone jogging there She thought here no one are interested to keep their body fit. Ragini went through the
trees and came across and a ground type area and the She saw a guy how was about to run.

Without making any noice she came near that boy and she took position.

They both looked at each other and smiled in competitive spirit. They started running and both reached the destination at same time. Both were shocked and then smiled at each other.

Guy- Your timing is excellent.

Ragini -Even yours.

Both at a time “Thank you”

Ragini- Are you an athlete?

Guy -yes I’m. I’m trying for nationals and I think you even you are?

Ragini- Yes I’m.

Guy- Then I got a good Competitor to practice with. By the way I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.You can call me Sanky and U are?

Ragini- I’m Ragini. Nice to meet you Sanskar I mean Sanky.

San- I never saw you here and you new to this place?

Ragini- yes I’m.

San – Then you got a good friend here

Ragini- who?

San- Me. Friends?(forwards his hand )

Ragini-Friends(Shakes hand with him)

San- I think I’m getting late meet you tomorrow.

Ragini- See ya

San- bye

At the breakfast table

Sumi- Ladoo I made your admission in xyz college and you are going to college.

Ragini- Mom yesterday only we came here na. I will go from tomorrow.

Sumi- No Ladoo go get ready and I spoke with your principal. Now no excuses.

Ragini(with a sad face )- okay maa.

Sumi- Driver uncle will drop you.

Precap : Ragini saves Someone???(Any Guesses?)

Guys please comment if you liked it.I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will make the next one more exciting.

Credit to: samira

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