swaragini unbelievable story episode 14


Hi friends this is SAMIRA here.

Recap: Lucky & Sahil on date.

Lucky reached the place in disguise of ragini. He wore a purple pencil skirt and a white blouse. He
was not able to walk because of those high heels.
He saw the place looks like a place for a perfect proposal. This made him even more nervous.
He saw sahil waving and waved back. He placed his steps very intelligently planning not to fall
and behaving like everything is normal. He finally reached the table were sahil was waiting for him.

Sahil like a gentleman pulled the chair for him to sit. Lucky smiled at him and about to sit he tripped over and fell in sahil’s arms. Sahil was lost in his beauty and held him tightly.

Lucky’s pov:
Omg this blo*dy sahil is not leaving me and looking at me like i’m his prey and he is going to eat me now. What to do?
He started coughing but no response from sahil. He tried to free himself from sahil but sahil’s grip
started becoming more tight and he was moving closer. Now Lucky got scared and started screaming but most romantic sahil placed his hand on lucky’s mouth to stop him from screaming.
Lucky got scared to hell now and prayed for the last time as he is going to become sahil’s prey.


suddenly a big stone hit sahil on his head. Sahil left his grip on lucky and lucky fell to the ground.

Lucky’s pov:
Och…. Ah my back is paining but this is better than being in sahil’s arms.

Suddenly his eyes fell on a bush. He saw Sanky, swara and a burqa girl(ragini) over there. They signaled is he okay and he signalled back that he is okay and thank you. They signaled him to on the bluetooth. He signaled okay.
The Lucky realised that sahil was shouting “Who threw the stone come out if not I will kill u”.
Sahil was searching everywhere to find the person who had hit him. Sahil was about to go near the
Lucky- Sahil sweetheart leave that we are here for date let’s concentrate on it.
Sahil came near table where lucky was sitting.
Sahil – Sweetheart what do you want to have?
Lucky – Anything your wish sweetheart.
Sahil signaled his men and they placed different types of dishes in front of them.
Seeing that lucky’s mouth started watering.

From bluetooth sanky’s voice: “lucky beta now it’s ur time show ur eating talent. Eat everything
without leaving anything for that sahil and create a bad impression. Come on Lucky 1…2…3..GO”

Lucky attacked the food like he never had anything from ages and as if there is no more tomorrow for him and his only goal is to have this food now.
Sahil was astonished and his jaw got dropped and started staring at lucky.
Lucky finally finished his battle over the food. Some food was remained which was in sahil’s plate.
Lucky was continuously staring at sahil’s plate. Sahil understood his gesture and pushed his plate towards lucky. Lucky finished it within no time and drank water given by sahil.

Lucky belched and closed his mouth to avoid further belching.
Now Sahil was laughing like hell and Lucky was crying+laughing(as he is in dilemma).

Sahil – Wow ragini u just belched. I never saw a women belching. Wow, I’m impressed , u r really
an unique piece.

From bluetooth swara “U Can’t even do one work properly. We thought u will make a bad impression but u impressed him and made this task even more difficult for us.”

Lucky- please don’t speak Like that swara Now u only need to save me please.

Sahil – Sweetheart u were saying something.
Lucky- Nothing Sahil.
Sahil – will you dance with me. He signaled his men to start the music.
Lucky- Sweetheart actually…(He was about to make an excuse.)
Sahil cut him off saying” Come on sweetheart” he drags Lucky for a dance.

Today Lucky’s day is unlucky as the song was a intense romantic song.
Sahil was moving utilizing every opportunity and moving closer to lucky and lucky was not leaving a single chance to escape.

Near Bush


Ragini offed the Alarm before guards could hear.

Ragini – Guys we have only 5 mins to do something and after that lucky will come back to his normal state.
Sanky – what to do now.
Swa – poor bodyguard got stuck up.(in a sarcastic way.)
Lucky from bluetooth – Please guys save me from this please I beg u.
Ragini – Lucky don’t worry we r there for u.
Sanky – Ha lucky we will do anything to save ur dignity don’t worry sweetheart(in a sarcastic way).
Swara – haha .(gave hifi to sanky)
Ragini – Shut up guys be serious.
Swara- It’s his mistake he only wasted lot of time in eating.
Sanky – Ha Swara is right.
Lucky from bluetooth – “please guys please save me Guys he is moving close to me and I think he he will kiss me. Please guys do something.”
Sanky – Don’t worry I had got mouthwash with me.
Ragini – Shut up Sanky.(she hit sanky with her elbow on his stomach)
Sanky- Och…
Swara- Idea.
Swara uttered some magic spell and turned Lucky into a devil.(like the one in grudge 3.)
Ragini – what an idea sissy.
Sanky said something to lucky which is muted.

Sahil was moving close to lucky for a kiss. He saw lucky becoming a devil.
Sahil was slowly moving back.

Lucky – What happened sweetheart let’s kiss. U r looking so handsome today and I can’t control myself.

Lucky was now holding sahil’s hand and dragging towards him.

Sahil – who r u ? u r not my ragini.

Lucky – U don’t know me sweetheart me Aasta, the one u proposed 5 years back and tortured me Remember.
Sahil – who Aasta I don’t know anyone with that name. Please don’t do anything with me. Please I beg u.
Lucky- Haha u think I leave u so easily. Even I begged infront of u but u look ur revenge. I killed myself due to guilt. I was not able take the revenge when i’m alive now I will take revenge from u.
Hahaha Sahil now see what I will do with u.

Sahil fell on legs of lucky.
Sahil – Please spare me for the sake of god.
Lucky – I spare u on one condition.
Sahil – I will do whatever u say. Please spare me.
Lucky – Never misbehave with girls and stay away from them.
Sahil – Okay I promise that I will never misbehave with girls and I will stay away from them.
Lucky – If u don’t keep ur promise I will come back. Remember I will always keep an eye on u.
Now u can go.
Sahil left from there running .
Lucky came back to the gang and they laughed a lot.

No precap.


  1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hahaha, lol, it’s so funny…. My stomach is aching😂😂dude…. Loved the chappy…
    Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  2. Samira



    I’m sorry timmy. I’m the writer of this fan fiction. I’m not the designer of this website.
    I think u got confused by seeing the word coder in my description. I’m just a user of this website. I’m coder by profession and writing is my hobby.

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