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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here.
Episode 11 link : Episode 11

I’m so sorry guys for updating after a long time may be after 3 weeks.
u guys want me to continue or stop it? If you feel boring then please let me know.

Here goes ……

swalak side

lucky-what is this swara don’t be scared like kid ragini will come back soon. She just went to get some snacks from food counter not other country.
Swara- I know that lucky. U won’t understand me.(turning her face to other side)
Lucky- come on swara is there anything troubling u then u can share it with me. U consider me as your friend right?
Swara nods her head.
Lucky- good then say me. Friends are there to share things. Now say me.
Swara- you know na when I was small my parents left me and went away. My childhood went away staying alone. Then I got my Ragoo my sweet little sister. I don’t take any chance regarding any aspect that belongs to her. I always want her to be infront of my eyes.
Lucky- I understand swara but u know she is a very matured girl and can take care of herself.
Swara- I know she is very matured girl and naughty as well. I can’t take chance if she misuse the magic.
Lucky – shh.. talk slowly swara.
lucky(in mind)- there is something other than that which is troubling her. I need to find out.
Lucky- It’s been long time since they went. Swara u just stay here I will go look for them. Is it okay for u?

Swara nodded her head and gave an assuring smile.
Lucky was about leave.

Rag- sorry guys.
Swara- what did u guys do till now.
Sanky- long story. Ragini madam say na what u did?
Ragini passed a angry glare to sanky and narated the whole incident to swalak.
Swara- Have you lost your mind ragini?
Lucky- Ragini whatever may be ur decision I will support you.
Swara – I know u people only spoiled her by supporting her in every stupid activity she does.(giving an angry look towards lucky)
Lucky – I know my friend must have taken that decision intelligently.
Sanky – let me tell the plan.

He explained them plan.

Swara – there is 100% risk in it.
Sanky – yes swara tell ur sister she is not listening to me.
Ragini – if u won’t help then me and lucky will execute it. I’m I right lucky.
Lucky – yup.
Sanky – I’m with u but if it won’t work u need to leave that sahil to me.
Rag – okay done. U sissy? can’t u do this for your Ragoo?
Swara – U know very well how to get ur work done. I’m with u but if that sahil will do anything to you then I will turn him into apple and eat him.
Lucky – aww so violent.
Rag – Yess di agreed. Let’s start the first part of the plan tomorrow.

Next day in college

all 4 were sitting in the canteen. Sahil came towards them.

Sahil – hi sweetheart.

Hearing it Sanky spitted his drink. Swalak were coughing badly. Ragini was blank at first and then

Rags- hi sahil. come sit.

She gestured sanky to move aside so that sahil can sit beside her. This angered sanky but looking at her pleasing eyes he gave up.

Rags – Sahil meet my sis swara and my best friends sanky and lucky.
Sahil – hi guys nice to meet you.
Rags – from now on he is in our friends group. Okay guys.
Swalaksan- Okay rags.
Rag messaged sanky – start plan A

Sanky- hey sahil Do you want me to get something to eat?
Sahil – No it’s okay I will get myself. Sweetheart do you want anything?
Rags – A cup coffee please.
Sahil went away.
Swara – how dare he called to sweetheart.
Rags- leave it na swara let’s focus on the plan.
Sahil was coming towards the table.
Swara uttered some magic spell and sahil dot tripped. The coffee which he was holding fell on his face.
Lucky went and helped him.
Sahil – thank you lucky.
Lucky – u should not thanks to friend and if you want just give me hifi.
Sahil gave a hifi to lucky.
Sahil – omg see my shirt it got spoiled I need to change it.
Sanky- no problem I have spare T shirt with me I hope it fits you.
Sahil – thanks a lot sanky.
Sanky gave a t shirt to sanky it was white t-shirt showing of the chest part.
Sahil was feeling awkward as first time he is wearing such type of t-shirt as he always wears black blazer( just like abhay in pyar ki ek kahani).
Swalakragsan were smiling looking at him.
Rag went near him.
Rag – wow sahil you look handsome. Just look around you each and every girl is staring at you. I think I will have tough competition.(she winks at him)
Sahil blushes.
Rag – oh someone is blushing. Okay sahil I need to leave I’m getting late for my class. Bye see you after college.

Precap: Plan B.

Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to make the next one more exciting. Any suggestions?

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