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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here. Thanks a lot everyone for loving my ff.

Pairs are swalak and ragsan. I’m sorry yashu ,Aami, sweety, megha, didu, kanika. You can see a very good friendship bond between raglak and swasan. I hope you people will follow my ff for the story not for the pairs. Love track will start soon.

Link to episode 10 : http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-unbelievable-story-episode-10/

2 Days passed sumi returned and ragini explained her everything that had happened. Swara got admission in college without any certification as she is college trusties daughter.

Swaragini entered the college (Swara’s first day in college.). Everyone where staring at swara as she is new to the college.

Ragini – welcome to our college sissy.

Swara – Ragini, why eveyone are looking at me like that , I’m I looking that bad?

Ragini – Are buddu you are new that’s why ? My dear sissyyou are looking like princess.

Swara – I’m feeling nervous. Please don’t leave me alone Ragini.

Ragini – don’t be nervous. I will be always there for you.

Swara and ragini moved towards table where sanlak were sitting in the canteen.

Sanlak – hai girls.

Swaragini – hey boys.

sanky – let me get something for us. I’m starving from morning I didn’t eat anything .
Lucky – shut up bukkad just now you drank juice right?

Sanky – yes I drank juice but I said I didn’t eat anything not had anything.(he said making a pout face)

Lucky – you drank my juice too and now you want something to eaaaat.

ragini – Common guys i’m starving come sanky let’s go and get something to eat.

Swara – ragini you said you will stay with me na.

Ragini – I will be back in 5 mins sissy. Lucky is there na with you.

Lucky – ha swara i’m there na.(winking at swara)

Swara – you just shut up okay you don’t know about me well ( turning towards lucky with angry expression on her face ). Ragini …(by the time she turned towards Ragini , she had left )

RAGSAN side…

They were going towards the food counter which is not visible from their table.

Suddenly a guy comes infront of ragini and kneels down before her and takes out the from his back and says – I love You Ragini.

Ragini was hell shocked. Sanky was about slap that guy but rags holds his hand.

Sanky – Ragini leave me how dare he

Ragini – calm down sanky and let me handle it. It’s not his fault.

Sanky – you don’t know about him.

Ragini – Just give me 10 mins I will be back. I hope you will give some privacy for your friend.

Sanky got angry listening to her words and left from there.
Ragini grabbed the guys arms and took him to lawn where no one can see them.

Guy – will you be my gf Ragini?

Ragini – before you get my answer I want to ask you some questions.

Guy – anything for you dear.

Ragini – your name?

Guy – sahil.

Ragini – so Mr sahil . What are you studying?

Sahil – 4 th year cse in the same college.
Ragini – okay why do you love me?

Sahil – because you r beautiful , intelligent and sportive girl. You are just a perfect girl.

Ragini – what are your future plans?

Sahil – if you agree I will be boyfriend and then we can get married.

Ragini – About you career (controlling her anger)

Sahil – I had lot of property on my name and I will join my father’s business.

Ragini – So on your own you don’t want to do anything.

Sahil – why should I? I already have enough. I can understand I will keep you happy.

Ragini – what about your family?

Sahil – it’s just my dad and me.

Ragini – mom?

Sahil – she was dead when I was a child.

Ragini – if I say no then what you will do?

Sahil – you can’t do that and remember I will make you mine.

Ragini – See sahil the person I love should be very good at heart , he should build his own business and thee most important thing is he should have a very good sense of humor.

Sahil – then your answer?

Ragini – I won’t say yes or no. I will give you time if you could impress me then I may say. I hope you understood.

Sahil – Ragini from tomorrow you will see new sahil.

Ragini – That’s the spirit.

Ragini – for now friends ?

Sahil – friends (very happy )

There were a pair of eyes watching them and listening to their conversation. He is our sanskar.
Ragini was coming from there then he dragged her to a corner.

Ragini – hey sanky what was that?

Sanky – what was that Ragini?

Ragini – So you listened to the conversation ?
Sanky – ha. He is not a good guy. He proposed manys girl before and he took revenge very badly from them.

Ragini – he is not a bad guy Sanky but atmosphere he was grown was not good. He didn’t had anyone to show him what is right and what is wrong. I’m sure now he will definitely change.

Sanky – I’m not able to understand you Ragini.

Ragini – So listen we will change him and about his love towards me I have a plan to change it into fear.

Ragini will tell sanky about the plan and it was muted.

Precap : swalak conversation and a new sahil.

Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to make the next one more exciting. Any suggestions?

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