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Hi friends this is SAMIRA here. Thanks a lot everyone for loving my ff.


After long time I’m writing. I know it is a short one but next one will be long. From next epi I will be posting only on weekends as my vacation got over and I will be busy with my classes.
Do you guys want me to introduce love track or fine with current friendship track?(Majority wins)
( please be honest . For people who want love track I can introduce one . You can suggest me pairs and majority wins. I’m comfortable with any pairs.)
To be honest I would love to experiment with my story keeping in mind your comments.
I really welcome people giving suggestions.

Link to episode 9: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-unbelievable-story-episode-9/

Recap : swara’s past.

Ragini – Now what to do?

Swara – We are magicians but we need to learn magic spells.

Ragini – ha but from where?

Swara – I don’t know.

Sanky – May be book can give you answers.

Lucky – but we are not able to understand that language.

Swara – I think we need to try it again. Our Mom is very intelligent I sure that she might left a clue in it. Let me see.

Lucky passed the book to Swara. Swara keenly went through the book and said “no use”.

Ragini – let me see again. Ragini went near that book and touched the book.(now both swara and ragini were holding the book). Now the letters in the book and getting jumbled. All four were looking at this shocked. Finally jumbling got over now they were able to understand. They didn’t waste time and started reading it.

Now you are reading this book means the time has come. My Swaragini are grown up .I love you both . I’m sorry that I didn’t give you Mom’s love when you are in need. I’m sure Ragini got that from Sumi but Swara , I’m sorry beta. I know it was difficult for you to live alone in this book all these years . I did that because the shield which I made that will show effect on you partially as you started recognizing your power and there was no one to guide you in my absence. If you misuse it ,I can’t take that risk. I hope My Little swara became big to understand my point of view. Ragini I wish I could see you , I know you would be strong like your Mama and di. Ragini just keep in mind that I’m always with you. I know you both need me but I don’t know I will return or not. In case if I didn’t return I give you responsibility to protect our magic world from black magic. I know my daughters are very talented and will do this for their mom . Just follow the inner voice you will find a way. Promise me that you will always stand for each other. (reading it there were tears in their eyes and they consoled themselves and continued).

Now the time has come you need to bring out the magic within you and strengthen yourselves. Never use magic on the new moon day it destroys the shield after that dark magic ruler can easily trace you down. Here are the spells written by me. Practice them well. Good luck my dear daughters.

Ragini and Swara started learning spell no 1 changing appearance. Lucky & Sanky were trying to escape from them as they know what’s going to happen next. They went till the door.

Ragini – Wait. Don’t even think of it.( facing Lucky and Sanky)

Sanky – Oh know devil caught us.

Lucky – we are dead know.(They murmured)

Ragini – Did you say something?

Sanky and Lucky – No no nothing.

Swara – I heard Someone was calling you devil Ragini.(looking at Sanky)

Ragini – How dare they , who?

Sanky – Not me Lucky.(pointing his finger towards lucky).

Lucky – Liar. It’s Sanky not me.(pointing his finger towards Sanky).

Ragini – you called me devil na. Let me show what devil can do. I think you are thinking the same what I’m thinking right Swara.(looking at swara)

swara – Yup. We are sister’s obviously we think alike.

Ragini – Let’s show them swaragini’s magic.(giving a angry look towards L&S)

L & S started running from there and pleading swaragini.

swaragini started chasing them. They both started chanting changing appearance spell. They turned lucky into strawberry which has lucky’s head on top, Sanky into mango with no head but only legs and hands. Lucky and Sanky were crying like babies and pleading them(even though they are in other forms their voices are audible). Finally swaragini got convinced. They turned them back to normal. All four shared a group hug and said sorry to each other.

Precap: new entry ( enemy or friend who you want guys?? )

Sorry for the same precap. Guys please comment if you liked it. I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I will try to make the next one more exciting.

Credit to: samira

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