swaragini unbelievable story episode 1

Hi friends this is SAMIRA here. Hope you guys enjoyed intro of my ff

link for intro – http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-unbelievable-story-intro/

here goes the first episode……

Sumi and Ragini arrived at a big palace.

Ragini- Wow Mom are we going to stay here? It’s sooooooo big. (Ragini was admiring the beauty of palace )

Sumi- Yes ,ladoo we are staying here and it is our palace.

Ragini- What mom really is it ours OMG then these many years why we stayed in that stupid 2 bedroom flat which has no proper water supply along with those sadistic neighbors and that stupid aunty in tho….

Sumi – Are baba first let’s go inside and then you speak.

They both went inside. Ragini is feeling as if she became the richest girl in the world .

Ragini- So beautiful mom.Thank you so much for getting me here.(Ragini hugged sumi and went upstairs to check explore the beauty of the palace)

A old man came took luggage from Sumi.

Sumi- Ramu kaka how are you ? How is your health ?

Ramu kaka- I’m fine sumi beta and you came after a long time,you know bade malik always used to talk about you? where is little princess?

Sumi -please kaka don’t take his name infront of me. Ladoo went upstairs.Ladooo Ladooo..

Ragini-Coming mom.

Sumi- Ramu kaka Ladoo my daughter.

Ragini touched his feet.

Ramu kaka- she looks like (he was about to say something Sumi signs no).choti princess come I will show you your room.

Ragini- kakaa you can call me Ladoo you are elder to me.

Ramu kaka- ok Ladoo came with me.

Ramu kaka showed Ragini her room

Ramu kaka – Fresh up and come for dinner.

Everyone had their dinner and slept.

Precap : Friends???

Guys please comment if you liked it.I’m sorry if there are any typos and grammatical errors. I think you guys got bored with this episode . I will make the next one more exciting and long .I will post daily from today as my exams got over.

Credit to: samira


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