swaragini…u r made for me (Intro and Episode 1)


Hello friends…first of all Eva ,Shloka I’m your big fan….
I’m new here and it’s my first ff..
So here is the character and description..
Swara: a bubbly,cute and naughty girl.She loves to dance..her life is her sister ragini
Ragini: a sincere,beautiful and intelligent girl.She can do anything for her sister.her life is in her sister Swara.
Priya: a cute loving girl .She is common friend of swaragini.
Laksh: a handsome ,flirt boy who is one of the leading business man in city .an entrepreneur.
Sanskar: a handsome,cute dashing boy ..is even a business man.
Raj: a cute dashing boy .common friend of sanlak..

So here’s episode1.
Swaragini planners.( swaragini s company)
At office.
A girl is busy making plans and discussing it with everyone..She is our Swara.
Swara: so everyone get ready this is going to be the biggest wedding ever…
A girl holding all the files ..and is very busy in preparation comes there.
Ragini: shona we have a lot work it’s our priya s wedding it has to be grand
Swara: yes by the way someone from priya s in-laws must be coming..to guide us
Ragini: ya Raj s friends r coming…
Swara: so u will attend them.ok
Ragini: ok .
Assistant: ma’am someone has came.
Ragini: they must be them.
Swara: ya u go.
Ragini goes to meet them.
Ragini was going holding a box which was very heavy was about to drop it when a boy came and held it.he was lost in raginis beauty.he is our sanskar.
San: r u fine.
Ragini:yes thanks

San nods.
San: I’m Laksh friend.actually me and my bro was coming to meet u but he had some work so he left.
Rags: ok Sir. May I plz know what type of wedding u want
Sa : actually we wanted a destination wedding in Jaipur.
Rags: great idea.we’ll surely have it
San: actually the date decided is 12 of this month.so we need to complete decoration soon.
Rags: sure sir
San: actually I have some work so I’ll be meeting u tomorrow.
Rags : ok then .
San: nice to meet you miss …
Rag : miss ragini.
San: o miss ragini .meet u soon.
Rag: Ofcourse Sir.
Sanskar leaves.

Precap: swalak meeting.

Guys I’ll only continue if u liked it…I can just hope….pairs will be revealed soon
Plz comment.and as it was first that’s why it’s so short I’ll write next lengthy..Plz forgive me for grammatical errors I’m not so good in English…

Credit to: rishita

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  1. Nice continue but i’m big swasan fan I hope pair will be swasan

    1. Thanks for commenting

    1. Thanks

  2. Nice one…

  3. superb

  4. Nice hope it is ragsan

  5. The pairs r pretty much evident …its swalak and ragsan
    Am i right

  6. nice one…….

  7. I hope swalak ragsan

  8. Hey Rishita ú r my fan…really as I can’t believe.as I never saw ur comments on my ff…by the way..u r a good writer at least better than me…

  9. I know it will swalak or ragsan

  10. Awesome….if it a ragsan then dbl awsme?

  11. plzzzz make swasan yaar…

  12. Hey Rishita…u r my fan..and u mentioned it in your ff…thats a honor…trust me…u r going to be a better writer than me…and I’m reading your ff too…keep writing dear…I haven’t seen u commenting that’s why didn’t know…but thank u….

    1. And yes..u…swalak and ragsan fan like me?

  13. Nice intro.. I hope it’s swalak and ragsan

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