swaragini……( u live in my heart) episode 4

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Swaragini sangeet.
Maheshwaris reach at swaragini mansion.
Sumi: Namaste plz come in.
Ap: Namaste.
Dp: Laksh sanskar come in.
Sanlak: coming dad.
They come in.they r Looking very handsome.
Sumi: Swara ragini come beta.
Swaragini come down .Swara in beautiful pink golden lehanga and ragini is in blue golden lehanga.
Swara sits with Laksh and ragini with sanskar
Rags: hi
Sanskar: hi how r u.
Rags: fine.
Sanska looking good

Rag : thank u.
Swara : hi.
Laksh: u Swara gadodia is telling me hi.
Swara: shut up Laksh.
Laksh: u know I was not knowing that witches can look so pretty too.
Swara: when bandars can look handsome then why not witches.
Laksh: u…
Shekhar: hello everyone attention plz.thanks for attending my daughter’s sangeet.so let’s start the program.
First performance: ap and Sumi dances on prem ratan dhan pYo…
Everyone claps.
Next comes…….Dadi and did a.they dance on pinga.
Everyone hoots and claps.
Now time for ragsan performance.they perform on janam janam.
Everyone is happy to see them dancing together.
Now swalak performance on dheere dheere.Laksh and Swara share an eylock at end .they come to senses when hears the sound of clapping.
After some time.
Dp: we should leave now.
Shekh : hope u enjoyed it.meet u tomorrow on wedding.

Dp: of course
At night in swaragini room.
Rags : I think u have fallen for Laksh.
Swara: what.
Rags: u can hide it from yourself but not from me.
Swara blushes.
In sanlak room
Sanskar: finally m.y Bhai fell in love.I saw u dancing.
Laksh: bhaai…
In morning.
At sanlak mansion.
Sanskar: papa I have to go for some urgent work ……
Dp= but today is ur marriage.
Sanskra= I’ll come soon.
Dp: ok.
At swaragini mansion.
Swara: should I tell Laksh that I love him.why will I tell first …leave it.
Swara gets a call of Laksh.
Swara: what…I’ll come wait.
She reaches hospital.
Laksh: Swara Bhai is in operation theatre havev u called my home.
Swara : yes don’t worry Laksh everything will be fine.
Everyone arrives.
Dp: how it happened.
Laksh: I don’t know dad.
Doc comes out.
Doc: sorry but patient is no more.

Everyone is shocked.
Swara: Laksh control yourself now u have to take Care of ur family.
After some days.
Dp : we should make at least swalak marry.
Shekhar: yes.this marriag we’ll do in temple only.
Dp: right.

Precap: leap of 6 months

Guys sorry if it was a little boring….I’ll make it interesting from next part…..

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