swaragini……( u live in my heart) episode 3

Guys thanks for liking my ff .plz tell me whom should I make with Swara…..
In swaragini mm.
Swara: rags get ready we are late for party.
Rags: coming.
Swara and ragini r wearing beautiful gowns .Swara of blue color and ragini of pink.
In party.
Swara : where is that dumb
Rags: must be coming.
Swara: hey everyone.look here.today there is going to be a great fun in party.
Praku comes.he is amazed looking at Swara.
Praku: Swara u r looking so beautiful.
Swara: thanks.
Swara hugs him.
Ragini: hi baby.

Praku: hi rags.
Ragini: how m I looking.
Praku: very good.
Rags: come lets dance.
Praku: no rags u only enjoy.
He goes to Swara who is talking to a boy.
Praku: on Mike. Hey everyone I wanna say something.
He goes near Swara.ragini hides in the party.
Praku: Swara I love u.Will u be my gf
Swara: what r u saying.have you ever seen yourself in a mirror.
Praku: u love me too na.
Swara: what rubbish I Swara gadodia will love u .my foot.Guys see he this joker thinks I love him.
Everyone laughs .he leaves the party.
He sees rags sitting in garden
Praku: rags y r u sitting here

Rags: vo baby I was feeling uneasy.
Praku: I wanna say something.
Rags: what.
Praku: I love u will u Will u be my f2f.
Rags drags him in party.
Rags: guys see this boy proposed me.he thinks I’ll be her gf
Everyone laughs and teases him he leave the party.
Swara and rags give hi fi to each other.Sanlak come in the party
Sanskar: it’s cool yaar.
Laksh: yes bhia.
Sanskar sees ragini and get mesmerized.

Sanskar: she is so beautiful.
Laksh: what.
Laksh is going to bring juice but collides with Swara.
Swara: don’t u have eyes.
Laksh: don’t u have.
Swara: don’t try to be oversmart.
Laksh= whatever.
At night.
In swaragini mm.Sumi we have decided ur marriage.
Swara: what mom.
Rags: but mom.
Sumi: get ready they must be coming.
The family arrives.They r maheshwaris.
Ap: Namaste Sumi ji
Shekhar: plz come in.
Dp: he is our elder son aadarsh and his wife .
So: and they r Sanlak.

Swaragini comes down.
Swara: u.
Laksh: u .
Ap= u know each other.
Do: see Laksh it’s a yes from us u also talk and tell us our decision.
Laksh: ok.
Sumi sends Laksh and Swara at terrace.and ragsan at her room.
They come back.
Sumi: so.
Swaragini nods yes.
Ap: so marriage is finalized
Shekhar : we want to do their marriage day after tomorrow.
Do: fine So let’s meet on that day.

Precap= marriage day and a big twist

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