swaragini……( u live in my heart) episode 2

Guys I posted my first episode and then disappeared.so sorry for that .I’m posting my 2nd episode plz do like and comment.link of previous episode.
Episode 1 Here

Ragini dancing with praku.
Ragini: come close na why r u scared.
Praku: I’m already so close to u.
Ragini: come hold me tightly as tightly as u can.
Ragini: now keep ur hand on my waist and then touch my cheeks then hold me from back.
Praku does so.
Praku: now lets sit na.
Rags: ok.
They sit in front of each other.
Ragini then stands up and go close to him and sits there.She holds his hand tightly .
Praku: why are u coming so close sit there na.
Rags: baby come on.
She comes so close that there is no space for air to pass.

Praku: ragini do u really love me.
Rags: yes sweetheart.
Praku holds her waist.
Ragini thinks: now it’s enough i should leave now.
Ragini: baby I have to go it’s late.
Praku: ok.
She leaves .at swaragini mm.
Swara: how was your day with ur praku.
Ragini: he is such a dumb.
Swara: yes I know.
Rags: Swara we should end it now.
Swara: no just wait for tomorrow’s party.
Rags: ok.
Swara: tomorrow he’ll see u in new attire.
Rags: what.
Swara shows her a blue one piece dress.
Rags: I’ll not wear this.
Swara: just for tomorrow.by the way mom and everyone is going out for some puja.
Rags: ok.
Swara: so call him tomorrow.
Rags: ok.

In morning.
Swara makes rags ready.
Ragini is looking so pretty in her blue dress.it’s a little short than knee length.her hairs are open
Praku comes.Rags opens the door.
Praku: omg ragini u look so good.
Rags: thanks sweetheart come in.
They goes to her room.
Praku: ur room is very good .
Rags: thanks sit .
He sits on the bed.ragini sits close to him.
Praku: I love u.
Rags: if u love me then propose me tomorrow in the party.
Praku: ok.
Ragini kisses him on his cheek.
Ragini: I have to go for some work.u sit here I’ll just come
Praku: ok.
She leaves and hides in other room.
Swara enters in.She closes the door.
Praku: Swara u.
Swara: yes darling.I love u .
Praku: what.
Swara: yes baby I love you.
She comes near him and pretends to slip but praku holds her.
He is lost in her beauty.

Praku: r u fine.
Swara: yes but I’m not able to stand.
He picks her up.
Swara: thank u.
Praku keeps her on bed.
Praku: I love u too.
Swarain mind: he is caught in our plan.
Swara: tomorrow will u propose me in party.
Praku: yes.
Swara: great.
Praku: I love u a lot .
Swara: I love u too.She hugs him tightly.
Swara: praku u need to leave mom will be arriving any time.
Praku: ok bye.
Swara: bye darling.
She kisses him on his cheeks.
Swaragini in room.
Swara: he is mad.
Rags: he think we both will love him.

Precap: in party praku proposes……

Guys plz forgive me for my mistakes.

Credit to: shloka


  1. Shreya

    I was really angry on you for not posting it till ow but when I saw your ff I laughed heart fully at the dumb head praku….????? and plz.. make it raglak….plz….

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