swaragini……( u live in my heart) episode 1

Guys it’s my 2nd f2f.hope u will love it too.in this ff there will be raglak andbut no swasan
I leave it on u whom u want to make with Swara.except sanskar and laksh.Laksh.

Swara: a cute loving adorable girl .whose passion is music and love is her family.
She can do anything for her family …..and she loves her sister most in this world.
Ragini: a traditional loving girl .she also loves her family a lot.
She thinks her sister as her life.
Otther character are same.
Sanskar: a tall handsome boy, who follows all orders of his father.can do anything for him.
He loves his brother ….
Laksh: called lucky…..he is a handsome flirt boy.who loves to make friends.
He loves his family a lot
Other characters r same.

First episode…….
Swaragini mm.
Sumi: lado shona wake up beta
In room they wake up.
Swaragini: yes mom.
Sumi: take shower and come down.
Swaragini bath and are getting ready.
Swara is wearing jumpsuit.and ragini is in pink purple suit.
They come down.
Sumi: take breakfast .then u have to go to college too.
Swaragini after breakfast leave for college.
In sanlak mm.
A boy is helping his father .he is sanskar.and a boy who is watching match is Laksh.
Ap: Laksh get ready ..u r late for college.see Bhai is already ready.
Lucky: ok mom.
They both too leave for college.
In college
Swara: ragini …there is no fun yaar lets make boyfriends na.
Ragini: r u mad..
Swara: this time ull make bf.
Ragini: no .
Swara: yes.
Ragini : but how.
Swara: just follow my orders.
Ragini: ok.

Swara: lets search someone.
Ragini: lets go.
In canteen
Swara: see ragini lets have some fun.
Swara points at a boy who looks like a dumb,padhaku boy.
Ragini: he….
Swara: it will be fun making him a Bali ka bakra.
Ragini: but we should notvtease someone.
Swara: ragini go…
Rags: ok.
Ragini to boy.: hi this is ragini here and u.
Boy: I…..am……prakash.
Ragini:.gr8 so I’ll call u praku.
Praku:.but why r u here.
Ragini : I na I na like u praku.
Praku: what r u saying ragini.
Ragini stands up and sit near him ……
Praku: sit there only nA.
Ragini: o praku u r too cute.
Ragini holds his hand.
Ragini: praku will u be my bf.
Praku: but why me …
Ragini: bcoz u r very cute.
Praku: yes ragini.
Ragini: o my baby.

Praku: I baby.
Ragini: yes baby….
Praku: u r also very cute.
Ragini: come praku we’ll go for a long drive.
Praku: ok.
They go in car.
Praku: I never thought u will be my gf.
Ragini: o baby.stop the car na.
Praku: ok.
Ragini holds his hand and keeps her head on his shoulder.
Praku: ragini …
Ragini: what ragini yaar call me sweetheart.
Praku: sweetheart.I na like u a lot.
Ragini: o so sweet.
Praku: lets leave ragini.
Ragini: ok baby.tomorrow there is a party. Will u come with me.
Praku: of course.
Ragini: u know dance na.
Praku: no.
Ragini: I ‘ll teach u.
Praku: fine so lets go to my home.
Ragini: ok .
They go their.
Ragini: praku I’m playing the song.

She plays soch na sake.
Ragini: keep ur hand on my waist and pull me closer.
He does that.
Ragini: now don’t go far be close to me.
Screen frezes on ragini dancing with praku.

Precap: ragini having more fun with praku.

Guys I’m trying to write something different.
Plz like and comment.

Credit to: shloka


  1. nidhi

    please make it a love triangle of ragini and sanlak and then let rags choose i hope it’s sangini /ragsan

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.