swaragini If u hold my hand


Hello everyone this is my first ff I hope u’ll like it actually I posted it yesterday only but I don’t know how but it got posted with wrong title sory smiley dear for that because that title was of ur FF I extremely sory for that I hope u understand
I would give a short introduction about characters
Sanskar maheswari: he’s smart handsome guy studious a bit flirt good at sports and singing son of suijtha nd rp loves his brother laksh a lot
Laksh maheswari: smart and handsome he is big flirt has many GF’s loves his brother sanskar a lot can do anything for him son of DP and AP
The rest r same adarsh and parinetha have daughter named varsha uttra their sis
Swara mathur: she’s a fun loving girl studious smart and bold love dancing and singing she’s good at studious comes from a highclass family loves her parents alot and most pamered has a elder brother kunal mathur daughter of sharmistha mathur and arvind mathur
Ragini gadodia: she comes from a typical marwadi family very obident and quite studious loves dancing but never showed interest in that filed as her family doesn’t like it she’ll nevr go against her family daughter of Shekhar gadodia and janki gadodia she’s her dadi’s favourite has a young sister and a brother she’s eldest of all
A boy is shown sleeping on bed he has occupied whole bed by strecting his hands and legs the whole room is messed and another boy is sleeping on floor having bedhsteet covered a women enters the room
Women: hey bhagwan these boys
She slowly goes towards them she didn’t see another boy on ground
Women: sanskar wake up u’ll get late for school
Yes the boy is sanskar
Sanskar: ma plsz let me sleep he covers himself with bedsheet covering his face the women slowly pulls the bedhseet “ beta plsz don’t trouble mom”
Sanskar was very lazy he helded bedsheet tight she amde him sit she was searching for lucky
women “where’s laksh”
sanskar again slept back women him down on floor
she rushed to him she was worried for him” laksh wake up”
the boy opned his eyes with a bright simile on his face “ good morning ap dariling”
yes she’s ap
ap had a simile on her face seeing him
ap: good moring and what r u doing down here
laksh saw sanskar sleeping and said” ask u r maryadam purshotam ram what he did”
sanskar who was listening to all this had simile on his face laksh was annoyed by it
sanskar “its sanskar not ram”
laksh see ma he’s wake up he’s just acting
ap was happy seeing them like that she made laksh stand up and wnet to sanskar
ap” sanskar u’ll get late”
sanskar stood up on bed

sansakr: uffo ho badi ma see I wake up know happy
laksh” what happy ma this bhai again pushed me down from bed yesterday”
ap saw towards sanskar” sanskar what’s this”
sanskar made a pout face and holded his ears “ sory badi ma” he kissed on her cheeks and hugged her she was simling
laksh was angry “ ma what’s this u’ll always do this to me I’ll not talk to u” he folded his arms and truned to another side
ap signalled sanskar they both came to laksh and hugged him
ap: how can we forget our lucky ha
sanskar: sory I’ll never do that
laksh: ok ok we r getting late
adarsh came their wearing his school uniform
adarsh: ma plsz tie this tie na he was trying to make it but was unable to do it
he saw towards snalak
adarsh: u both r still not ready its already late
ap: ha get reday fast
she takes adarsh down
scences shift to mathur mansion
a girl is shown sleeping a man eneters
arvind: shone wake up na otherwise u’ll get late today
swara: let me sleep na she pulls bedheet
arvind: ur mom would be angry
swara:uffo ho papa why u get scared by mom
sumi enters
sumi: u r still sleeping she quickly sits
swara: good morning momi
sumi: good morning know get ready fast
swara: as u wish commander standing on bed and saluting her
sumi: naughty girl
at gadodai’s house
a we can see a girl who’s reday in her school uniform
she our ragini
ragini: papa plsz get rady fast because of u I don’t want to get late
dadi: ladoo relax have ur breakfast
ragini: I had dadi see na papa is gettimg reday so slowly
janki: ragini he’s doing why r u becoming impatient relax
shehkar comes: come lets go I am ready
ragini takes her bag and elders blessing and go with shekar to her school
swara ragini laksh and adarsh r studying in same school in Kolkata sanskar has just recently shifted their with his parents they were in Mumbai for some business work rp was handling it sujtha nd sanskar were with him its first day sanskar in school swara is ragini’s frnd laksh doesn’t like her more because she always fights with him adarsh is studying in 9th grade swara sanskar laksh and ragini r in 6th grade

precap: sanskar meeting swararagini some fun and masti………………
gues plsz comment I should continue it or not their school part will end soon in some 2-3 episodes plsz comment did u like it or not

Credit to: manyatha

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  1. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Guuud….diff plot…….keep going…..luv ya❤

  2. Hey.. Wow.. Im so excited as I’m also there Na?… As parish daughter … I’m Varsha…??

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