swaragini If u hold my hand Episode 8

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After the college
Sanskar was tensed and angry because of sudden change in ragini’s behaviour
He was thinking that only he has the right to make her laugh she was open with him only he was cursing sid the whole day he was tensed
At sanskar’r room
He was trying to concentrate on his studies but his mind was struck on ragini
At that time he heard some sounds from hall
He headed down he was happy to see his adarsh bhai
He hugged him
“ how r u sanskar” he asked seeing his dull face
“ good bhai” he replied but ragini’s thought was not ready to leave him
“ forgot bhabi ha” his pari bhabi asked him with a bright smile
“ nothing like that bhabi” he side hugged her
“ what happened to u so dull face” pari asked
“ nothing” he was trying to avoid questions

“laksh what happened to sanskar” adarsh asked but he was not listening to him
Laksh was busy in playing with varsha (adarsh and pari’s 3 year old daughter
“ laksh” dp screamed
“ papa what happened to u” he asked he was still playing with her not caring about the surroundings
“ give me princess she’ll play with her dadu know” dp said
“ no varshu wants to play with her lucky chachu hai na varshu” he said childishly
“ sanskar chachu” varsha said
“ she wants to play with me lucky give her to me”sanskar said
All were having nice talks
At sanskar’s room

Ragini ragini this was the only thing running in his mind
He wanted to call her and talk to her why she’s behaving strange
At raginis’ house
She was unable to sleep sanskar’s thoughts were not reday to leave her
“ what happened to me why I am thinking so much about him he’s just a friend to me nothing more why I am getting angry on the thought that he went to date with kavitha I should be happy that both my best friends like each other but why I am unhappy I even behaved very bad to him what must he be thinking about me
Let me call him and say sorry she picked the phone and saw the time it was late
I’ll talk to him tomorrow

The next day
At college
Ragini was contionsouly trying to talk to sanskar but know he was avoiding her she felt bad and angry on him
Sanskar was sitting in canteen she came and sat next to him
“ what has happened to u sanskar why r u avoiding me” she said in complaining way
“ why u bother for it” he said
“ yes it bothers me so I am here ” she said
“why why do u care for it” he questioned her
She was numb she didn’t knew what to say this question was troubling her too what was he for her
Finally she answered
“ because u r my best friend “ she said

He wanted something else as answer but he got that
“ ok if u consider me as a best friend then tell me what happened to u yesterday” he asked
“ wo I was angry on u, u didn’t inform me that u r going for a date with kavitha” she said almost turning her face
She knew how would he recat
“ what what u said” he asked her he started to laugh
“ stop laughing I know its stupid but I am angry on u” she said mocking to be angry
“ my dear angry bird if u had asked me I would have told u whole story that why I went for a date” he said
“ ok tell me” she said
“ wo I wanted to get rid of that kaira so I took her help” he said
“ don’t lie u could have taken swara’s help also” she said
“ then she would never trust me she knows that I treat swara as my sis so how can I” he said in clam voice
“ sorry” she said
“ just sorry” he asked
“ ok I except u punishment” she said
“ ok u r pusnishment is u have give golgapa party after college” he said
“ ok we’ll go after college”
After college
Ragsan and swalak were eating golgapa
“ ragini shall we have a race” laksh said
“ok we’ll have” swara said in excitement
“ ok all will lose I would be winner” sanky said in over confident way
“ u’ll lose sanky no one can win against me” she said
“ ok lets see” he said
They were having golgapa race
Swalak were tried know only ragsan were having race

“ bhai eat fast” laksh was screaming
“ ragini I know u’ll win”swara said cheering her
“ ragini ragini ragini” swara was cheering her
“ bhai do u want to lose to her eat fast” laksh was screaming on him
Finally ragini won
“I said na I’ll only win know see” she said
Swara hugged her
“ what is this bhai u lost to her” laksh said in complaining way
All had a great fun ragini was happy being with sanskar
Sanskar was getting possive about ragini day by day he hated if anyone was near her laksh noticed this
It was night
All were in their respective rooms
Sanskar was walking by corridor when he heard laksh speaking on phone with some one actually laksh was doing that intentionally
“ ha ragini I know” he said a bit loud so that sanskar can hear that
After that he started to laugh
Sanskar in mind: why is he talking to ragini and from where did her get her number he’s laughing what’s he talking to her she didn’t her number to me so easily how can he get that why did she give him how can she
He was burning in anger he moved towards laksh who was acting to talk on phone
He saw sanskar so he started his bakwas

“ ha baby u r the most beautiful girl in the whole world best of all u r like the moon in sky” laksh was flirting with her
Sanskar got angry by this
He grabbed the phone
“ how can u talk to this idiot and why did u give him u r number it was only with me how can u give to him so easily and have u gone that u r listening to his bakwas” he literally screaming on her
But no reply
“ ragini ragini r u their I am speaking to u” he said then he checked the phone their was no phone call he was getting angry on laksh who burst out in laugh
“lucky ke bache I’ll not leave u” saying this he chased him in his whole room
He was running from here and their on bed
Sanskar was hitting him by throwing pillow at him
“ bhai what r u doing this is not fair” laskh said
“ not fait idiot” by saying this he was hitting him still
Laksh tried to escape but all in vain
“ by the way bhai why were u getting so furious knowing that she gave me her” he said
Sanskar stopped thinkins about it yes he’s correct why was I so angry at this thought that she gave him her number
Laksh slowly wishepered in his ears
“ because u love her”

Sanskar came out of his thought he gave a death glare to him he started to chase him again
“ bhai ok ok sorry I’ll not do that again” he pleading him
“ beta u’ll pay for what u did” he said still chasing him
“ if u beat me I’ll complain to my ragini bhabi” he said
Sanskar just stopped hearing it
“ what bhabi” he smiled at this thought
Laksh utilising the opportunity ran from their he reached the hall sanskar came out of his dream world when he saw laksh running he ran behind her
“ laksh wait no one can save u today “ he was chasing him
Laksh was trying to escape but no he hided behind AP
“ ma plsz save me from bhai” he was hiding behind her
“ ma u don’t know what this monkey has done” sanskar said trying to get hold of him
“ areh what’s happening here”ap asked trying to figure out btw these two
Laksh ran into kitchen
He hided sujitha
“ chachi see what u r son is doing” laksh said
“ ma just leave him see what I do to him” sanskar said
“ what happened chore why he’s chasing u” sujitha questioned
“because of u r hone wali bahu “ he said
“ what” sujitha asked
Laksh from their
Sujitha got hold of sanskar
“ what was he speaking about who’s she”he questioned
“ wo ma their’s nothing like that see because of u he ran from here” he said almost trying to esacpe
“ don’t lie to me sanskar” she said in warning tone

“ma do u don’t trust ur son” he said trying to assure her
“then why r u chasing him” she questioned
“ ma I’ll tell u later” saying this he escaped
Sanskar was chasing laksh in hall
“ bhai except that the truth” he said teasing him
“ let me catch u then I’ll tell u what’s the truth” he said
“sanskar laksh stop it” ap tried to stop them
But they were busy in their fight
Pari came their laksh was hiding behind her
“ dadi why r they fighting” varsha questioned
“don’t know beta…… sanskar stop it areh anyone of u will get hurt” she said
Dp who heard these noises came out of his room he was standing on stairs
“ laksh sanskar what is this” he screamed
Both of them stopped their only
“ what’s happening here” he questioned
“ nothing bade papa” sanskar said
“ u both r wrose than kids get to u r rooms” he ordred them both sliently went from their
During dinner
All were gathered their

“ dadu why chacu’s were fighting” she questioned DP
“ beta whom we love the most we fight with them” ap said
“ so sanskar chacu and lucly chacu were fighting” she said in childish tone
“ ha varshu ur lucky chacu and sanskar chacu love ecahother so theyw ere fighting” laksh said
“ ha na bhai” he was teasing him
“ ha varshu he’s right” sanskar was giving death glare to laksh

Precap: swaragini coming to MM

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