swaragini If u hold my hand Episode 7

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They all were having nice chit chat
Next day
Ragini was very happy for getting her friends back but still their was something that stopped her to live her life as her wish
She went with kavitha to college soon she too mingled with them
Laksh was having some doubts regarding sanskar’s feeling towards ragini was it just friend ship or something more he didn’t knew because as a friend too we may get angry if some one tries to filrt with our close one
Ragsan were always together
Days passes like this
It was ragini’s birthday she hates to celebrate that no one knew about it but some how sanskar came to know about it
At collge canteen
Sanskar was waiting for ragini to come he had arranged a small party their all their friends were their she came their
“ happy birthday ragini” he said
“ what” she questioned him
“ happy birthday ragini” all said in union
Ragini was surprised because she never mentioned about her birthday to any one even kavitha nd swara who were her best friend were unaware about the fact
Swara came and hugged her
“ how was surpersie” swara said
“ thank u but how did u know that today is my birthday I nevr mentioned” she enquired
“ we’ll answer all those questions later first lets cake” laksh said in excitement
Ragini was some where very happy but feared to express
She cutted the cake she made first to eat sanskar then the rest
Sanskar was so happy
“ ragini why u made bhai u eat first kavitha nd swara r ur best friends na” laksh said teasing ragsan both were turning red tomatoes all were observing that
Ragini slowly moved towards laksh and applied cream on his face
“because he did all this arrangements so” she said shocking all
“ wait how do u know that sanskar made all these arrangements” swara questioned
“ and swara one more thing sanskar only said us that today is ragini’s birthday how did he know that” kavitha asked
“ something is fishy btw these both” sid said
“ nothing like that guess” ragini said
“then how’s all this possible” swara questioned all were eager to know the answer ragsan were looking at each other what to tell swara saw their trouble
“ ok sanskar first tell how u got to know about her birthday” swara asked
“ I got to know about it by her application form that she filled” he said
“ seriously” laksh asked him giving disgusting expression this fact was indigestible by all
“ ragini” kavitha pointed her to answer
“ because of cake” she answered
“ what how “ mahira asked
“ guess which cake it was ?” she questioned
“ drak forest” swara replied
“ and who likes dark forest cake the most here” another question
“ bhai” laksh answered
“ know tell me its my birthday he bought his favourite cake so I guessed that it can be him only” she anwered clearing all their doubts
“ what an logic” sanskar said
“ u have analysed bhai so well seriously I must say u both r best friends” kavitha said
Kaira was burning in anger because of their closeness
“ ok know lets give her gifts” sid said
All gave her gift
It was know sanskar’s turn
“ bhai give her gift” laksh asked
All were excited that what he’ll gift her
“um…………. their’s its” sanskar gave her a big gift
“ this much big gift what’s in that ragini plsz opned na” swara said in excitement
“ ok what’s In this sanskar” ragini questioned him
“ open and see” he said in excitement
She started to un warp it
She opened one wrapper it had a note on it
“ patience” ragini read it
“ what” all were looking confusingly towards sanskar
“ don’t lose that ever have faith on urself what ever the situation may be, be clam” he said
It touched her heart
She opened Another warp one more note and a smiley brooch
“ faith” ragini read
“ have it on u and others always keep smiling never let ur smile fade whatever may happen face that with guts” he said
She opned another warp
“ decision”ragini read
“take u r own by having faith on u, trust yourself that u can never be wrong u can nevr do wrong with anyone” he said
Next wrapper
One more note and a pendant of heart shape
“friends”ragini read smiling
She got their four of them’s photo of school time their teasing swara’s crying their’s pranks ragini running behind laksh
“don’t forget us ever and always be with us don’t run away without informing us always keep us in ur heart which is pure as water and big as sky where their’s space love and care for everyone” he said
Ragini was teary she wore that pendant
Next wrapper
“ live ur own life” ragini read it in mind
“ live u r life as u wish don’t live it on others conditions make ur own rules be as u r don’t be that which u r not” he said
Tears were oozing her from her eyes everyone present their became emotional she hugged sanskar tight
“ thank u so much this is my best birthday till ever” she said
Sanskar too hugged her back
“ its my pleasure and yeah the last one plsz don’t forget that ever u have to promise me that” he said
“ promise “ she said
He wiped her tears
“no more crying”he said
She smiled
“ ms.chudial u don’t look good while crying” laksh said teasing hr
“monkey u be quite and this is all because of ur bhai its best gift ever thank u so much” she said
“ what about my gift” laksh said making pout face
swara moved to him and pulled his cheeks
“ u look cute” she said
“ what” he questioned
“ lucky u asked about ur gift what u gifted me first aid box who gifts that some one” she said giving disgusting look
All were shocked
“ ha because u can beat any one at any place so keep it with u it’ll help u first aid that bachara person” he said
“ ok let the shubh aramb to use this box start from u” she said
“ what do u mean” he said in sacred tone
“ ha ragini I’ll also help u” swara said
“ so lets start” she said scaring him more
“ no ways girls u can’t do that to me ragini u can’t do this areh yaar” they chased him so much all were laughing at his condition they enjoyed that day so much it was special day for ragini
After some days
Ragsan were know more than friends ragini was sharing each and everything with sanskar she even shared about her parents and everything if any one would see their bonding they would definitely tell that they were perfect pairs but they would never except that both were not at all ready to except that they were more than friends
They used to fight with eachother play with ecahother have fun and many more things
Kavitha had crush on sanskar ragini knew that she was insecure about it
One day kavitha asked sanskar for a date and he agreed ragini was fuming in anger
The next day
Ragini was sitting in library
Studying sanskar came to her
Sanskar: hi ragini
She was ignoring him
He didn’t bother more and started to study with her he started to disturb her by pulling her hairs book
Ragini was irritated by this
Ragini: sanskar what’s u r problem
Sanskar: why r u not paying attention to me
Ragini: what u want
Sanskar: ur help
Ragini:take that from ur new friend
Sanskar: what
She went from their in anger
Sanskar still didn’t understand what was happening then he saw her with sid they both were laughing sanskar was know every angry
Precap: realisation about true feelings

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