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at cafeteria
swara’s prov
I am happy that ragini returned I am so eager to meet her I can’t wait oh god when this clg will get over I was thinking then I saw my handsome monkey frnd laksh flirting with some girls I got so angry don’t he have any other work except this how can he seriously disgusting he saw me and moved towards me I was sitting with some of my and his frnd karan, mahira, omi, siddhart(sid) and one unwanted member kaira I and sanskar hate her but she full mad on him bechara but where was he
Laksh came and sat with us
“ where’s my cold cofffe lucky” I questioned
“ what do I know” he said while talking with kaira
“ u went to get that na” I said
“ oh I forgot u go and get for yourself and me” he said making faces
“ idiot” I said I was bored my eagerness to meet ragini I was not in a mood to argue with him so I ignored him

Laksh’s prov
I saw her getting angry when I was talking to those girls but she would never admit that and one more chamtkar she didn’t argue with me today
“ u didn’t argue with me” I questioned
“ I am not in mood” she replied
“ from yesterday u r behaving strange shall we call ambulance” I said keeping my hand on her forehead
She got irritated by this she jerked my hand away
“ I am haapy today don’t spoil my mood” she replied
“ what is that will u not share with us” I said in excitement
“ today I am going to meet my soul mate” she said
“ what” I questioned
“ yes my soul mate my best fnrd I can’t describe how much happy I am today” she said
“ u r acting as u r going to meet hitler” I said in funnily
“ very funny and by the way where’s sanskar” she questioned
“ I don’t know” I said before I could say anything I saw something sanskar with ms.chudial I was dreaming I thought
“ sid pinch me” is said
“ what’s wrong yaar” sid said in concerned tone
“ do as I say” I said looking towards them sanskar was holding her hand omg what’s happening
He pinched me
“ ah………………….” I was screaming in pain I stood form my place I cleaned my eyes with my hands all my were frnds were seeing me as if something happened to me
“ its not dream its true its” before I could complete bhai signalled me to be quite they were almost close to us I said in such loud tone all were seeing me
“ what’s wrong with u laksh” swara questioned
I was still seeing her
“where r u seeing” swara said turning towards sanskar she bended down and hided
“ what’s their and why r u screaming seeing sanskar” swara said in angry tone
“ nothing” saying this I sat down
I was still in shock
Bhai came and sat with us

Ragini’s prov
Laksh’s reaction was obvious but he would react so much I didn’t except he was seeing me
I sowly moved towards swara and closed her eyes with my hands
“whose that um………..” swara questioned
“ guess my dear” I said
“ oh my god my soulmate my best frnd my sister ragini” she said in so much excitement she moved away my hands and hugged me tight
Swara’s prov
I was sitting their someone closed my eyes I was shocked and after hearing that voice I became sure it was my ragini I hugged her tight
“ stop this bhart milab “ sanskar said
We moved apart
“ what’s ur problem ha r u jealous ” I questioned him I again gave her a side hug
Sanskar separated us and he gave a side hug to her
“ so after rago came u forgot us” sanskar said
I moved them apart
“ I should question this u knew she’s coming u met her and u didn’t inform me” I said in loud tone
“ I came to know that today she’s studying in our clg in my batch” sanskar said
I started hitting ragini playfully
“ u cheater u didn’t inform me about u being in this clg” I said
“sorry sorry “ ragini said
“ ok forgave u this time” I replied then i saw my frnds reaction they wanted to know who was
“ ok I know u want to know who’s she” I questioned
“ yeah by seeing whom laksh screamed and excitement is on cloud 9” sid asked
“ whose this swara” mahira questioned
“ ha tell na by seeing whom sanskar is so happy “ kaira questioned she was jealous that could be seen on her face I wnted to trouble her more
I was about to tell ragini stopped me showing towards laksh he was still in shock

Laksh’s prov
I am in shock ragini was moving towards me she hugged me I was in utter shock
Swara and sanskar were giggling
“ how r u lakash baby” she said
“ plsz I don’t wanna die so soon I want to live more stop giving me shocks like this” I said
Swara nd sanskar busted in laughter
“ gues plsz stop laughing” ragini said
“ sorry sorry” swara said laughing
“ will u both stop didn’t u hear what ragini said” I said in determined tone
“ ok “ bhai said controlling his laugh
“gues she’s ragini, ragini gadodia my best fnrds our frnd our school mate ” swara said
Swara introduced her to all she mingled with all soon bhai was continuously seeing her I observed it so I thought to tease him
“ rago u r so beautiful “ I said in flirting tone
She was seeing me with amusement
“ u mean I was not before” she questioned
“ no u were but know u r more u have changed so much u became slim hot”
“ thank u for compliments lucky” she replied

Sanskar’s prov
“ rago” only I have right to call her so and my brother is flirting with her didn’t he get some one else and she’s too reacting to that so cheesy he’s and this girl does he don’t have any sense why’s she reacting as she don’t know that he’s flirting with her
“ ragini do u have any boy fnrds” he questioned
I was too eager to know her answer
“ no but do u have intrest to be so” she said in flirting way
Laksh was acting as if he would faint he fell on me
“ laksh don’t act so much” I said pushing him away I was so angry when she said like that
“plsz ragu mata don’t kill me by ur shocks I can’t take it any more” he said
Can’t take any more idiot why’s he trying with her
“ no I am serious” she said
“ u can’t be our ragini she was hitler , chipakali, chudial, meri kushiyon ki dushman, chandi mata u r nor our ragini u r some ghost” laksh said
Was he mad I questioning my self but why I am getting so angry with his behaviour
“ monkey, idiot, donkey, kutta, kamina, bandhar , gunda, mawali, lofaar,”ragini was saying
Laksh cutted in middle he joined his hands
“ bas bas kaffi ha know I am sure u r our ragini” he said
I was happy when she called him all those
“ till know no one complimented laksh so much” swara said all were laughing

Precap: some fun and masti

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Credit to: manyatha

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    Was this laughing therapy episode lol
    So laksh has an idea that sanskaar likes ragini
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