swaragini If u hold my hand Episode 5

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The next day
Ragini’s prov
She was sleeping peacefully the sunrays disturbed her sleep
It was bright morning as always I woke early it was 4 am in morning I got freshen up and started to yoga I did for whole one hr it was my daily routine that I started after leaving Kolkata I had started maintaining my self fit and fine many things changed and I am too changed then I remembered one thing once I saw one baba on TV saying “ parivarthan thoh sanssar ka niyam hai” I laughed at this thought sanssar sanskar both names r rhyming In these years I didn’t forget him but I am sure he will not remember me why I am thinking about him I don’t know
I got ready by know it was 8 am I left though clg was at 9 am but I had to pick kavitha so I left when I reached her place I got to know that she was sick so no clg today I had to go alone
Sanskar prov
As my daily routine get up early moring go for jogging swara accompanied me lakash was lazy he some times came with me but most of the time didn’t then gym with lucky actually we maheswari brothers r building body nothing like that laksh forced me to join him in gym I am least interested in it according to our chote nawab to impress girls it was needed
at gym to he had many GF’s he was always flirting with every girl he was such naughty but pure from heart
Then we came home had our break fast then we drove to clg we picked swara in way we reached clg as usual laksh and swara went for their class
actually the university was very big we had 3 buildings one for commerce and other for science and other for arts. science one was very big surrounded by garden cafeteria , a big ground it was like a stadium more, library ,etc etc…………
the garden area was really relaxing I loved to study their
cafeteria was surrounded by fountain and garden it was really beautiful when we had no lectures we were their most of time enjoying sometimes we bucked lectures not me I am a obedient student but being with laksh and swara I used to some times just some times hardly thrice I did not more but these two were more often
as usual I was walking towards my class but today it was something strange the air around here had a different aroma I was feeling happy for no reason I entered my class all girls liked me I was even my teachers favourite I got many proposed I rejected them all but still they were trying as I was walking
“ oh god not her” I said it was kaira the hottest girl of clg mad on me and my brother on her I don’t understand what was their in her but know I am bothred she was walking towards me before she could see me I turned around she saw me and called my name
“sanskar wait na” she said running towards me
“ what happened” I said in anger tone I wanted to avoid her but as much I tried this chipaku was not leaving me also
“why r u trying to avoid me” she said
“ do u have any problem” I said in sarcastic tone
“yeah will u answer me if I ask u something” she said
I found to utilise the opportunity and get rid of her
“ ok I’ll but I want something in return” I asked
“ ok I agree but u have to be prompt” she said
“ done “ I assured her
“ all boys of clg r mad on me even ur brother then what’s ur problem why don’t u like me” she asked
“ because u r not my type” I said in clear word
“ then how’s ur typr ha” she asked
“ umm I can’t explain but when time comes I’ll show u for sure” I said
“ who will be that lucky girl who will steal ur heart” she said in dreaming tone
“ u r not that for sure” i said
“ ok we will see” she said
“ ok as per I answered ur question I want something” I demanded
“ I can give anything to u” she said
“ ok be away form me for one month” I said
“ no I can’t” she said
Oh god this girl
“ ok for one week “ I said before she could say anything “ can’t u do that much for me” I said
“ I can do anything for u” she said
Ragini’s prov
I entered the campus It was big I headed towards principle’s office I saw cafeteria I was happy for no reason I was feeling something strange around
I entered principle’s office
“ good morning sir” having a bright simile I greeted him
Princ: good morning miss gadodia plsz have seat
“ thank u sir” saying this I took my seat I didn’t let my simile vanish
“ I saw ur files we r very happy to have u here “ he said
I was feeling proud on myself
“ come I’ll show u ur class” he said we headed towards science class room
We entred he made my introduction to all I glanced my eyes around the class and I shocked to see a person who was seeing me like I am a ghost he was sanskar why was he seeing me like that
Sanskar’s prov
Concentrating on class just then our principle sir entered we all greeted him then I saw something I felt as if I am seeing any ghost she was ragini he made her introduction she saw me she was smiling seeing my mouth open I was still feeling as dream until my sir said “ u r going to get a tough competition”
I was just glaring at her
“ yes sir I am here to give tough competition to all” she said seeing towards me I came out of dream world
“ we will see” I said having a victorious smile on my face
She was having confidence that could be clearly seen on her face
Ragini’s prov
I was sitting he was continuously glaring at me I was not feeling uncomfortable but I was enjoying his attention for me
The class got over I moved out
Sanskar’s prov
During whole time I was seeing her as if she was a ghost I was shocked the girl in front of me is ragini my ragini wait “ my ragini” what rubbish I am thinking
She was going out sanskar do something stop her my heart said wait why I should stop her my mind
Ok let she go my heart
“no……” I screamed I hurriedly picked my bag and I ran after her outside the class room she was walking I called her name a loud “ ragini” she turned around she gave me a warm smile I was lost in that I came to my senses when I heard students around me saying something and all I ignored all she was moving I again called her name “ ragini” she didn’t turn I ran and reached her we both were walking
“ hi” I said breaking silence
“ how r u sanskar” she replied
“ oh u still remember me ha” I said teasing her
“I thought u forgot me” she said
“ who can forget best frnds” I said
She just gave a smile to me she was changed so much
“ did u meet swara” I questioned her
“ nops I am going to meet her today at restaurant” she replied
“ If I make u meet her know” I said
“ she studies in here” she questioned me in amusement
“ so your frnd didn’t inform u about her being in Kolkata university studying commerce” I said teasing her
“ r u trying to pull my leg for this” she said
What she said pulling her leg this girl is no more that same old ragini I said to myself
“ lets surprise her” she said
“ ok they would be cafeteria so come lets go” I said pulling her by holding her hand
Ragini’s prov
This boy has changed so much I was feeling jealous when some girls were talking rubbish about him when he called my name I was happy too and know he’s dragging me holding my hand I am happy for no reason
Precap: ragini surprising swara
Laksh flirting with her some fun
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