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Ragini’s prov
I am returning back to Kolkata to my family today I am in flight just few hours then I would be their it has been four years I left that place that place I am happy but sad too as my dadi ma is admitted in hospital she suffered from a minor heart attack I am dragged back I am sad for her hope she’s fine I am returning back with my fnrd kavitha I will be joining Kolkata university for my further studies I’ll continue my studies know their I will anyone remember me I was in contact with swara but will sanskar remember me how they will be when I am changed then they would too have changed a lot how I face them swara my bestie I didn’t inform her about my arrival I was wishing to surprise her kavitha was sitting just next to me she was sleeping and I am lost in my thoughts remembering my happy moments with my frnds after 2 hrs we reached Kolkata we got down from plane we came out of airport kavitha’s parents were waiting for her I took blessings from their they said they’ll drop me but I was waiting for my dad they left I was waiting for him but he didn’t come so I decided I’ll go by cab I took a cab this city has changed so much but one thing is not changed the people around here r so frndly the same as they were dadi was back at house so I thought to buy something for her I told the driver to take to famous sweet shop of Kolkata I wanted to buy KALAKAND for her, her favourite sweet
Sanskar’s prov
It has been four years she left but why I am still remembering her I don’t have any idea I was drving car to kolkata’s famous sweet shop I thought to buy some sweets for mom today was her birthday she demanded for sweets I was driving the car I was stuck in traffic jam I hate this I am already late and this jam oh god but I was feeling restless something very close to my heary
Ragini’s prov
We reached the shop I bought some sweet when I came out of shop why I was feeling something close to my heart what was that I didn’t borther more and got into my cab and drove back to badi
Sanskar’s prov
I reached the shop parked my car when I was parking I was having a very strange feeling in my heart don’t know why I was about to enter the shop when I saw ragini she was getting in cab I runned towards the cab screaming her name but it was late she left was she really ragini or someone else I couldn’t see her exactly but she was looking like her or was she only why I am thinking so much
Ragini’s prov
I reached badi I met dadi we all had nice chit chat I was not too much attached to them one reason was I am not their real daughter yeah that’s true dadi loved me more because I didn’t get mother’s love form janki ma shehkar papa he cared for me I was daughter of his elder brother they took my care after my mom and dad’s death in a accident this was also my one reason of going far away because I was blamed for my mom and dad’s accident I was going through some trauma so I decided to go far away from all this but my fate or destiny brought me back here I called swara and informed her about my arrival we decided to meet tomorrow
I was eager for next day my first day at Kolkata university
Sanskar’s prov
Why I am restless we celebrated mom’s birthday we all were happy laksh danced on song
“Tera hero idhar hai” teasing mom we all enjoyed swara was too much happy I wish to ask her but then thought to ask later we all were happy but I was having a strange feeling no idea what that was
Swara’s prov
We all were enjoying in party I got ragini’s call she was in Kolkata I was so happy I got my frnd come sister back I was so happy we all were enjoying in party this laksh he’s too much big filrt he didn’t even left his chachi he was flirting with her also he dragged me to dance with him sanskar was some waht worried he dragged him whole family we all were having great family time
Precap: ragsan meet
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Credit to: manyatha

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