swaragini If u hold my hand Episode 3


Gues thank u for those who all commented thank u for u r support I am getting very few comments I was bit disappointed by it plsz gues comment if u like it or not critics and ideas and everything r most welcomed plsz comment I want to whom u what laksh to be paired with swara or kavitha on that further story would shape so plsz tell me whom u want laksh with u want swalak or kavlak plsz tell that and about sanskar u’ll get to know in further story my FF is mainly based on ragini
So if u clears my confusion regarding laksh’s pair I can write further hope u’ll comment for this
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Laksh’s prov
I am sad from tomorrow r school Is going to start why vacation got over so soon but I am happy after bhai came many things changed first I and chudial opss ragini we became frnds the most unexpected thing we played many pranks on swara and sanskar
We became fnrds when we were grouped together for activity I got to know many things about her about her likes dislikes she hates if anyone touches her watch her wrist watch she was mad on those she had many I remember the day when she and swara came to ours house for project work along with some of ours frnds on that we all were sitting in our room
She was doing some painting work so she removed her watch and kept it on table my mistake I don’t know why but I picked it, it was beautiful it was boy’s watch I liked it I thought it to be of my any fnrd by accidently it slipped from my hand and it was about to fall brake sanskar bhai came on time and saved it but she was sitting just near, as she heard sound she got angry her anger crossed all limits
Swara said “u r gone know”
“I am sorry I didn’t knew it’s Ur I am sorry” I said pleading
“U idiot how dare u, u were about to break my favourite watch” she shouted at me she took watch form snaky and cared it as if it was her life
She was mumbling” sorry sweaty this idiot Na oh my poor watch”
I was amused swara and sanskar were not that shock as they knew her madness about watches I heard people like phones clothes even watches but this much this girl was full mad
“It’s just a watch” I said calmly
Swara and sanskar hitted their heads because after that they knew what was going to happen
“U r dead today” bhai said
“U r gone “she said in loud tone
“No I am sorry ragu Mata calm down” I was pleading to her
She chased me in whole house she bet me like hell oh my god seriously
All my fnrds were laughing at me she hitted me by pillows and whatever she got
It was real hell
Holy party it was organised in swara’s house we all enjoyed their so much especially me and ragini
We played so much with colours
On that she was not ready to get colored by me
“U can never colour me” she said while running
“Ragini baby today I am going to colour u at any cost” I said
“Oh ……… ho ………catch me if u can” she said teasing me
I chased her so much but
She pushed me and sanky in water pool we all were enjoying so much that day we laughed we had fun we danced and lot more
Ragini is a short temper girl she gets angry very fast but she looks cute in anger sanskar bhai gave her name “ragu Mata, chandi Mata” and many I call her “ms.chudial” she gets irritated by it but I enjoy her reactions I love to trouble her fights she’s really something different from all swara I knew her she was too good frnd of mine but then too I loved to be with ragini don’t know what’s that but I am happy for this new sort of feelings and thoughts
The next day

Sara’s room
She woke up with a pleasant simile on her face she got ravine’s letter soon her simile faded she was angry for what ragini did at least she could have informed them but no she didn’t bother to tell them also
Sanskar’s prov
I am happy today school is going to start after a long vacation
At school
I and laksh reached school swara was already their
Swara was bit disappointed it could be clearly seen on her face I checked for ragini as she was always the first but today I was worried for her an unknown fear was taking birth in me
“Bhai where r u lost and where’s this Hitler” laksh questioned
“I don’t know may swara know come let’s ask her” I said we moved towards swara she was sad at verge of crying
“Shona where’s Ur frnd” I asked
“Ha where’s chudail she left school or what” laksh said laughingly I hitted his head
“Swara is everything fine” I asked
“She left the school she went to Mumbai for her further studies” swara said crying
“What” we both said almost shocked
“Ha that’s true” swara said
“She didn’t inform us anything” I questioned her
“She left and that’s true” swara said almost crying
“Swara don’t worry it’s for her better ment we should be happy for her” laksh said consoling her
“Ha swara we should be happy that our fnrd is achieving something it’s for betterment and she achieved it by her hard work “I said supporting him
“U r right we all should be happy for her she really worked hard to get this scholar ship I am happy for her” swara said wiping her tears

Four years leap
Sanskar’s prov
I has been four years we completed our schooling our clg life started I was interested in science so I took that laksh and swara had no interest in it so they chose commerce I was topper I didn’t make any new fnrds in this year’s laksh and swara and some frnds of them only I knew in whole clg campus we had our gang all knew about me I have some GF’s just some 2-3 not more but laksh had many I don’t know how he managed them this was the only thing that can be learnt from him we all were studying In same clg Kolkata university laksh wanted to go London for his MBA
I was alone most of time I forgot ragini but still she was in my memory don’t know why I was unable to forget her I knew she would not even remember us or just me I knew that she was in contact with swara but then too I avoided her I wanted to talk to her but still stopped my self
Time heals every pain after she left I changed my self I am a fun loving boy know who enjoys his life I am happy swara became my really close frnd laksh was with whom I was sharing everything

Precap: four years leap ragini back to Kolkata
Guess plsz plsz plsz comment………….

Credit to: manyatha

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