swaragini If u hold my hand Episode 2

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Ragini’s prov
I am travelling in train its night I was seeing out nothing was visible that moon it seemed to be something different today don’t know why
I was happy that I am going to Mumbai for my further studies as if all my dreams r going to be fulfilled by this I was happy but sad to that u had to leave my new fnrds sanskar in short time became a good frnd of mine he’s really very understanding he could understand everything just by seeing in my eyes what connection do we have don’t know why I feel something strange whenever he’s around me my heart beat it rises all of sudden he helped me to boost my confidence during our quiz competition he had more confidence on me than I had on myself I decided that I would not let him loose I worked very hard in fact we worked very hard and we won it was a happiest moment for me laksh was not that bad as I was thinking swara don’t know what to say about her she’s really my best frnd with whom I can share all my pain and happiness I am sad I am going but its necessary for me I didn’t inform any of my fnds about this no one knows for my career its necessary I got scholarship in top school of india in Mumbai I am leaving this place I am in train moving towards my dream I kept a letter for swara which she will get tomorrow early morning tomorrow their schools r going to start I am just thinking about my moments with my fnrds

At Kolkata
Swara was sitting in her room seeing towards moon
Swara’s prov
This moon it looks beautiful it gives me peace
I am happy waiting for tomorrow sanskar became my close fnrd laksh the great flirt of school he was very naughty they played many pranks on me ragini to joined hands with them
When we in class 7 after a year when sanskar came on the result day
Sanskar came towards me he was looking tensed
“ swara u know I am worried about result ” he said
I became tensed seeing him if he says I am worried about result then what about me ha how much I should be worried because I didn’t study well
“ why r u saying like this” I said him calmly I was trying to calm him and more myself
He gave me shocking look “ how can u be so calm I am worried what would be my result and u” he said
“ hey don’t worry everything will be good”I said I was looking here and their he was observing me
“ r u trying to calm me or urself” he shot at me
He was right
Laksh came running to us
“Swara bhai results r on notice board” he said he was breathing heavily
“Sanskar come lets check” I said I was very curious and nervous we rushed their
Near notice board
ragini was already present their she was worried and crying
I became more nervous seeing her like that if class topper is that then what about us
Sanskar asked her “ how is ur result”
She replied back “ good 97% but”
Laksh asked her” but what”
She replied “ u too have also scored good sanskar u r cheater”
I was shocked what’s happening here
“Sanskar u topped this year just by 0.84%”she said in crying tone she was sad for tthat
Sanskar was happy laksh hugged him
“ what u said no one can beat u know tell me” sanskar said teasing her
“ oh hello its just by 0.84% don’t fly high” she shot at him
“ areh wa seeing someone is burning ha “ he said by putting his hand around her neck she freed herself and gave him a deadly look
she saw towards me held my hand
She said “ but swara”
“ ragini what happened” I questioned her I was nervous very much I was almost in a situation of crying
“U r failed swara” she said after hearing this I started to cry
Ragini tried to calm me but when she tried I screamed even more loudly
Sanskar and laksh were controlling their laugh
I sat on floor and like a small kid I was crying it was just they were waiting for they all started to laugh at me I got very much angry I stood up “ u buffalos how can u all be happy u r best fnrd ur swara is failed and u r all r laughing” I shot at them I was sobbing seeing me like that sanskar came in front he was controlling his laugh
He pulled my cheeks “ oh shona u look more cute while crying” the other two were laughing holding their’s stomachs I got angry sanskar was close to me I jerked his hand
“ u idiot is this the time to say u look cute u donkey how can u do this to ur frnd ha(I said crying) know I was just screaming like I am crying ragini came in fornt of me “swara it was just a joke u r passed with 78%
I was crying “ why u’ll r happy why r u lieing” then I just thought what she said
“What u said I am passed yippee………….. wow it so good” saying this I was jumping like a mad I hugged sasnkar so tight and I was screaming “I am pass “ and these three were laughing something flashed in my mind swara they made u fool again and u beacme“ u donkeys u made me fool I’ll not leave u today see what I do” I chased them In whole school
We were laughing at end
They made me fool many times and I became and sanskar was the prank master of all more than laksh he was making pranks and I was their bakra all ways
These r my frnds oh my god no one in this world would have such frnds as mine

Precap: laksh’s prov

All three getting shock about ragini
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