swaragini. u cant win over destiny… episode 2

Hi everyone. Thanks for ur great support… pairs r decided.. Will be revealed soon…. and thanks for ur precious time u people gave for my ff.
The episode begins with angel and aarav leaving.
Swara gets a call.
Swara: what….wait i am coming
After some time.
“Ouch its hurting shona leave me….. i am apologizing again and again yet u r not listening..”
Swara: sorry my foot. What do u think of your self mr kabir???? I am telling u ,u will be killed by my hands… how can u be so immature to land into troubles everytime…
Kabir: swara u need to go to pre school.
Swara: what kabir??
Kabir: u need to learn words like its okay or no problem.. always shouting…. dont u know how to say polite and kind words….bandit queen.
Swara: kabir tumhe toh main…
Saying this she starts running after kabir and sumi enters in
Kabir: aunty plz save me from ur daughter.
Sumi: hua kya..
Swara: mom u wont believe issne kya kiya.
A deserted area is shown where a boy is changing the tyres of his car… by mistakenly his tyre rolls down and hit a fat lady….the lady falls down. The boy goes to her.
Boy: i m really sorry aunty… vo
Lady: aunty .. aunty kisko bola tu… abhi meri umar hi kya h… ruk mai abhi batati hu… aaji sunte ho guddu ,chintu, pappu….
Boy: aunty itni si baat ke liye aap apni army kyun bula rahi ho…..
Lady: mai sena nahi inke papa ko bula rahi hu… vo police me hai… hum toh unhi se milne australia aae the . Ab tu dekh
A hulk style inspector comes there
Lady: dekhiye ye badmaash mujhe chedd raha tha lr jaie apne police station isse. Aur 2-4 sticks lagaiye…. stupids…
Man tries to convince his wife but all his efforts were in vain…so he brings him to station
Man: beta call someone to get ur bail …. vaise aaj tak mai toh apne biwi ko nahi chedd paya tune aisa kya dekha liya……. beta handsome h … kisi aur ladki ko chedna tha na.. vaise bhi australia h yeh.
Flashback ends.
Sumi was laughing listening this….
Swara: ma aap haso mat … yeh hamesha aisa koi kaand karta h… aur mai isse bachati firu
Kabir: achha meri ma ab band kar… btw… have u finished the packing.
Sumi: packing???
Kabir: yes aunty tomorrow we r leaving for kolkata ..for our concert…..
Sumi: shona why havent u informed me… u know na ….. no u will not go..
Swara: ma i was about to tell…but..
Sumi: when … u were about to tell ….no means no. How can u go there alone.
Kabir: aunty relax.
He made her sit and sits on his knees.
Kabir: aunty mai hoon na aapki beti ke saath… i will take care… dont u trust me.
Sumi: ofcourse i do yet ..
Kabir: no yet … i am promising u i will take care of her…. i will take care that she dont do any pagalpan there.
Sumi smiles.
Swara: kabir..
Kabir: aunty bus tell her not to make me scared of her always……
Sumi: ok i am allowing her only for u…
Kabir: thats like my cute aunty… btw.. where is my princess…
Shreya: here…
Kabir: so i m taking ur mom for some days with me…
Shreya: u both will enjoy without me
Kabir: can i enjoy without my princess… dont worry we will come back soon.
Kabir and shreya hug….
Precap:: kolkata…..
Thanks for reading….. i know its not too good yet… thanks

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  1. Is it swasan??? Please let it be swasan

  2. Nice.plzz reveal pairs hope it’s swasan

  3. I read this story in this site only dont remember its name and ya its raglak and swasan sward giving rock stage performance in india in front of whole maheshwari family

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