swaragini. u cant win over destiny… episode 1

I manu is back with the first episode…So i got a good response on my intro of story…. guys i wanted to know that which pairs are liked more by my readers…. swalak and ragsan or swasan and raglak….before announcing pairs i will see through these comments but final decision would be mine. So till that i will not b showing maheshwari family and everyone there …

Swara and shreya were talking. Shreya is 4 year old….
Swara: beta what were u doing.
Shreya: i was playing with aarav bhaiya…
Aarav(swara’ friend) and angel( swara’s cousin) come there.
Aarav: so princess lets play out..

Shreya: ok but first i will go to badi ma.
Angel: so comeon … come back fast… so we could enjoy..yes princess.
Shreya: yes …
Shreya goes..
Swara: so we have our new cute couples here.
Angel and aarav are couples… they will soon get married..
Swara: oh ho so u both r blushing….
Angel: leave it please. Swara u always na ….
Swara: ok ok lets talk about some work too…
Aarav: haan. Have u recieved the call.
Swara: yes… but we have our concert in kolkata. And u know na i cant ..
Angel: swara it has been 2 years … we r with u dont worry..
Aarav: yes we will rock in kolkata..
Swara: that is fine but ….ma who will convince her….
Aarav and angel: we know…. who can do that.
Swara: do u think he would be able to do this.
Aarav: very easily he can do….

Precap: swara’ bf entry…….

So i know its short but from next it will be long… guys vote for best pairs….. i will reveal not reveal it tomorrow but they will be decided… so i can frame the story in that manner.. and 1 more thing both pairs wil get equal role…..

Credit to: manu


  1. Hey manu… it was awesome yaar… btw… bf… is it boy friend or best friend…. i know its kind of like u r not making it suspense… yet u r making it suspense…. great work i have to say… nice concept …. i am waiting for the next…
    Pairs wont be a big issue… i liked ur concept thats it needed…..

  2. Bresh

    Of course Swasan…but I don’t believe this cuz even after Swasan wining vote the writer Chose other couple

  3. I’ll not vote… Recently saw 2 , 3 voting process in those voting.. Actually swasan won.. Bt the writers choose rags an… So I’m fed up with it.. No value for our votes .. I’m a diehard swasan fan BT I’m not voting.. It is best u choose yourself dear

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.