Swaragini Two shot – An Everlasting Bond

Two beautiful girls are praying to God in temple.

1st GIRL:God…..plzz,plzz…..let my behen to win the dance competition.its her dream.plzz GOD
2nd GIRL:plzz God…plzzz…let my di succeed in her interview.
The two girls are offering their prayers to God wholeheartedl.suddenly the 1st girl turn to 2nd girl and say:Ragini,hurry up. its time for d competition.u shud go soon
yes.the 2nd girl is Ragini and 1st girl is none other than Swara.
ragini:di just relax.i will go but first u shud hurry up.its already late di
swara:okk.am leaving.but ragini all d best.u shud compulsory win dat competition
ragini:i will di.and u..u shud also select for d interview.i know u will select…but best of luck di

swara(smiling):tanq n same to u and….ragini….wher is ur lucky chain.u vil wear it,whenever u go to any competitions naa
ragini:haa didi ofcourse.i will wear it during my performance.u know naa without it i will not get success.
(1 year back when ragini was walking on a road,due to sudden hurt she stops in the middle of the road,but she doesnt notice a truck coming towards her.when the truck was about to hit her,a boy suddenly comes and pulls her towards him.they both fall down

Boy:r u ok.
ragini;yaa am fyn(but ragini doesnt see him).when she was about to see him,he goes away from der.ragini feels bad for not seeing him.but she notice a chain on her.she realizes that the chain is of dat boy who saved her.she keeps it with her.wherever she go if she wore that chain then she will surely get success.if she doesnt wear it den she will not get success) At present
ragini:ok di byee am leaving and once again all d best.by saying this she hugs swara.
ragini turns back to go but suddenly she hits a boy. ragini:heyy cant u see,dont u have eyes?
boy:i didnt saw u.actually am thinking about something so……
ragini:if i fall down and if i get any hurt,then who will take responsibility.
when the boy was about to say something he hears a voice from back
swara:leave him naa ragini,nothing happend to u naa.(the boy was mesmerised to see swara)
ragini:ok den ask him to say sry
boy:wat me aur sry.never
they both continue to fyt.but ragini suddenly remembers her competioin.so she drags swara and goes away from there saying :i will see u nxt tym

the boysg ives an clumsy xpression and leaves from der.
swara hugs ragini and goes to her interview while ragini goes to her competition.

swara enters a big company and waits for her chance to come for interview.
swara’s chance has came and so she enters the cabin of her owner.when she enters the cabin she is shocked to see her owner.he is none other the boy in temple who fought with ragini.yes he is SANSKAR MAHESHWARI, the owner of maheshwari companies.
sanskar was also shocked to see swara and asks her to sit and starts taking her interview.swara gives all d answers without fear and correctly.sanskar was mesmerised for swara’s answers.
sanskar:so u r that chipkali’s sister.
swara:sir plzz i cant hear anything against my sister.she was in hurry so she behaved lyk dat
sanskar:okk leave dat.u r selected for the interview.

swara:thanq soo much sir.am feeling very happy
sanskar;its ur talent dat made u select for this interview.by d way wat is ur name?
swara:swara gadodia.
sanskar;what? dat means u r daughter of shekar gadodia,the owner og gadodia companies.omg u r so rich den y r u joining in my company.
swara:yes i am gadodia daughter.but i want to earn money by myself.i want to be independent
sanky was impressed by her ans and asks her to join the next day
swara leaves from der.

sanskar to himself:God u know dat today is the happiest day of my life.bcoz last year this day i met the farishta of my life.becoz of her i got every success.i saved her from the accident and dat is the biggest turning point of my life.i just want to see her face as she is my luck

heyy guys in nxt part i will introduce laksh.he too is the main lead.the next part will focus on him.plzz give ur comments whether i shud ryt next part or not.take care guys.

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