Swaragini Two shot – An Everlasting Bond Part 2

helloo guyss so here is the 2nd shot.plzzz comment frnds

Ragini was a little bit tensed but at the same tym she was confident.still there was 1 hour or her performance.so she thinks to get ready.when she opens her back to change her clothes she was hell shocked.that was not her bag.her bag has got exchanged.ragini was on the verge of crying when she realizes someone tapping her shoulde.she turns back and finds a handsome boy standing infront of her.
boy(by holding a bag):is this ur bag.i found it near the entrance.
ragini:yes thats my bag.thanqqq soo much.i thought that i lost this competition as my costume and necessary files are not there.
boy:yeah.actually i got it and so i was asking everyone.by the way my name is laksh..u can call me lucky
ragini(smiling):am ragini.glad to meet u
laksh:so i think v both r competitors here
ragini:yaa n lets go.its tym for competition.
the competition starts and laksh gives a wonderful performance.ragini’s chance comes and so she wears her lucky chain and giver her performance.the competition has finished and its tym for result.
judge:well its first tym in our competition history that two members has won the competition.
all are anxiously waiting for the result.raglak are also listening to the judge curiously.
Judge:so the winners r RAGINI n LAKSH
raglak r vry happy by listening this and so they both run on to the dias and receive their prize.they both congratulate each other.ragini and laksh become frnds so they both give their phn nos to each other.
after going to home swara tells everything to ragini about sanskar and her interview.ragini was shocked
ragini:so that idiot is ur boss the grt sanskar maheshwari.
swara:no ragini.he is gud.u r misunderstanding him
ragini:ok leave about him di u know wat today i met a boy…..
like this they both chit chatted with each other.

laksh:soo bhai today is ur happiest day.u met ur lucky angel…ur love
sanskar:not at all lucky…. she is not my love.she is just my lucky angel,the farishta of my life.the most important person of my lyf.she will never bcum d queen of my heart.
laksh:heyy bhai am just joking.i know u doesnt luv her
sanskar:but my wish is that i just want to see her once.i know my chain is with her.bcoz of that i may know her
(1 year back sanskae’s copany was in total loss.the only way left for them is that winning the project of a big foreign company.but that deal was also cancelled.but after saving ragini from accident he gets a call that the deal is accepted’
sanskar :thanq god;thanku soo much
he enters his company and tells about the deal to everyone in his company.all are hpy.
worker;sir today u might have met anyone who r luck to u. sanskar remembers saving the girl from accident.at the same tym he gets call of foreign delegates.
delegate:hello sanskar,today v saw u saving a girl from accident.v r vry much impressed by u.so dats y v accepted this deal
sanskar bcam vry hpy by listening this.by this project he became a successful businessman.from that day he believes that girl as his farishta)

At the same tym ragini also feels the boy who saved her frm accident only as her luck.the most important person of her life.she always wish to meet him.
Like this days passed raglak are in conatct and they both started liking each other.while sanskar was vry much impressed by swara’s determination towwards work.swasan became a very gud friends.they always chitchatted with each other.

One day raglak meet each other at a cafe.while talking ragini comes to know that laksh is sanky’ brother.she tells him about theit fyt and her sister joining in his company and all
after sometime they leave frm there as it is getting late but ragini doesnt notice that her luchy chain has fell down in that cafe.after coming home she realizes that chain was lost.she tells this to swara.they both search for it but they doesnt get it.ragini cries very badly for loosing the chain.
After 2 days ragini was driving the car.but she was totally sad.she was in her thoughts when she realises that a big truck has dashed her car.ragini was admitted in hospital.she was in critical position.she has lost so much of blood.but swara gives blood to her sister,to her ragini.sanlak too comes to hospital.ragini was saved.when ragini opens her eyes all r present there.
ragini:dekho na di,by this i can tell how much important that chain is.i lost that chain and so i met with an accident
swara(smiling):yaa u r ryt.u met with an accident bcoz u lost dat chain but u r saved from this big accident because ur LUCKY BOY is present here.
ragini:wat?di i cant understand anything
laksh:yes ur lucky boy is present here and he is none other than mera bhai SANSKAAR
ragini and sanskar r totally shocked.
swara:yes sanskar,meri behen is none other than ur farishta.
ragsan r vry hpy by listening this.
sanskar:so u r my farishta for whom i was waiting for 1 year.
ragini:yes i am. they both have happy tears in their eyes and they both side hug each other
ragsan:but how u guys came to know


when rags leave from the cafe laksh see that chain and was shocked.but he doesnt know that it was ragini’s chain.he asks everyone present in the cafe about chain.he thinks to give that chain to sanky next day at office as sanky was not present that day.next day when he was going to sanky’s abin.swara watch that chain and stops him .she asks him about that chain.lyk this they both came to know truth.
PRESENT after ragini’s discharge
ragsan meet each othee
sanskar:am very happy u r my farishta and ur sister is my lovr my jaan…………
suddenly laksh realizes what he said and stops
ragini:what u love swara.OMG OMG i think u shud propose her
sanskar: no..i mean i cant.i will be vry much scared.
ragini:if u will not propose her then i will only tell her
sanky: noo plzz suddenly swara enters there
swara:heyy watt who shud propose him
sanskar:nothing….proposal aa….
ragini:yes di…..propose…. actually u know what sanskar loves
sanskar:I LOVE U SWARA i luv u a lot
swara was totally shocked,she dont know wat to say but her heart says to accept
ragsan becomes vry happy by listening this.
sanskaar:so that means ms.gadodia is gonna become mrs.sanskar maheshwari,
laksh comes there
laksh:whatt?? bhai wat r u saying.how can u even think lyk dat.u know naa i luv ragini.she is ur saali bhai then hw can u think lyk dat bhai.
swaragsan become shock.swasan laughs by listening this.
ragini:lakshh u love me? OMG
swara:laksh u r really buddhu,hw can u think that ms.gadodia is ragini.ur bro loves me and yes ragini is his saali
laksh was totally shocked by listening this,he dont know what to say
ragini:u know what laksh i have fallen fr u the very 1st dayi saw u. I LUV U LAKSH
lucky bcoms hpy by listening this
laksh:OMG…I LUV U TOOO RAGINI i luv uuu by saying this he hugs ragini
at the same time swasan too hugs each other.
then after all the four have a group hug

so guys plzz comment how is my TS,if u guys like it then i will try to write another OS.soo guys plzz comment about my TS

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