swaragini twist vala love (Season 2 ) episode 17


Hi guyzz i am starting season 2 now …i hope u will like it …

Recap- both raglak and swasan gets united …

One year leap…..

In night ..
Swara gets labor pain..
Swara- laksh , maa ,papa..
Everyone comes running.

Ap- we have to take her to hospital…she is getting labor pain ..

Swara is being rushed to hospital …

After one hour,
Doctor- who is her husband ..
Laksh- doctor i am ..how is she now..
Doctor- u have become father …baby girl is born.
Laksh- oh my princess…doctor can we meet her .
Doctor – yess u can first let us shift to another room …then u all can meet her…

After some times swara is being shifted to next room ..everyone meets her..

Ap- swara its our princess..sanskaar’s last memory …
Swara- mom where is she…i want to see her..
Laksh – she is here ..her eyes her just on bhai…
Swara takes the baby…

Swara- she is just like sanskaar..i wish he would be here…
Ap- he is here only in our heart…
Laksh- mom i will go and meet doctor..

After two days …
Everyone welcomes swara and the baby in the home…
Swara- mom i want to go in my room for sometime..
Ap- sure swara go and get rest..
Laksh – can i take my daughter…
Swara- sure laksh…

Swara goes to swasan room…
She goes near sanskaar pic…

Swara – sanskaar why did u left me..i miss u very much..
U wanted a daughter na ..see we have got a princess..she is just like u …

She sits down with sanskaar’s pic and remember their past moments …

Precap- what happen one year back….

So how was the plot …please comment for sure…i was so excited that u all wanted to read my fan fiction..so i thought a change…u will get to know everything in next update..

Credit to: dolly

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  1. what a twist dear??? i have a doubt if he is swasan daughter then why laksh telling i am her husband… please reveal it soon.. eagerly waiting to next update.. please unite swasan.. what happen to sanskaar and where is ragini…. is swalak married now? please update dear.. twist is super..

  2. Publish your next ff fast…Eagerly waiting…

  3. we want raglak

  4. Tara princess

    what happend to sanskar

  5. what happend to ragini.. where is sanskar.. how can swalak marry…. such a big twist…

  6. What happened to sanakar and ragini…….. and why is laksh stating himself as swara’s husband……..???

  7. Superb twist plz upload next

  8. what happened sanskar pls update soon

  9. I have a feeling that sanskaar and ragini met an accident and died .it may happen that u show them alive afterwards .as swara was pregnant, so laksh married her for the sake of baby.i may be wrong.

  10. Just awesome

  11. Both swaragini were pregnant and ragsan died while going to badi met with an car crash

  12. very gud u can now make swalak plzzzzzz

  13. Nooooooooooo we want swasan and raglak

  14. ya wt happen to sansker….? y laksh given swara husband name….wr is ragini…keep write keep rocking

  15. plzzzzzzzzzzz we want only swasan not swalak….the twist is interesting but at last plzzzz join swasan…..

  16. wr is ragini..?

  17. I got ths me point but plz don’t make sanskar die make swasan plz

  18. omg if swara and laksh are marriedthen wat about ragini
    and is sanskar dead?

  19. Please publish your next ff eagerly waiting. ….
    We want swasan. ….
    We want raglan. …. not swalak ?

  20. It’s nice and different

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