swaragini twist vala love episode 8


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Recap- swasan cute moments…

At night,
Swasan wishes eachother goodnight and went to sleep.
Swara- ( to herself)sanskaar u are really very good. Whenever u are around me u always make me feel special. I wish i could do something for u .
Sanskaar-(to himself)I know you don’t love me but i pomise that I will love you very much.

In rag lak room,
There was a deep silence in their room.and night paased silently…

In morning
Swara phone rang ….
Swara- hello
Boy- hi sweetheart how are u ..i miss u.
Swara- who are u .i didn’t remember u
Boy- just look down from ur window..

Swara peeped down the window ..she saw arnav there( twist- arnav is swara childhood friend. He had a crush on her from school. Now he has returned back to get her)

Swara- arnav u come up…
Arnav – ok wait baby..
Sanskaar was in washroom. When somebody called baby to swara he hurriedly came out of washroom..

Sanskaar- who is calling u baby swara..
Swara- my childhood friend arnav has come ..
U know he was mad after me..

Sanskaar- any one can get mad after u so am i ..
Swara didn’t understand and was just about to go…arnav came up and entered in swara room.

Arnav and swara hugged eachother..
Sanskaar was shocked and jealous
Arnav – bhai how are u ..
Sanskaar – when did u come …( both hugged eachother)
Swara – do u both know eachother …
Sanskaar- yeah he is my cousin ..he went to london for higher studies..
Sanskaar -arnav she is my wife swara…
Arnav- hmm badi maa told… So shona u ditched me . u r my brother wife . u know i love u from school…

Sanskaar – she is my wife now and i love her…
Arnav- and u swara.do u love bhai..
Swara- no i don’t love him..
Sanskaar get teaer eyes.swara notices it ..

Swara- but i respect him very much. He always make me feel special. And i am happy with him…
She gives smile to sanskaar..

Arnav- so it means there is still my chance . i am sure i will win your heart…
Sanskaar – (angrily) u go and rest now .
arnav- ok bhai bye ..

Swara- r u angry sanskaar..
Sanskaar- with u never …i love u very much …

In afternoon,
Arnav- swara so can we go for a movie.
Swara- how can u ask now i am married.
Ask sanskaar first..
Sanskaar- u can go swara (sadly )

Sanskaar goes to his room.
Swara follows him.

Swara- if u don’t want i will not go..
Sanskaar – then don’t go. Will u go with me.
Swara- sanskaar
Sanskaar- u said na we have to show laksh that u are happy with me…
Swara- ( teary eyed) yess i will get ready..
Sanskaar -( happily) ok

Swara notices sanskaar is happy..

Both of them gets ready and come down…

Arnav- u are looking beautiful. Shall we go now.. Sanskaar is also coming kya …

Ragini and laksh comes down.. Both were looking like they have cried a lot…
Swara- i and sanskaar are going not u..i want to spend some time with my hubby(by looking at laksh).

Laksh become teary eyed.. But he can’t say anything …

Sanskaar- ( to ap) maa we will come at night …after dinner..first we will go for a movie then shopping and then dinner..
I want to spend some time with my swara..
Arnav – k then go and enjoy . i can’t come between husband and wife…( and looks at sanskaar angrily)

Sanskaar- come swara .
Swara and sanskaar bids bye to everyone.

They first go for movie then shopping..
Swara was happy after so much time .she felt very good with sanskaar ..

At dinner,
Sanskaar- can i dance with my beautiful wife..
Swara( hesitantly) – sanskaar.
Sanskaar- its ok swara if u not feel comfortable with me..lets have dinner..
Swara-( to herself ) i know u love me.. But laksh…what i am thinking sanskaar is my husband now i can do this for him.

Swara-i will just come ..
Sanskaar (.sadly )- ok.
Swara goes from there….
After some time someone taps on sanskaar shoulders…

Swara-can i get the pleasure to dance with my husband.
Sankaar-( shocked but happily gives his hand in swara hand) why not it woild be my pleasure…

Both smiles at eachother…

Both dance with each other on the song meri aashiqui tum hi ho ..

Swara- who said that i am not comfartable with u.i am very much comfartable with u ..i feel very happy and protective with u . i don’t know why..

Sanskaar – really . i am happy to see u happy..

Laksh who was following them saw them dancing together…
Laksh – i am happy for u swara that u are happy with bhai..
Just keep smiling thats all i want…

The evening was very beautiful..
Swasan spend quality time together…
Swara was happy with sanskaar…

Recap- swasan was shocked as they reached home…

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I hope u like it..

Credit to: dolly

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