swaragini twist vala love episode 7

Recap- laksh didn’t come home at night.

In morning swara gets ready and comes to the kitchen . ragini was making breakfast .ragini gives a smile to swara but swara doesn’t respond. Ragini feels embarrassed.

Ragini – swara i know i did wrong with u but i love laksh a lot. I am sorry ,please forgive me.
Swara- i also loved laksh. U are feeling sorry who doesn’t even know the meaning of love.

Ragini- i know i don’t. But i can’t see laksh with any other girl.
Swara- it isn’t love but lust . u can’t see me happy thats why u did this. Love is undefinable .u can’t love someone.i and laksh loved eachother so much if would have loved laksh then u would have seen his happinesss. Not marrying him and ruin his life.
Laksh has not returned home since last night ragini.he is so sad and the reason is u. U have ruined his and mine life both. Because of u i had to marry sanskaar.

Ragini- i know i did wrong and i am really sorry.
But sanskaar love u very much.

Swara- u have cheated me. We can’t become swaragini again. I hate u ragini.
Sanskaar who was listening all this was crying….

After sometime laksh comes homes in drunken state.
Everyone is shocked.
Ap- my son has drunk because of u . why did u do this ragini.
Ragini takes laksh in room.
Laksh – pushes ragini . just stay away from me . i hate u . i only love swara. And u have no right on me . because of u my whole life has got ruin.
Just stay away from me .
Ragini breaks down and cry.

In swasan room
Sanskaar was upset with swara’s bed . he was lost in her thoughts .
Swara entered room and saw him staring the wall.
Swara- today laksh came home drunken. I am thinking that we should show him that how much we are happy together.so that he could forget u and move on in life…
Sanskaar r u listening.
Sanskar was lost in her thoughts ….
Swara threw a pillow on him .

Swara- r u listening to me , i am talking to u .
Sanskaar – yeah
Swara- then tell what i just said .
Sanskaar – vo
Swara- i was saying that we should pretend that we are happy with eachother. So that laksh can move in with ragini
Sanskaar- ok
Swara- what ok.
Sanskaar- i love u too
Swara – what are u listening.
Sanskaar – i know i am smart.
And he throws pillow back on swara.
Swara- sanskaar i will not leave u
Both starts the pillow fighting.
When the whole pillow get torn.both laughs
Sanskaar was happy to see swara smiling…
Sanskaar – always remain like this.
U look beautiful…
Swara- thank u sanskaar ..
Sanskaar- i love u too
Swara- u are so much flirty…
Sanskaar – so i am flirting with my wife..
Swara feels uneasy but smiles …

Whole family was watching them.
All get happy to see swasan together…

Precap- a new twist..

I hope u like my fan fiction….

Credit to: dolly


  1. khusubu

    Firstly when you make this story like real serial story I Don’t like this because every time swara laksh’s heart broken.But now I like your story very much.It’s gona interesting.

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