swaragini twist vala love episode 6


Recap- ragini marries laksh secretly . laksh refuses to give divorce to ragini.

Swara cries and breakdown …

After sometime swara gets up and was just about to go but sumi stops her.

Sumi- shona where are u going ..
Swara- to commit suicide …
Sumi – r u gone mad ..because of this why will u give ur life….
Swara- then what should i do. No one will accept me now. Everyone will think that there was my fault. So its better that i should give my life than .

Sanskaar – swara don’t speak like that . nothing can be happen to u till i am there. I love u more than myself..
Aunty i will marry her..
Swara- u are saying this to show how great u are to hold a hand of someone who has been left by his to be husband
No need to do any favour…

Sumi -(to all) i know sanskaar loves my shona a lot . and he will keep her happy always..
Dp- we would be very glad if swara will marry sanskaar ..

Swara- no i won’t ..i only love laksh. And i can’t give his place to someone else..
I know it will give pain to laksh also..

Sanskaar- no swara i am not doing any favour on u. I love u more than myself. I will be lucky to be married to u .
Swara- but i

All members agrees about their marriage.
Swara agrees for the family ‘s happiness.

Swara gets ready and comes down.

Both laksh and swara were looking at eachother teary eyed.
Sanskaar-(to himself) i know swara u agreed for the sake of our family. But i promise i will love u so much that u will forget all your pain.

Sanskaar and swara marriage take place.

Bidaai takes place,
Sanskaar – i promise i will keep swara happy and will give her all the happiness which she deserves..
Swara-(to herself )i know sanskaar u are really good. I promise i will free u from this unwanted relationship soon. I can’t forget laksh .

At mm,
Both the couple enter. Everyone blesses swasan but not ragini.

At night, swara is sittong on bed.sanskaar enters.
Sanskaar – i know u don’t love me . but i really love u very much from the day when i saw u for the first time. U don’t need to worry.i will give u full space to accept our marriage.
Believe me i will never make any pressure on u to accept me. But i love u more than myself.

Swara- i have done this marriage for the sake of my family. We will be husband and wife in front of our family not in this room.
I am very tired. U sleep here on bed i will sleep on couch.

Sanskaar- (gets teary eyed) no u sleep on bed i will sleep on couch.no further changes….

Both changes their dress. And went to sleep

Sanskaar- (to himself)- i promise that u will also love me . i will always keep u happy…
Swara- i respect u sanskaar. But i won’t be able to love u ever. How can i forget my first love…

Lights goes off. Both sleep .

In raglak room ,
Ragini is waiting for laksh but laksh doesn’t come whole night…
Ragini is all alone ..

Precap-laksh comes home drunken and swasan cute moments..

Credit to: dolly

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