swaragini twist vala love episode 5


Recap- marriage gets completed .

Biddai takes place . suddenly everyone gets shocked…..

Swara was standing at the entrance ..
Laksh – swara tum . u r here than who is this…
He takes up the veil from the bride face and gets faint.
The bride was ragini….

Sumi comes and slaps ragini. How can u do such a sin ..
Swara runs to laksh.. Sanskaar calls doctor.
Doctor – patient is fine now u all can meet him now ..

Everyone goes in … Laksh ask swara how can u do this to me .

Fb shows
When swara was getting ready. Ragini called some goons and had got swara kidnapped..
And she herself gets ready as swara .
Fb ends

Swara tells every thing ..

Dp- ragini how can u get so much low. U have snatched happiness from your own sister..
Laksh- how can u do this ragini. U have spoiled my whole life.

Ragini- i know i did very wrong .but laksh i love u more than myself. How can i see u with anyone else and that to with my own sister…

Swara- how can u do this ragini.

She was crying continously ……
Sanskaar- swara please don’t cry .i can’t see u crying …

Dp – we will get laksh and ragini divorced and we will remarry laksh to swara as his happiness lies in her..
Ap- no marriage is not a game .now ragini is our bahu .
Dp- how can u say like this ..don’t u want your son to be happy always..
Ap- ok fine then but ragini’s life will get spoiled than who will marry her after knowing her reality….

Dp- this decision is of laksh..let him decide….

Everyone agrees….

Laksh- i want to be alone for some time .please leave me alone …
He goes from there..

Both swara and laksh were crying …

Sanskaar drags ragini from there.

Ragini- what the hell are u doing sanskaar…
Sanskaar- how can u do this with my swara…
Because of u she is crying .

Ragini- u should be happy now.. Swara is all urs..
Sanskaar- i love swara very much.. But my happiness lies in her if she is happy..i will be happy..
Ragini- i know but i can’t see my laksh with anyone .
Sanskaar- because of u now both of them will suffer. I can’t see my swara in this state..
Ragini- then u marry him. But i will not divorce laksh at any cost . he is mine and will always remain mine… No one can snatch him from me not ur swara also…

Sanskaar- i will not let u to make my swara sad.what u did today is a sin . u will pay for it later….

Ragini- everything is fair in love and war …
Sanskaar – but true love is not this….i love my swara a lot . but i am happy if she is happy .

Sumi cries hearing their conversation.
Sumi to herself- sankaar knows the true meaning of love . only he can keep my swara happy… On other hand she is feeling guilty that what i had forget i ragini’s upbringing …..

Sumi comes and ask sanskaar and ragini to come down ..
Everyone comes there….
Laksh – i love swara a lot .but i don’t like to break relations
I can’t never accept her but i will not leave her…

Swara- how can u do this laksh .i love u
Laksh – i love u to swara but marriage is not a game for me know how much i believe in rituals….i am sorry but this the end of our chapter…i will pray to god to keep u happy ..

Don’t think my love will get less for u. But i can’t break this marriage …

Swara hearing this breaks down and cry ..

Precap- swara and sanskaar marriage ….

Credit to: dolly

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  1. Nice bt plz change the pic. Sry to say bt it irritate’s me.once I too loved swalak bt now swasan their relationship made a place in my heart.

    1. yeah agree with u

  2. Please make it long

  3. update nxt part soon…..waiting 4 swasan mrg nd pls change d pic….

  4. I promise i will change pic from episode 7 actually i have ipdated next episode already but forget to change the pic. Sorry

  5. Amazing keep it up

  6. Actually dear iss pic me shona bahut bahut achi lag rhi h bas agar lucky ki jagah sanky hota toh yeh pic best hoti but next update kb aayega

  7. Every time this happens…
    Even wen swara and laksh loves they don’t get married..
    Always everything happens according to ragini’s wish. Just like she only truly loves.. hate it

  8. plz change the pic

  9. Vinay Karthik

    really good…. plz make it longer nd liked ur ff plz continue………..

  10. super dear I m waiting fr next episode plz change tat pic 2 swasan plz dear

  11. Dolly u should change the title pic cuz its misleading people in to thinking this is swalak ff.

    1. And btw I am fan of swalak and ragsan. Not swasan

  12. I hve posted next two episode already. Episode 6 has the same pic.
    Episode7 has swaragini pic.
    From epi 8 i will put swasan pic.promise

  13. nice ff keep it up n plz change the pic

  14. nice tnk u for uniting raglak

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