swaragini twist vala love episode 3


Swara sees laksh different from others. She goes and sits next to him
Swara- ( by forwarding her hand forward ) i am swara gadodia and u …
Laksh stared her for some while then
Laksh – hi i am laksh maheshwari…..
Swara- nice to meet u ..actually i like the people who are different from others
So would u like to be my friend laksh…..
Laksh – sure i would like to be …..( in his mind )
This girl is very different

Sanskaar and ragini who are sitting far away watching them gets jealous …

Ragini – ( to herself ) how could he become of swara but not mine … I will make him my friend very soon ….
Sanskaar also thought same regarding swara ….

Sanskaar did everything to come in swara eyes but all failed …
Here ragini tried every possibility to make laksh her friend but he was not all interested …

Laksh and swara liked those people who are different and unique.. They both found eachother as per their expectations ….

After a month …
They become so good friend that they started sharing everything with eachother ….spending time without eachother had become impossible

After a while they both themselves didn’ t know that when they had fallen for eachother …..

Here on other hand ragini and sanskaar hatredness towards them increased 🙁

Recap- Four years leap….

Thank u for the comments…well couple would be swasan and raglak only …..and my fan fiction is twist vala love so there would be a twist na ….

Credit to: dolly

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  1. Thnku thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u sooooooooooooo mch for swasan

  2. Superb but make it long

  3. plz ragsan story also start karo

  4. No….no plz make it swalaksh

  5. Is this swasan????

  6. Is this swasan???? Oh sry I forgot to read the last line

  7. bye to ur ff …..

  8. Tysssm ..thnk god its swasan n raglak…bt we wnt big episds…plz updt soon…??????????

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