swaragini twist vala love episode 2


In college
Two boys entry are shown . one is our sanskaar wearing a blue jeans and white t shirt . he le looking so cute and hansome . and second comes are laksh wearing blue jeans with black t shirt wearing a specs .
Laksh is book worm . studies are his love on other hand sanskaar is having a flirty type of nature .

All the girls are staring them ..

Suddenly there is a entry of our princess

Swara an ragini enters in the college . all are just staring them . both of them look beautiful……

All the four went to check their names on lists and went to their classes..
Swara and sanskaar are in the same class and ragini and laksh together……

Sanskaar is continouslh staring swara…all introduces themselves …

Teacher comes in the class . all wishes him and sit…( same in both swara and ragini class room)…
Swara and sanskaar r least bothered what is going in class . swara is busy in her phone and sanskaar in her ….

Where in ragini’s class
Ragini watches laksh different from others . she tries to talk to him .but laksh is least bothered. What he knows is study and study…….

In recess all four comes to the canteen …sanskaar tries to talk to swara but she is not at all interested in him ….swara is amazed to see laksh so different from others .

Precap – sanskaar making attempts to comr in eye of swara wheresas swara is trying to talk to laksh ..

I hope u like my fan fiction ..

Credit to: dolly

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  1. i hope its a swasan and swara falls for sanskar not laksh please

  2. Only swasan ………………????????

  3. yaaarr plzzzz swalak naaa

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  5. ppz make it sure that swsan bd raglak

  6. I hope its not another swasan ff. Plz don’t make it swasan.

  7. swasan pls…….
    lengthy also

  8. Make it ragsan swalak please

  9. next update fast yaar
    very intersting…..

  10. Pls make it swasan plzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Make it raglak. pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase.

  12. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yaar make it swasan

  13. nice swasan plz dear

  14. nice but it’s too short

  15. plz swasan

  16. Plz mk it swasan n raglak…

  17. Swalak and ragsan plz

  18. They are so short

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